Asian Woman Gives Birth Laying on Her Back at Home

Asian Woman Gives Birth Laying on Her Back at Home

I bet this fine woman has healthy, properly developed pair of labia but we won’t know cause the uploader pixilated the juicy bits out. Cheater!

I thought this would be an interesting video to share after the recent post of woman giving natural birth while standing up at home. In this case, the woman is assisted by a midwife (I suppose that’s who the woman yanking on the head sticking out of the womb is) but gives birth laying on her back, which as was suggested by commenters in the previous birth giving video, is not the easiest way to go about labor.

Mother in this video is an Asian woman (rather good looking one at that) who does make it sound like she’s going through a bit of pain, probably something a step up from pushing a constipation out, but certainly doesn’t act nor look like she broke more than a drop of sweat. The video also shows the cutting of the umbilical cord and extraction of placenta, which… may have been saved for further use. They do all kinds of whacky shit in Asia. The amount of effort exerted and pain experienced appears to be equal to 30 minutes workout in a gym.

I once again have to conclude that women have it too easy. It must have to do with them going through life without knowing real pain so when a slight hint of pain turns up, they act like it’s the end of the world. Except from real women who don’t. The “men would never handle the pain of birth giving” is feminist bullshit that has nothing to do with reality and I’m proud to once again bust that unfounded myth.

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    1. that midwife looked like she had no idea what she was doing. that baby should have been covered up not just laying there while she tried to stop the bleeding, she would have to stand there for a month with a towel there till its stops. dumb dumb midwide.

      1. @my juice,
        I’m not convinced any of those things work. When I was pregnant you could hardly tell I was pregnant until after seven months. Then I got enormous really quickly. I have some pics in my underwear and I have an absoloutly huge soccar ball round belly but you can still see my ribs sticking out above it. Lots of people kept saying to rub all these oils on my stomach to stop getting any stretch marks. I didn’t bother and even though my belly stretched at an enormous rate I didn’t have a single strectch mark. It’s just how your skin is.

        1. @MyMama- I don’t usually believe much of those things either. The perineal massage does wonders for the “ring of fire” though! Not one rip, tear or anything! It didn’t feel good though- shit made me want to kick that lady in her mouth! It was better than 3rd degree tears though. A friend of mine suffered extreme tears so bad that she was sewed from cooch to ass! =( Without going too much off in detail, after i had my last baby, the nurse had me do thus thing where i held my ass up using my legs and squeezed tight and held it. Then I’d release and tons of “stuff”-lol would come out. I did that for about 25 mins and i swear to you, not a single after-birth pain and minimal bleeding that was done very fast! Wish i would’ve had that nurse with my first child!

  2. Why the fuck didn’t they hand her baby to her straight away. The second they hand you your baby you immedietly forget all the pain and you don’t even notice your placenta coming out because your just so engrossed staring at your little baby and putting it on your breast.

  3. “Juicy Bits”-LOVE it!! 馃槈

    I’ve been blessed to experience the miracle and pain of 3 births. Although i will NEVER, ever- never never experience it again, I’ll never forget holding my slimy babies for the first time! The sense of accomplishment and just the surreal notion of meeting the human i created for the first time! I thought pushing baby’s body out was far easier than the head, but once i was in the zone- i couldn’t even hear anything. I was completely focused and both my girls were out in 15 mins. My Son, however was a bit stubborn and it took a few hours as well as the threat of a cesarean section, and a vacuum to get him out! Lol. After the C-section threat, he was out in 3 more pushes, because there was no way that my last child would give me a cesarean! Lol.

  4. Ah yes, this woman is a Japanese. The Japanese have a low birth rate, similar to Europeans. Also similiarly, they invest a lot of energy both biologically and socially into their younglings, having one of the longest gestation period of the Homo-sapien genus. Their youngling also have some of the biggest brains at birth, thus the females have a wider pelvic bone structure to allow the bigger brain to exit the vaginal canal. This is an Extreme K strategy.

