Best Gore Member Suffers Thumb Injury Cutting Boards

Best Gore Member Suffers Thumb Injury Cutting Boards

Today’s Edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, Rsking, who had a little mishap with a saw. As always, I will let him tell the tale.

So hey all,

Been a long time view for over 2 years now just been floating around just commenting and all that jazz but I have been wanting to contribute something but never have had anything to contribute anyway the back story on accident is a table saw but let’s get to how it happened.

Well I was cutting some boards for my folks and they wanted 30 12″x18″ boards and a few 4″x4-8″x8″ as well so I decided to to make 30 of each and well my thumb got into the way when I was moving one of the board.

What type of boards well OBS Low density about 1 inch thick or 25.4 mm for those that don’t use imperial standard.

Here are some Pictures of what it looked like once we got to back room it wasn’t that bad but fuck people made it seem like I lost an entire joint. Also before you ask no there wasn’t blood all over I was using a 200 tooth OBS/finish blade not a 60 tooth rip blade.

But for better or worse I didn’t need stitches so It’s going to heal the natural way. but it’s kind of funny the way the doc responded “ wow there is no meat on there” um sorry but its a thumb it’s mostly padding not a thigh.

Anyway enjoy the gore all even if it’s not as bad as most of what’s posted but either way it did bleed quite a bit before it started to clot up (i’m not known for being a bleeder but it was going for a good minute before it started to clot)

Thanks for the detailed synopsis of the event, Rsking. Thumbs and index fingers are a bitch to have injured, if even for a short time.

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  1. Hahaha.., as i jumped into the car waiting for my boy, i turn on the car get on the site and whats playing..?, “Under my thumb” by the Stones.., lol.., nice cut btw., cut into my leisure time.

  2. I got a cut on my thumb from some metal wire today but it’s only a small scratch and it hurts trying to do anything. Yours must hurt like a bitch! I hope it heals up okay and I’d love to see what the scar looks like afterwards, if it leaves one. Thanks for the photos!

      1. I guess some people scar easier than others. I’ve had all types of smaller injuries and even burns that should’ve left a scar but after a few months there’s nothing to see.

        I wonder though since this guy didn’t have to get stitches and there’s quite a big chunk taken out of the thumb if it will leave a mark.

        1. You know what speaking of mirrors. I had a frameless mirror and was packing it up in the car. It was dark and the ground was covered in ice and snow. I had set the bottom of it on the ground while I opened the door. I didn’t realize that when I did that a half moon shaped piece of it broke off. So I took my hands and pushed it on top of the boxes. I seriously cut the very bottom of my right index finger. Agonizing. I went to the ER of course bleeding like a damn hemopheliac. They stitched me up…good to go? No. Later the next day as I was slipping and sliding around on the ice I instinctually grabbed the flat bed of a truck to brace myself and reinjured my hand. Now there is a nerve that’s sealed in there with the scar. So I can’t push or pull using that finger or I’ll jump in pain. I can handle pain anywhere not hands and not feet

          1. Thats pretty ouch. I cant take pain, or anything disturbing around my neck, not even a scarf. I hope I wont be beheaded or something. Its strange, it occured around the time I?ve started reading this blog here. 🙂

          2. CQ I too can not have anything around my neck….not even a shirt that goes too high up. So I completely understand that. And I can’t watch most beheading. If they are already dead and they chop off the head? I’m OK. If they’re alive? Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck no I’m good. No thanks.

            LF. This happened around 7 years ago. I’m going to see if surgery can correct this or not. It’s not pleasant at all.

    1. actually it didn’t hurt I was on an adrenaline high for about 3 hours then I got my pain pills for my sleep and what not when it starts acting up. But ya I’ll have a pic ready once I heal up I’m on some penicillin antibiotics for a while.

