Baby Born with Harlequin Ichthyosis Cries in Pain

Baby Born with Harlequin Ichthyosis Cries in Pain

Baby Born with Harlequin Ichthyosis Cries in Pain

We’ve seen videos of Harlequin Ichthyosis at Best Gore before. This is another one.

Harlequin Ichthyosis is a genetic skin disorder that causes a baby to be born with clusters of thick skin that crack and distort normal features. One in 500,000 babies is reported to be both with Harlequin type Ichthyosis. In the United States, on average seven babies are born with the disease a year.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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240 thoughts on “Baby Born with Harlequin Ichthyosis Cries in Pain”

      1. Really though! If a puppy was born like that any sensible person would kill it out of kindness. Letting this atrocity live is obviously torturing it. The way humans think makes me want to vomit in disgust.

      1. I agree. I try to avoid reading comments on most of these videos and very rarely post myself, after being on here for many years. Too many wanna be comedians, idiotic and childish comments. Shows you how mentally disturbed a lot of the members are on here.

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  1. As a mama I just can’t help but feel for this poor little thing… I’d imagine this video is from a country where they can’t afford proper health care and this baby’s mama probably wishes it would die so she isn’t shamed for giving birth to a monster.

  2. This Is Truly Sad! But Luckily This Little Newborn *Dude or Dudess* Will Most Certainly Not Survive, and Suffer Long me thinks!

    Cause i am positive that any infant born with this rare type of condition can not survive long with all the complications that i am sure come along with such a debilitating illness.

    1. @thedre I don’t think the mortality rate for Harlequins is as high as you’d think these days. I’ve seen a good few grown up ones who look like they’ve been scrubbed all over with a wire brush, which is probably not far from the truth. They look the worst when they’re newborn but once they get the skin under control (y’know, in a country with proper healthcare), I think their chances are quite good.

      This one even had her own normal little baby!

          1. @svarg26

            you dont really hold much weight with your bullshit, because you believe in shit which isnt true.

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      1. @lady-lexis
        That is some really good news hun, especially now, and knowing that they can at least enjoy a decent quality of life, and suffer minimal pain, as many are now seemingly able to enjoy! πŸ™‚

        And Thanks for the link, and great info Girl, as i always felt so bad for these little innocent victims of circumstances, but will now feel a little better if seeing one in the future, as i am, and have always been a big suck when it comes to kids,,, the elderly,,,,or the mentally ill.

  3. I feel bad for the kid… Kid cant help it. Tbh he would only make a good idea on new horror game or movie. Movie would be: young demonspawn from hell. Baby will look even more scary mofo when grows up. End it fast before the kid get bullied. Will save from future suffering. That thing just cant survive in this world

  4. Again – at what point is “no quality of life” defined? Do doctors/medical professionals always have to preserve human life just because? Why do we essentially treat animals better when in grevious pain? I am a mother of two and if this was my baby I would honestly rather he or she was granted death in order to not suffer for the rest of their life.

    1. Yes, this is life. Some are born healthy into rich white families and don’t need to work a single day in their life, while receiving the best medical care.

      Other’s are born straight into hell, a world of pain, and will hardly find a chance to even relieve themselves of suffering, not to mention getting any semblance of a quality of life.

      Unfair? Yes. Preventable? Fucking YES. Remember – this baby was not born on it’s own. It was not the act of god. It was the act of man, a deliberate act. The parents had added another drop to the huge pool of suffering in this world.

      Solution? Do not, under any circumstances, give birth to a new human until there’s a nearly 100% probability that it will at least be healthy enough to live without suffering. There are a lot of screening solutions now to determine not just genetic defects, but even hidden severe health issues like heart problems, or any other organ problems, before the baby even born.

      Fuck people who have babies just to satisfy their own ego. Fuck those egoistical maniacs, who doom other people to suffering in the attempt to get away from their own loneliness, and animal desire to reproduce. Fuck those monsters.

      1. @ankun256 Abortion is illegal though in a lot of countries including my own. Saying that, I’d be prepared to throw myself down the stairs if I’d been stupid enough to get knocked up. Or just get on the ferry to mainland UK like many a disgraced Irishwoman before me. I’d go to jail for it too rather than bring a poor little suffering thing like this into the world.

