Bloated Thai Found Two Weeks After Dying Thanks to Raised Stink

Bloated Thai Found Two Weeks After Dying Thanks to Raised Stink

A putrefying corpse of an alcoholic diabetic was found after two weeks of rotting. The raised stink was noticed by the guy’s neighbor who reported it to the authorities. This is what they found upon entry to the apartment.

Never a dull day in Thailand. Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the pics:

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90 thoughts on “Bloated Thai Found Two Weeks After Dying Thanks to Raised Stink”

    1. @hematochezia
      That is in fact a very literal and accurate description of the smell of death. I’m proud of you 🙂
      Yes, I would imagine it would be a very vinegary, ashy smell, a bit meaty. That sort of combination would make your stomach heave uncontrollably. Spot on, friend.

      1. He is tired of useless live people and is glad he doesn’t have to listen to this useless sack of shit whining on the hospital ward and wasting resources for people that actually care for themselves and need it. He’s glad he’s finally dead and not a burden on society, and any medical staff anymore. (Perhaps a little personal there….but I have watched assholes like this die and was happy they would never be coming around again to eat free food, get free care and perpetuate their useless existence so they can stay up for days playing Warcraft or killing hookers (I live in Cleveland, that’s not a joke))

          1. I’d be smiling while I watched your silly-ass have to walk home behind the car because you stunk too bad from all of the back spray having kicked the shit out of a fat bloated corpse…. Stupid ass!! … Myself I would have shoved explosives of varying calibers and what’s the progressively exploded bigger bigger calibers of explosives up his assole after having jumps back several Yards First

  1. Wow! Fat bastard has finally been found. I bet that if they slit that belly open they might just find Mike Myers – he’s been missing for a while. As a matter of fact, you’ll probably find Mr. Bigglesworth in there as well, meow.

    Let’s see, who else would I like to find in his belly? The pope, This jesus dude, muhammad of course, allah, I don’t think the buddha would fit in there, jehovah…

  2. Obviously some sick little nip did a runner when he realised this guy had had a Julius while he was back scuttling him.
    So, once the rear end of this monstrous bloater has been relieved of its gas, my advice would be to look for the arse plug or whatever else may be lurking up there.

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