    The North American pavement Ape on the other hand, had an r-strategy. They give birth extreme often and a short gestation period, their younglings have a much smaller brain but are much more physically mature and hardy, a trait nessary to survive the sheboon environment as you could see in “Two Women Sentenced to Life for Killing of Toddler Collapse “. Well many niglets will die due to little parental care or a violent jungle enviroment… their are some many niglets, they their are bound to be many who make it to reproductive age… which is around 14 years old for the pavement Ape.

  5. And whats with all this “weak women” crap you are all giving? Im sorry but some of the biggest bitches Ive met in life have been men!! *Fistpumps cesticles* and lol her screams are hilarious, sounds like a ninja dying.

    1. That is total bullshit. Women would not do it either, but biology dictates they must endure it… and then they go though it again ‘cuz they like sex too. (and sometimes, again and again, etc).

      There is shit that men must deal with that few women will touch either.

  6. Some women scream during birth, some women are quiet.

    Some narcos take decapitation like a boss, some squeal like a stuck pig.

    I guess until you’re in the moment and some 7lbs meatloaf is actually stretching out your clownhole, you never know how you’re gonna act.

  7. It’s a fact that men have a lower pain threshold than women 馃檪 I was in labour 12hrs with my child (without pain relief and without kicking and screaming) they then decided my baby was in the wrong position and i had to have an emergency c-section.. Meanwhile down the hall from me it sounded like a woman was being murdered, couldn’t understand what she was saying cause she was speaking in another language, some sort of wog or arab she scared the shit out of me lol.. Anywhooo.. 14hrs after it all started i was a mother and yes when it came time for them to slice me open i did have an epidural which i won’t lie was a welcome relief. So my point is to generalize on a topic that is anything but, is rather counter productive.

  8. I would of flipped out with that lady touching and trying to stretch my vag. But she didn’t rip….so I guess its worth it. Weird the chick wasn’t like….gimme my baby!!! Strange. I can’t believe I’ve done this. Glad I barley remember.

  9. A very, very cool birth vid. It shows it all and most of us started out this way. Really shows what Mom (yea, your mom) went though too.

    Not a pretty business, but that is the genuine reality for having sex in to begin with. BTW, half of the initially fertilized egg becomes you and the other half becomes the placenta. Obviously, it’s job/reason for existence is done when the baby is born.

  10. As messed up as this may sound, I’ve never seen a birthing video until AFTER I gave birth to my own. It never crossed my mind, and then I got pregnant & thought about watching one but I didn’t want to freak myself out before popping so I didn’t..

  11. It always cracks me up when men act like they know what it’s like to have a baby. Men have never, and will never, know the pain of child birth, and they’re lucky for it. Many women over exaggerate the pain, but I truly believe that’s just the conditioning of society and media (over coddling from other feminists/ movies of women screaming their heads off while in labor). By the time the moment’s here, they’ve heard so much scary bullshit, they go through a psycho somatic amount of suffering. I’ve experienced A LOT of physical pain in my life, and having my daughter was still the most painful. So until men start shitting out watermelons, they can’t even fathom what it’s like to have a baby.

      1. exactly. all you have to do is TAP a man on the balls and he’ll keel over. men and women have their own separate pains. I don’t belittle men’s pain because I wouldn’t appreciate it being done to me.

  12. Guess they haven’t heard of fucking gloves? That one dumb Bitch keeps playing with the placenta. That was fucking gross, but on another note them pulling on that kids head that hard will probably result in a birth defect later on down the developmental process.

  13. As we Japanese are taught, to show pain is a sign of weakness. I am just curious, the midwife ( or whoever she was ),offered the guy filming if he wanted to cut the cord, he said that he wasn’t the father, just a friend, 1.where the hell was her baby daddy and 2.he sure felt intimate enough to be filming her. I’m just saying.

  14. Some of you men are so stupid. All you think of during a woman giving birth is snuggling up to her vagina. Believe it or not it wasn’t created for your pleasure, the point of a vagina was to procreate. This was a beautiful birth! I want to have that midwife, she helped it along and cared for the mother in such a way that makes western women look like chumps.

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