Bloater in a Motel

Bloater in a Motel

This guy checked into a Motel, locked himself up in the room, took off all his clothes, loaded up internet porn on his laptop and… died. Who knows, maybe he had an orgasm to die for and his heart just burst with ecstasy.

The original report said that the Motel staff checked up on the man the day after check in and that’s when they found him looking all bloated in his bed. He definitely looks like someone who’s been dead for a few days, not just one night so my guess is something got lost in translation. But then again, it makes sense that the Motel staff would want to know why the guest is not checking out as expected and knock on the door and eventually use their master key to get it…

Props to drccoco for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Sorry Mark, my bad, unfortunately I thought that Gnomes referred to the Garden variety and not the aforementioned enquiry. I will in future explore this site a bit more before making myself look like an asshole again.

          1. Mark! Them gnomes need some serious culling my friend. Also, its good to see the owner of the site involved in commenting with its members. Really makes Best Gore feel like a community. Peace out.

  1. What an embarrassing way to go, what kind of porn could shock someone so much that their heart just stops. I find it difficult to find any porn that even excites me these days, what a lucky, lucky bastard.

    on a side note how is it that the staff never realised that a decomposing body was in the room, it must of smelled awful.

  2. oddly enough I am at work, at a hotel now. Crazy shit these people do in these rooms! even crazier I work the night shifts! the bullshit I go through. Eventually I feel I will go in a botched robbery or piss off the wrong person. If so, I hope it’s sent to bestgore! gotta get back to work.

    1. I run a machine on the night shift with a lot of bottom-of-the-barrel types whose job it is to package and ship out the final product coming off my line… I keep my hopes up that some day I’ll witness a knife fight or one of these assclowns will get smeared on the shop floor by a forklift truck… and so I wait. The weirdest shit happens on the night shift and keeps monotonous work from ruining my day.

    2. I used to work in a hotel and an elderly man died in his sleep in his room, me being a housekeeper got the splendid fortune to stumble upon him…no where near as decomposed as this guy though, I have no idea how they didn’t smell this

  3. Can someone more knowledgeable explain to me when does this bloating effect occur? I thought it takes at least a month and usually happens when the body has been under water. Now I understand I was wrong, I will do a quick google search but if someone is familiar I would love to hear it from him.

  4. Is it possible he died from some sort of bacterial infection which caused the decaying process to speed up?

    Anyway great pics, bloaters are fascinating. There used to be a programme over here about the people who have to go and clean up after dead bodies have been left undiscovered in houses. Those liquids sink right through the floor boards and they all have to be replaced.

  5. Gather round children, I’m going to tell you the story of Dracocul (Or as you humans say, Drccoco)
    An ancient knight left a magic scroll in a temple where it was robbed by a coven of witches, these witches read the scrolls and released a powerful demon. After many spells they managed to settle down the demon, keeping it locked away in a jar. After 30 years, the coven broke up and the main witch went to Canada to study liberal arts.. Little did she know, the demon escaped but one man managed to tame it. That man uses this demon to produce gore, reeking havoc on the world (mainly Brazil and Asia)

  6. My sister walked in the room she goe’s bloater in a motel? whats that, i was like people rent a room out too poo all they like then leave it in the bath to float. She saw the bloater and blurts out he must of eaten all of it he’s gonna explode with poo! haha, Poor guy 🙁

      1. @ broken, it was a creeper load, you don’t feel it at first but then.. BLAAM, it hits you, literally. @ baked, that’s a load I wouldnt want to be shielded from!! So when are you gonna kidnap me and ‘do stuff’ to me lmao!!

          1. I will make you obsess over me, that is my goal. I won’t stop until I have you pointing a gun at me wearing a wedding dress

  7. Yeah right at checking on him a day later. They have some shitty housekeeping service or else they would have found him sooner.

    I bet the hotel kept the bedding and just rewashed it, cheap fuckers.

  8. Reminds me of that really real urban legend about the couple who checks into a foul smelling hotel room only to find out later there’s a dead body stuffed inside the box spring under the bed they been sleeping on the whole time. This urban legend happens to be true and has h append numerous times in many diffrent hoyelstates…don’t forget to check under your beds

  9. If you compare this guy to a lot of drowning victims, like the tsunami photos, and other drowned corpses, they all have the bloated genetalia, and tounge sticking out, id say he was drowned somehow, and put there. It doesnt make too much sense, but he definitely looks drowned

  10. I wonder if he was that buff before he died…or the bloat. He died of a heart attack for sure..i wonder if they found a meth pipe or works. I used to to that shit in the past and was always afraid of dying of heart attack in a hotel and this happening to me!
    Thank god I saw no to drugs now!

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