      Though I have a few scars already from other acidents one I almost lost my eye over 😛

        1. nope no damage doc said if it moved over even 1cm to the left it have glanced off my nose and hit my eye you can’t see the scare anymore but if you touch where they stitched it you can barly feel the scare

      1. Ick. I think fingertip and toe injuries are the worse. That constant blood pressure circulating hes really lucky he didn’t lose all of it, or skilled it could go either way

        Ewe. I can handle a lot usually but toe and fingernail injuries make me cringe. Iis it better now or sorer.

          1. Very true on the advice.
            Though as far as finger nail thing and the other digits I generally don’t have much feeling in them unless I really hit it.

            Comes with the territory I guess of always hitting bricks when i’m borded out of my wits. But i’m a Reviewer by trade

          1. No I won’t ewe. I have manicured toes…I file I don’t cut.

            Rsking glad you aren’t very sensitive in your digits. But good chunk of meat removed. It’s looks cool now

          2. Lol. Yeah you really don’t want to fuck with the toes. All your body weight and heavy blood pressure circulalating though that area. Plus the lint in your socks and/or dirt, sweat and whatnot in your shoes. It’s be better to safely file them. Lady emory files aren’t good for men’s toes. Metal files however are

          3. lol better get out the angle grinder if you want to fix mine XD even if the nails are short the constant bare foot walking doesn’t help the calluses

          4. Rsking youd probably need one of those electric files that manicurist use. I can see it in my head but have zero idea what its called. I wanted one myself but cant find it. Anyway. Walking barefoot is wonderful though. Before I moved from the south to the north you couldn’t get me to wear shoes. I love it. But my feet have gone all soft and sensitive

  3. I was once working on a bandsaw, and while talking shit to my colleague, I pushed my thumb from the front into the blade without even noticing it for a while, until it almost reached the base of the fingernail. Doesnt hurt that much as it?d appear, its quite interesting actually. Even more interesting was a accident a couple weeks before at the same workplace, when a guy scraped off his palm to the bone operating the electric plane.

          1. Nope I?ve cut myself on a bandsaw, he fucked his hand up on a electric plane machine. The second one is a real bitch. 🙂 He was a dumbass pretty wasted on some tranquilizers, and while pushing a plank forward on a plane, he must have slipped and carved off a great part of his palm around the heel of the hand. His very diminished reflexes have done the most damage I think, lol. After that, and some following accidents, selective drug test were introduced, hehe.

          2. God I would hope so. I’m familiar with both of them. Well I have the image of the two never used them personally too clumsy. Using or operating any machinery under the influence of any mind altering substance is really really bad. I hope he learned his lesson. Tranquilizers are you kidding me? He wasn’t thinking at all when he planned that

    1. I just let out an incredibly painful sounding moan as I read that. I can only imagine what that type of pain would be like. I remember back in grade school during woodshop class, friends and I would mess with the machines and shit, we put 80 grit paper on the belt and watched what it did to a 2×4, some crazy stuff.

    1. I actually never stopped using it once I got Home most of my games are on the PC so ya my thumb is alwaying in use even right now as i’m typing this 😛

      that and the way most of my keymapping is well lets just say the tip of my thumb is always bottoming out the keyboard.

      and Thanks dude

  4. its funny…

    this is pretty small compared to some big shit i have see here. and in same time.. as small as it is, this little shit give me some chills.
    just because i know this kind of thing can happen to me anytime (i mean, more times and most possible than be beheaded by an islamic terrorist ya see ?)
    and i know that fingers and toes are the most painfully shit parts of my body (and probably same for lots of peoples too)

    shit its already pain as hell if i cut my finger with an simple paper… i cant imagine the pain with an freaking saw

    my day is just fucked by this …..

  5. Sexting is gonna be a bitch for a while. What did you need the boards for @Rsking? Some sort of shelving? I wouldn’t mind seeing some pictures of that. Whenever I get blood all over one of my home projects I like to leave all the bloodstains on it just to give it that “rustic” look.

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