Awakening the Frozen Addicts – Documentary

Awakening the Frozen Addicts - Documentary

This documentary titled Awakening the Frozen Addicts is about a peculiar drug which turned addicts into invalids overnight. These men and women went to sleep fully able bodied and aware of themselves, but woke up unable to talk or move. After being individually studied, their doctors learned that inside the paralyzed bodies was a perfectly healthy and capable mind. They also learned that the only thing that connected various cases of these frozen addicts was that they were all drug addicts and have recently taken Heroin.

The stray of the drug they had taken was given to the scientists to determine what was causing the users to freeze. The scientists learned that the drug was made underground and was not derived from opium, but rather based on chemicals and sold on black market as heroin. Instead of giving people a high, it turned them into statues with symptoms similar to Parkinson’s Disease.

Because the toxin in the drug destroyed the brain cells responsible for production of neurotransmitter Dopamine – which is also the effect Parkinson’s Disease, scientists tried to study the toxin to see if its understanding could lead to better understanding of Parkinson’s. It lead to the discovery of a chemical substance called MPTP with which Parkinson’s could be induced in primates.

Huge part of the documentary unfortunately focuses way too much on the subject of ethics involving the use of cells from aborted fetuses. It almost turns the documentary into a pro abortion propaganda piece which unfortunately takes away from an otherwise interesting topic.

Awakening the Frozen Addicts documentary could be either very interesting or incredibly boring depending on what your interests are. Perhaps the group more fascinated by it would be those with interest in learning about Parkinson’s Disease or history of medical advances. If you don’t fall into either of those, you may consider giving this one a pass.

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39 thoughts on “Awakening the Frozen Addicts – Documentary”

    1. OR if the drugs were just legal and made in a place with some kind of regulations and law for production rather then someones basement, or were ever someone might make drugs, shit like this would not happen and we could tax the shit out of it. so everyone happy! πŸ˜€

    1. Verry impressive story. i have been doinging those DA-TScans (dopamine receptor scans) a couple each month for the past 4 year now and i never knew that those stem cells could revive so much of the dopamine transportation system. That improvement on the scan is insane. Here the most they can offer is a neuro-stimulator and hopefully rewind the Parkinsons back 6 years. I really hope they keep the research going and thanks for this nice docu!!! Keep them comming!!!!

      1. I would like to see the follow up they mentioned, so if anyone can get hold of it, please send it in?

        When I was living in the UK, Horizon and other documentary programs that there made were often very interesting and informative.

    1. well “most” humans not only enjoy the change in perception from drugs but we actively seek out that change. Children for example will spin around and around and fall down laughing and giggling, this is because they experienced a change in perception and liked it so they do it again and again. and lets not forget for most of us our first psychedelic experience was at the dentist office, I for one LOVED every moment of it.

  1. That’s crazy, but when you do drugs you always know there’s a chance your taking something that isn’t what it claims to be, and that’s why you should always know your drugs and build a somewhat trusting relationship with your dealer…without trust what else is there πŸ™‚

  2. Guy goes to the Doctor and is told “I got bad news Mr Smith , you have 2 fatal diseases, we’ve done some tests and your basically fucked …” ” Gimmy it straight” said the bloke.” OK You have cancer” ” FUCK !”says Mr Smith “Whats the other one ?” ” You have Altzheimers too” ….”Thank fuck he says , i thought you’d said i had Cancer a minute ago !”

  3. I use hallucinogens on a regular basis. While they can be addictive, it seems they are far less addictive than narcotics, cn stimulants, or even alcohol.(Plus they’re way more interesting and if used responsibly can greatly boost your quality of life) I would encourage those who read this, not to be closed minded fuckholes when regarding these type of drugs.

  4. It feels like humanity has hit a wall. Instead of achieving a more enlightened existence as the eons roll by, we seem to be getting stupider and stupider and stupider. I, for one, absolutely cannot wait until the end of days is upon us. Bring on Armageddon, I’m too fucking tired of people and their vast array of dumbassery. Besides, I won’t lie, it’s going to be quite gratifying to see all the people on God’s shit list get what’s coming to them.
    Just like Johnny said: God’s gonna cut ’em down.

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