Best Gore Member Shows Off Massive Bruise from Liposuction

Best Gore Member Shows Off Massive Bruise from Liposuction

Today’s Edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you exclusively by Best Gore member @StrongAndTasty, who recently had liposuction and wanted to share the experience. He goes on to explain the images:

Hey guys!

Yesterday I got a liposuction on the stomach, and I thought I’d send you guys some pictures to show you what it looks like now. I have a blood stain from the inside of my stomach that we can see through my skin. And I have two small scab on the side of my stomach where they entered the cables to suck out some fat. To be fair I didn’t have much to remove, but now my stomach looks bloated because I have some clots of blood inside of my stomach that will eventually go away after a few weeks. My stomach is extremely sensitive now, and I’m taking some medication for pain relief. This isn’t my first liposuction either, so I’m used to the feeling.

Thanks for sharing, man. You having these procedures done for personal image or health reasons?

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      1. Oh its just the fad . Why burn cash for such procedures when one can actually burn all that extra flab through running cycling swimming .etc. Its crazy !

        I suggest you @StrongAndTasty, to have a different approach the next time you think of tucking your tummy which is to follow a strict exercise regimen and live by it.
        Save your bucks man ; it may come in handy when the rains will come pouring in.

        1. @blucon, it’s entirely possible that he’s tried exercise, healthy eating, etc. Many people can’t lose the weight no matter how hard they try & have to resort to surgery for help.
          The way I look at things is if you’re an adult & you make your own money, then I don’t give shit what you spend it on cause it doesn’t affect me in any way 🙂

          1. @MikeyGraves
            Gotcha ! but remember every resource has its limits .
            I was meaning to say TO HIM TO let not THAT limit be reached
            There are tales and no fables about kings turning pauper lol .

      1. And what bizzare shit do you do to look beautiful @nextie??? Wake up? Ugh….pretty girls make me sick! 😉 You’re probably one of those “I woke up this way” chicks….but you really DID just wake up that way!
        Hahaha! Now if you could only wake up taller 😮 😆
        I’m kidding! 😛

  1. I know someone who had that done, in about 3 months gained it all back lol. It’s all on how you eat. This dude isn’t even that fat tho, don’t know why he needed it.

    1. If you only did press ups for the time you waited for your coffee to brew each day you wouldn’t need this ‘procedure’. This isn’t the first time he’s had it either. FFS get out into the real world and go for a run/cycle or something.If you didn’t have any legs or had a head like the elephant man I could understand..wait, you haven’t got an elephant man head have you ??

  2. People nowadays want instant results no time for exercise by the time the bruises settle he may already gain weight coke is a quick way to loose a few pounds and good fun you can have sex for hours on the stuff and that’s how I trim down but each to their own I suppose and at ?50 a gram your losing pounds

  3. why is this dude having iposuction anyway?
    Its obviously not on medical grounds.
    That leaves only one other option-Vanity.
    What next bro breast implants and botox injections?
    jesus h christ, “God” take me now!!

  4. @S&T. Re: pic 4 titled, “Ain’t Just for Women” You look like you have the muscle tone of a wet sock. I only point that out because the cost of a gym membership is surely cheaper than liposuction and would give you the results you wanted and pack on some meat at the same time. No! I don’t mean THAT kind of meat packing.

  5. Hey, his money, his decision. Some people work out like fiends & can not for the life of them, lose weight in certain areas. A little lipo can help. I’m all for doing whatever makes YOU happy. Fuck what everybody else has to say!

  6. Nice pictures, I’m still at a lose in why would you keep getting this done when all you have to do is do a few sit ups in the morning, that’s what I do and I have a flat tummy.

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