        1. Hello again love

          Im sorry @lady-lexis, a while ago when we were discussing “rubberbandits”, I DID ask you if you are from the republic, or from N.I.
          And you DID answer me.
          So please forgive me being such a dick for not remembering, & please would you mind reminding me?
          Ive seen a few teenagers/adults with Harlequin Ichthyosis on different shows in England, and it does seem that the most terrifying photos of each person suffering with it are [as it is here] when they are newborn.
          I remember a pair of sisters…. from Brum i believe….. who BOTH had H.I. They were about mid teens & around 1-2 years difference in age when i first saw them on TV….. and a right pair of {seemingly, anyway} happy, chuckly young lasses they were too!!
          I saw their story “followed up” from time to time on central news {I was living in midlands at the time} and they seemed to be living a productive an normal life. The last time i remember seeing an update – both were working, both in relationships, and the younger girl/woman had a child of her own… and a part time job in the nursery which her child attended.
          They seemed so. They certainly came across as such.
          “But perhaps they were ‘faining’ that happiness, putting on a forced smile?”
          Maybe so…. but this could be said about basically any human in the world who appears happy to others, right?

          Ill tell ya what @lady-lexis – that woman in the story you linked to, looks a lot happier that a LOT of people i know.

          1. Hey @karmen40! Where you been?
            I’m from NI but don’t worry about forgetting, it’s pretty forgettable trivia!
            Well, much like anyone who suffers with a debilitating disease, these folks just seem to get on with it, don’t they? They don’t really have a choice, the alternative is defeat and depression and for some people, regardless of a genetic disability, that’s not an option.
            While I do find it admirable, it’s certainly not a situation that I’d want for a child of mine if I could help it and I think I’d always wonder if they’d have been better off not existing!

  5. Said it before and will say it again – you better kill this baby (yes, not a “thing”, it’s a baby).

    It’s not yet developed enough cognitive function to understand the fact that it’s alive, and to suffer from dying. But it sure is suffering now and will suffer for the rest of it’s life.

    So euthanasing it now is actually the most humane thing you can do to this baby, and to it’s parents.

  6. I hope the poor little thing doesn’t have to suffer too long and goes quickly to the other side.
    By the way there is a difference between making nasty but funny comments about suffering rapists/thieves and a truly innocent human being.

        1. Too bad he’s right. What the fuck is the difference? Arguments could be (and are) made to justify theft and murder.
          And again… you are on BestGore. If you want sweetness and light, click the puppy.

          1. you dont know what youre talking about svargo

            my ass is tight.

            you are a virgin in many ways…

    1. Wow… that sounds just like the kind of shit a middle schooler makes after getting logicpro.
      I hate pop and too 40’s type of music… I’ve had more musical farts. They might be good if they developed a melody, harmony, and counterpoint. I can appreciate the technical skill… but the aforementioned along with dynamics would take them far.

  7. It seems that for most of you he looks like a monster and he would be better dead. I believe that the only monsters here -with a few exceptions- are all of you.
    Ingenious, that’s true, but monsters after all.

  8. I’ve seen this disorder before, it’s actually very sad. Poor kids need to have their skin shaved off and soaked in a special bath multiple times a day or else it will thicken so much that they’ll either die from suffocation or infections.

  9. ahhhh the poor, poor fucking babything.. brought a tear to my eye
    sniff… please put a stick of acme dynamite it’s poor mouth & light fuse.. it’s parents can sit there holding it’s poor hands
    until bang sniff

  10. poor thing.

    “In the past, these infants rarely survived the first few days of life. However, with recent advances in neonatal care and perhaps with the administration of etretinate, 1 mg./kg. body weight, harlequin infants can survive. Several surviving children are now in their teenage years, with several in their twenties.”

    that means if they killed it, they just robbed him of the future he could’ve had, and maybe the joy he/she could’ve found later in life would have made up for such an agonizing first experience being alive.

  11. I could go on for days just from making jokes on its looks, but out of all honesty? This is one sad looking little fucker. I legitimately feel bad for that thing, and it should be killed out of mercy. If it were to live, it will never have a normal life, as it will be judged on its appearance, and eventually grow up to look like wild poisonous mushroom, excluding the fact that it will be in constant agony everyday, every second of their life. By giving it a quick and peaceful death, in my opinion, will save it from much of the suffering it will be forced to endure as it slowly and painfully reaches maturity. In my personal opinion: as I am also a human, the same kind of organism that had created such a poor miserable abomination, that it is not the kindest, nor the most morally correct choice, but it is the right choice to do.

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