Attractive Dutch Girl Has Face Split by Bottle

Skin Split by Force of Bottle Striking her Face

The down side of going out and having a good time is that some people will take it too far. There is always some dumb drunk prick who acts like a jerk and ruins it for everyone.

This unfortunate Dutch girl encountered one such dumb drunk prick when a wine bottle randomly thrown by them struck her in the face. I have no information about where in Holland it happened or if she knew the person who threw it.


Thanks to BestGore member MrHuu, I can provide some updated information and a correction. The Victim, Sanne Schuurmans, 17 years old, also had her nose broken in the incident, and as she lay bleeding on the ground was robbed by an all together different piece of shit. The picture below is a before photo, not a post recovery. Obviously the eye thing is a natural feature. Maybe the surgeon could fix that while he was in there. The bottle thrower was not known to her and was never caught.

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      1. Nah, I’ll tell you a pretty funny experience that happened in college recently.

        In my dormitory, I have several pot-heads on my floor who were hitting pot every night, especially those right next to my dorm. Those next door over-sprayed their air-space with febreeze or some other kind of flowery-smelling re-freshener to hide the smell of pot.

        There was one time during late night when the entire floor completely stank with pot, and when I went to the hallway to see what’s up, I saw everyone sitting on the floor pinching their noses. I too was smelling skunk in my room, which was why I went out to see. At first I thought someone got sprayed by a skunk and entered the floor, but then was notified that apparently someone (or a group of students) from either above or below floors was smoking a lot of pot and the smell traveled through the ventilation systems, spreading to the entire floors. Then a public safety officer showed up to investigate, asking us whether we knew who did this.

        What a fine experience.

          1. Synesthesia…

            No, I don’t do drugs, especially weed. For whatever reason I was born with an extremely rare form of synesthesia in which I am able to perceive abstract visuals directly with the sounds I perceive at the same time, in such a way that the visuals exactly describe the sounds. I can perceive abstract motions, colors, shapes, textures, changes of colors, placements, etc.. I have learned that LSD gives people the same effects as those of what I have, but weed probably doesn’t. It’s very strange to relate about this, but I’m glad you asked.

            Also, I am 100% deaf too, aided with cochlear implant technology to be able to hear. But being that deaf with that kind of synesthesia. . . probably the greatest thing I can ask for.

          2. @utterbeastage

            lol yeah, I don’t need that shit to get high (relatively speaking).

            But yes, there’s certain patterns to different notes (frequencies), however if you mix different frequencies in millions of ways, I always see millions of different things.

            I am currently working on an independent project. It’s an animation from my synesthesia while listening to a solo from Rick Wakeman’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth, my favorite piece. It’s taking a freaking while to make. . .

        1. I would say pretty much excellent from my own perspective. I don’t know what normal hearing is like since I have been hearing electronically for my whole life, so I really cannot compare the way hearing people and I hear. But to me, things sound realistic the way they are.

          Damn, thanks for asking!

          And also, when I listen to music, I just plug a cord to my processor and completely tune myself out from the outside hearing environment so I can just listen to the music. It’s like walking outside and the only thing you can hear is just the music. Pure bliss.

    1. this is price of fun. pretty girls tend to think that they are untouchable, that’s why i love when they find out they ain’t nothing. i wish that scar was actually noticable. might build some character, humility…whatever. im misanthrope.

  1. Alcohol has always caused violence to take place but then again violence has always taken place without alcohol.

    Late night partying has always been a dangerous activity, the chance of rape and or other attacks increases particularly if the person is very drunk and walking home alone and that is why people have always been told to never walk home alone and to get a taxi instead.

    You can see that night-time activities carry more risk and therefore you have to take more precautions, you have to remain more alert to survive but alcohol numbs your perception so the best scenario is to always make sure that you are with a large group of friends for protection.

    I cannot end this rant however without bringing immigration into it so here goes,

    Mass uncontrolled immigration has greatly increased the amount of danger we face on a daily basis and night-time activities can be very deadly now.

    In Europe, and other first world countries no doubt, it is a common sight to see gangs of immigrants going around stealing, assaulting and raping people. When the police try to catch them, if they can be bothered that is, the gangs just flee the country for a few months and then make their way back in again to continue their crimes.

    The above happens in large numbers every fucking day and the usual soft minded dickheads say “but, but, but, the indigenous people commit crimes too so you are being racist to single the immigrants out”.

    The reason why I single the immigrants out is because crime is unavoidable for the most part and the indigenous population will always have crime but immigrants committing crime is entirely avoidable since they shouldn’t fucking be here to begin with.

    Why import more scum when we have enough of our own to deal with, why tolerate immigrants committing crime when they should be fucking grateful to be here and raping and killing the indigenous people is not being grateful.

    I say if an indigenous person has committed crime then jail them but if an immigrant has committed crime then deport them after taking their DNA and other recognisable details so as to never let them in again.

    The streets were always dangerous but now they are even more dangerous than ever thanks to ineffective police and huge chunks of the third world arriving in our countries every day.

    My conclusion, immigration should only ever be done in a controlled fashion and slowly so as to let in only the very best and keep out the very worse.

    Maybe then we can focus on the indigenous scum and sort them out too.

    1. Yeahh, that’s what happened. I walked to a nice man 40 meters away gave him the bottle askedfor it nicely, walked away again and waited for the bottle, the man could aim quite good 🙂
      X Sanne Sophia schuurmans

  2. Atleast the bottle was thrown at her face and not shoved up her pink..cute looking twat!..this night could have ended worse…I have all kinds of scars all over my body from drinking night….clubbing war happens…ehh…atleast her pretty lil face got fixed..she’s fine…

          1. Sambo crawled his way home that night broken and battered..fuck that shit though I can’t STAND to see guys put hands on woman…unless the bitch is asking for it then by all means….

  3. It happened at an car event called the “TT in Assen”.

    This 17 year old girl called ‘Sanne Schuurmans’ was unlucky enough to be hit with a wine bottle thrown random by some douchebag.
    As she was lying on the floor, bleeding, some other guy robbed her from her money. (how sad)

    She has a broken nose and a deep cut in it.

    She didn’t know him / her and they never found out who threw it.
    Her father, a lawyer, is determined to find the bastard who threw the bottle and hands out 2500 euro as a tip reward.

  4. I know how this girl feels,about 6 months ago I went for a night out in the city with a couple of mates and on the way home at the taxi rank there was these two smack heads fighting a woman and a man.The woman had a large bottle of vodka in her hand which she threw at the man but he ducked and it hit me straight in the side of the head around the temple leaving a cut which turned out was not as bad as I first thought.At that moment I snapped and went straight for the bitch but her dopey fella stepped in the way so I started to lay in to him.Then out of nowhere the bitch pulls out a knife and comes towards me from behind but just as she got close my mate(who had been staying out of it up to that point because I was handling it)swung a full force punch straight in to this bitchs face lifting her completely off her feet.It was just one of those classic moments that you wish you could have caught on camera.As it turned out I only had a bit of bruising and a tiny cut on the side of my head which is nearly completely gone.

  5. That’s what happens when European leaders trying to be nice to evills that ren away from their countries , aloud to get in to Europe and fucking children at streets, because the trying to fine employees for low level jobs for low payment, they “forgot”
    That cheap in one way can cost fortune in other ways but not to their children and women…
    Only trying to be nice outside,and busterds inside their country…
    By supporting busterds that saved from being thrown to trash caused by being useless, and now the go rise up on streets in Europe feel as kings…

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