Amputation Photos of Swollen Arm

Amputation Photos of Swollen Arm

I’m guessing this was a severe case of compartment syndrome and the man had to have his arm amputated or risk serious health problems, including potential death. Compartment syndrome is an elevated pressure on nerves and blood vessels within an enclosed area of human body and can be caused by a variety factors, including sport injuries. If left untreated, compartment syndrome can lead to necrosis of tissue, permanent limb impairment and kidney failure which is a life threatening condition.

I don’t know for sure whether it was compartment syndrome that left the man in these pictures with arm so severely swollen that there was no saving it and needed to be amputated. If you’re an expert and can add clarity to this, please do so. It’s clearly another one of those cases that makes you ask – why would he let it go this far? When your arm turns into a functionless chunk of swollen tissue, you know you have been putting off that visit to a doctor for a little too long.

Gallery of photos of a man whose swollen arm was amputated (possibly due to compression syndrome) is below:

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  1. looks like a tumor, notice the cut section with the large necrotic mass on the upper arm, note that the bone cortex supposedly in the middle isn’t there im guessing an invading sarcoma or an osteosarcoma. the swelling just indicates lymph obstruction edema, common in malignancy. The small bullae on the skin are also indicative of edema as well as a possible secondary bacterial infection. plus comparment syndrom presents with swelling not fluid edema as seen here. comparment syndrome also has poor perfusion indicated by bluish or pale discoloration of the skin, not pink as in the picture. the treatment for compartment syndrome is fasciotomy not amputation. this is most likely a malignant tumor of the humerus with distal spread.

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