Asian Baby Born with Deformed Head Being Bottle Fed

Asian Baby Born with Deformed Head Being Bottle Fed

Asian Baby Born with Deformed Head Being Bottle Fed

According to the info I got, this bay was born in China. I use the word “baby” loosely.

With severely deformed head, some issue with hands that makes them better covered up, and crooked legs to boot, the birth defects on this one are off the charts.

The video shows the “baby” being bottle fed by having the milky substance (baby formula?) dripped into what I presume would be the mouth. As the camera zooms in to show the process of feeding, the extent of the head deformity really comes to light.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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215 thoughts on “Asian Baby Born with Deformed Head Being Bottle Fed”

  1. I really don’t understand why people keep such things alive. I mean:

    1. It’s too young to give a fuck about living or dying. The were probably apparent even before birth, so either make an abortion, or euthonize it the second after it’s born (after taking pictures of course)
    2. No one will benefit from it being kept alive. Not parents, not the child itself.
    3. I’m not just saying that if I was in it’s shoes, I’d like them to kill me before my mind develops enough to understand the surrounding and what I’ve become. I’m saying that it’s ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NECESSARY TO DO SO, and if the parents decided to keep me alive, they should fucking die too!!!
    4. If you think that should that thing survive, it would enjoy life and all it’s has to offer, you need a reality check.

    1. I agree with you except on #4. “that thing” my friend is a human being, and even tho is asian, committed no crime so far. It deserves a better treatment than being a “thing”. And even tho babies are fucking unbareable, it’s a poor little creature having an awful future (born in china and poor) to say the least.

      1. it’s more human then a nigger baby that’s for sure, though in most cases its disability will be a burden on the family and it will be set up for adoption anyway, confined to a system with no way out, like a nigger.

    2. The deformed neonate may become a pillar for mockery and ridicule for so called ‘normal people’ in this cynical world some call home. Who has any idea his brain potential though. He could grow up to be a inventor or pave the way for new branches of research in various field of medical science that could saves millions. His blood could contain the workings of an antiserum for immunizing a deathly pathogen that causes more deformities or even mortality. He could be a Trojan Horse and change the course of a realm shaking battle that would of otherwise separated a whole country into two. Death should only be considered an act of benignity if the neonate has to be subjected to the world of the superficially shallow and pessimistic realist. Some deformed people have managed to accomplished more with their god given deformities/ailments on this astro plane then many that authenticate the bigotry of societies conventional norms. Whether it is considered a curse or a blessing is up to them to decide.

      Joseph Merrick “the elephant man” ~Proteus syndrome.
      Stephen hawkings ~ amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
      Verne Troyer ~ cartilage hair hypoplasia dwarfism.
      Sultan Kösen ~ gigantism

      1. You have one point there. This child’s body or blood could be of interest to the researchers. So, take tissue and blood samples, then kill it, then send body to the researches.

        The examples that you’ve provided are not convincing. Stephen Hawking was a healthy and beautiful baby until way into his teen and adult years.

        This however, I mean, look at it…

      2. Or maybe you could combine it all into 1. Subject the hideous creation to scientific research to find the best way to abort a filthy zip monster after birth. Or they could have just left the bastard in the dumpster where they found it.

    3. Its gonna die whatsoever in 4 weeks but yes i aggree id kill it off right after i see that its impaired… Its only a burden for the parents, who wants such a shitspawn ?
      I think it should be allowed to euthanise babies like this. I dont understand the Christians who have double standards when it comes to this… they force the society to let the deformed kids live, but then they are against Gay rights because gays cant reproduce… Hell a retard also cant reproduce…

        1. You still think that the medical establishment think like the rest of us. No doctor is here to help you. You are a vessel for experimentation just like the days of Burk and Hare or Dr Mengele.
          They are no different now than they ever were. That’s why they’ll keep this poor kid alive.

    4. Agreed. The older it gets, the more pain and suffering it goes through, not to mention, the harder it will be on everyone taking care of it the longer u take, so you want it to suffer and die on its own through suffering? HORRIBLE and selfish these parents are..

        1. Honestly, my parents thought i was going to have a 3rd boob….5 inches below my left nipple as a infant, barely nipples there yet, but it looked exactly the same as the other two, but it always stayed the same, never grew at all, thankful too, i now it have a tiny circle birthmark there, can barely see it because Im tan, but in winter u can see better when my skin lightens up.

  2. Looks like a Disney Pixar cartoon character gone wrong. Put the child out of it’s misery before it gains self awareness. Believe it or not that kid has no future. The truth hurts.

  3. Well shit! Doesn’t China have a limit on how many kids you can have? Pretty sure it’s still the 1 child policy down there. I’m guessing this baby is probably at an orphanage after getting dumped off so the parents can wipe the slate clean and try again for a “normal” child. I can imagine this happens alot in a country with a high rate of birth defects coupled with the 1 child policy.

  4. All questions of whether or not it should be kept alive or not aside.. My question is, how the holy FUCK did it’s mother give birth to it?? It had to be a hell of a job to get that to come out!! FUCKKK!! And I wouldn’t worry about mercy killing it. It probably won’t survive long.

  5. I hope this abomination lives long enough to get into the freak porn industry. I see some big cash revenues here. Get this thing into an orgy with some mongoloids, midgets & amputees or something. 😀

    1. I have a birth defect – a huge cock – and you’re right, birth defects can earn you a heap of cash in the porn industry. I got paid 2000$ by an adult toy company to let them make a mould of my erect cock which is now sold by the thousands as silicone dildos. I was given one by the company but unfortunately it’s not something you can suction cup to the fridge and use as a talking point at Christmas……..

  6. Mercy, child….

    It’s amazing how many of you believe you’re qualified to decide who should live and who should die. The sheer arrogance is amazing. What opinionated, pathetic existences you all have.

    1. It seems that you are trying to argue for this abomination to live. You are trying to decide that it should live. You are trying to assert that you are qualified to decide whether it should live or die. This is no different than the person who states that it should be eliminated from the world except for the fact that they chose option b where you choose option a, both parties are advocating for an option nonetheless. If those arguing for option b, or death are “arrogant”, and if that both parties arguing for an option are doing the same basic thing, then is it true then that those arguing for option a are not “arrogant”as well?
      You talk about opinionated existences that people live, well you are presenting your position aka your opinion and I wonder if you can look in the metaphorical mirror long enough to see that you are contradicting the very standards you claim that I should follow.
      This breathing birth defect has no future and the fact that the parents allowed this error to continue as long as it has is an indicator that they really have nothing worth while going on in their lives.
      I hope that it’s miserable condition comes to a swift end within this month or at least this year.

        1. If you say so.
          I just had this thought. :
          Life is a class that is ongoing every day. This class is one you can choose not to pay attention in, and one that you can forget that you are even attending. But one thing you can not do is leave (until you reach the grave).

  7. That sperm and egg could not for the life of them figure out what the fuck they were doing. The most merciful thing would be for this soul to have another crack at reincarnating into a better fetus, this is just cruel.

      1. Constant work this time of year. Plus a College graduation a H.S. and a Middle school graduation….I need a fuck’n vacation…but with so many kids I’ll just keep working till I die I suppose….things will get better then I’m sure.
        Be nice to sleep in for a change. 😀

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