Baby Boy Born with Top of Head Missing in India

Baby Boy Born with Top of Head Missing in India

In Kathihar, Bihar, India, a baby boy was born with top of his head missing. According to the information I got, the condition is caused by the genetic disorder we’ve seen on Best Gore before, although harlequin ichthyosis is typically associated with scaly skin. The condition looks closer to anencephaly than harlequin ichthyosis to me, but I’m not an expert so what do I know?

The baby’s mother, 35 year old Khalida Begum, reportedly asked midwives to take it away, refused to breastfeed the child and called him an “alien”.

Props to Best Gore member @suraj-adh for the pics:

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    1. You seem to have very little knowledge about India. Inbreeding is common among Muslims but Hindus have an entire system that ensures they don’t marry far-far siblings or cousins, known as the ‘Gotra’ system. I would explain it to you but your tiny brain wouldn’t be able to comprehend it.

  1. No doubt the parents are cousins who were the children themselves of cousins marrying each other… inbreeding does funny things to the gene pool. they have shown this in gaza where the place is so restricted by the jews weird deformities are becoming more and more common as the people concentrate the gene pool.

  2. “Baby Boy Born with Top of Head Missing in India.” A nation-wide search in India for the top of its head is underway. 1000 Rupee reward is offered.

  3. We have a show on the Nat Geo Channel called the “Incredible Dr. Pole”. He has this pink stuff in a shot he gives to animals that are suffering and need to be put down. This child needs one of those shots. People need to get over it when it comes to euthanasia. This child has no BRAIN for God sake! Put it out of its misery. They should do this with all the horrible birth defects we have seen on this site like the Harlequin disorder etc. Has it ever occurred to anyone that because of the extreme defficiencies in these babies, they might feel as if they are on fire, getting their skin flayed off while alive, or worse because their pain receptors work but they cannot talk/or even show anyone they are in pain? What if this child feels like there is a vice crushing its head with the accompanying pain 24/7? This child needs to be put down, just like any suffering animal.

  4. Also referred to as ‘Micro-Encephalitis’, which can be caused by the ‘Zika’ virus… There is a family, here in New Mexico, that has 3 children with this disease. Not all infants die at birth, however, they will never (mentally) develop past a newborn’s capacity. They usually die, due to complications, by the age of 4. Can you imagine the horror of this disease? I think I would just keep counting fingers and toes, over and over!

  5. “reportedly asked midwives to take it away, refused to breastfeed the child and called him an ‘alien’.”. Jesus, if it was born in the western world it’d have people swarming around it calling it ‘beautiful’ just because it’s a baby, do the right thing and put it in the bin

  6. It’s an anacephalic baby born with most of it’s brain not developed and/or absent. Most are born with a brain stem and will live a few minutes or a few hours. Some even live a few days. It’s nothing to do with where the baby is born. It’s just a birth defect that can happen anywhere and doctors don’t know why it happens.

  7. The poor little mite – bet they just let him die. This is Anencephaly, where the baby is born without some of the brain and skull. They still learn to do stuff – how much just depends on what part of the brain is missing and how much of it is missing. Quite a few babies are born in the US with this condition, and some have even lived into adulthood. One well known little boy is Jaxon Buell (Strong) and he’ll be 3 in November this year. But in the US the parents love their kids, and I’ve never heard of any of them behaving like this mother!

    1. You’re defending the prolonged suffering of humans that can’t fend for themselves or at least enjoy life itself. Humans that, if blessed with enough cognitive prowess and sentience, would beg you to end their suffering.

      Def a labor of love. Yeah.

      1. No, I’m not. These babies don’t generally live very long and euthanasia is illegal here, and they express themselves like every other baby, smiling, laughing, crying, etc. They enjoy whatever short lives they have, with parents who love them and treat them like any parent treats their much loved child. I lost my first baby to SIDS in 1983, and nobody should ever have to bury their child – it goes against nature, it hurts you for the rest of your life.

        1. Sorry for your loss; I hope life has recouped you and your family of the suffering you went thru, although I understand that such a loss is a *hard* void to deal with (talking from experience).

          I believe our human bodies are just vessels, a radio, for a signal that comes from far beyond. Lest it be of me to presume what signal that is, but I believe we all, in the very end, converge into one single signal.

          Every willful evildoers’ consciousness erased, everyone else spared and merged across all possibilities, to expunge evil from the collective human conscious that gave it birth, such is our goal. Such is our mission. And as such, as much as it hurts our feelings, one has to end a life that was never meant to be.

          Again, I hope we can all leave our pain away after we die.

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