Ankle Blow Out With Recovery Pictures

Ankle Blow Out - Amazingly No Bones Broken

Previously we’ve seen Tough Guy, Mountain Bike Guy and Surfer Dude with bones protruding from their ankle joints. Now we have a new addition to the collection, Fight Club Guy.

Apparently Fight Club Guy was walking home from having a drink after work when he was confronted in an ally by three guys. Two of them were described as white with blonde dreadlocks, one was wearing a Bob Marley shirt. Fight Club Guy tried to get away when things got nasty and jumped off a ten foot high ledge, with one of the Rastafarians holding on to him.

The result was the injury you see, plus a subsequent whooping as he writhed in agony on the ground. The three assailants then fled into the night, presumably to find some more Buffalo Soldiers to beat up.

The images show the four month healing process up to the point where a grafting of muscle and skin was performed to close the wound. Unfortunately no pictures of that.

It just goes to show there are bad in every race. This guy happened to stumble on a couple with a complete identity crisis to go along with it. I see a bright future for them in a police force somewhere. I hear Fullerton Police Department has some vacancies?

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      1. It’s no fetish, uli. I’m referring to the antibiotic and pain killing beads they use in surgeries now. We learned about them from a knee replacement post here not long ago. It looked like this person could use some of those.

          1. I’d agree Christ… You see how bitchy people get when they run out ta weed? I dunno I used to smoke a lot around 18 yrs old and loved it but I started getting anxiety bad. Still, may not be as bad as liquor ( heavy use) but when you see the cartel brutality it makes one think weed isn’t all that innocent. Many cases it is drenched in blood, figuratively speaking.

        1. Sprained ankles are no small deal. My worse sprained ankle was from jogging. The Doc said it would have been better if I had broken it. It took over six months to heal. Didn’t look as bad as the bone sticking out one, but it hurt like hell.

          1. Yep, I’m serious although I’ve never broken anything (Yet) some of my sprains have been extremely painful. You get anti-inflammatory pills and a wrap. That’s about it. The worst I experienced though was the ribs. You can’t even laugh or sneeze. They don’t do anything for ribs, maybe a wrap and that’s it.

          2. ribs are creepy….I snapped a bunch many years ago in a car wreck and to this day I cant stand anyone touching me there..they still hurt…and when I am sick with bronchitis I usually snap them again just with the coughing! And im middle aged and this injury happened when I was like 12yrs old! Just thinking about it gives me the willies!

    1. Right z…I wonder if it’s an omen or some shit…I twist my…excuse me..I used to twist my ankles all the time skating and what not….guess it’s a bad omen for y’all…I never leave the house anymore…..maybe the stairs will get me again…lolz..

        1. I wish I had known about this web site when I managed to get 3 level 3 sprains and 2 fractures in my foot (messed up my ankle too) when stepping off a bus with my left foot landing where it should have landed and my right foot finding a pot hole.

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  2. Man this looks painful as hell!!!!

    I think I would rather just be shot in the knee with a big gun than suffer that kind of injury.

    Btw, I’ve been registered for a long time but never posted any comment, it’s never too late to start so I hope to be more active now!

    Soooo…Hey everyone!

    (Btw excuse my english, my 1st language is french)

          1. Same here. I’ve been sick of sneaking BG on other people’s computers. Finally got my own computer and my own account. I’ve been kicking it here since BG was just a 50 pager.

  3. Every now and then you fall over, drop or come off a bike or whatever and the pain feels bad….but, when you look, just a bit of blood or a bit of skin peeled off, nothing too bad normally.. I always expect to see really minor damage at the pain site and just get on with it…

    One day though, you fall, pick yourself up and see that kind of a mess…holy smoke lol. I’d probably scream like a motherfucker ;>>

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