Baby with Large Part of Brain Out of Skull

Baby with Large Part of Brain Out of Skull

Anencephaly or aprosencephaly with an open skull is a defect of the central nervous system, this defect occurs at birth. It is serious because the baby is born with a large absence of a part of the brain and skull. It is a type of neural tube defect (NTD) and in the fusion of several neuronal tube closure sites.

Anencephaly causes a large part of the brain to come out of the skull, as seen in the image above.
Although the cerebral hemispheres can develop under this condition, any exposed brain tissue is subsequently destroyed. Due to these severe abnormalities, the base of the skull and facial bones do not show an average development, the frontal bone is almost always absent and the brain tissue is abnormal

Props to Best Gore member @nomar for the photo.

Still waiting on those Caption Photo Contest results 😉 Nice suggestion, though.

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  1. I Wonder how healthy the baby’s Mother was while pregnant of this Child, tho there is some really dumb and neglected people out there who have the oportunity to bring children to this World and they drink, smoke, do drugs and eat shit and still get away with healthy looking babies.
    Poor Child, he probably wont live long anyway but it must be a very bad experience for the parents.

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  2. if i was a parent of this baby, i wuld ask the doctor 1 simple question :

    is the baby suffer pain in this condition ?

    if its yes, then i go for euthanasy on him. (its the best thing to do honestly. i would prefer that then see my child suffering forever)

    if not, then i go the shit out of the world to try implent some kind of plastic/metal protesys on his head. (or anything that will help a bit in this condition.)

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