Blow from Baseball Bat to Forearm Requires Fasciotomy

S Shaped Incision on Forearm to Perform Fasciotomy

S Shaped Incision on Forearm to Perform Fasciotomy

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @mslmc, who had to undergo fasciotomy (surgery to relieve pressure that is cutting off blood flow and nerve signals to muscles and tissues) after a blow to the forearm from a baseball bat:

I was hit by a guy with a bat last year from behind on the side of my forearm. I then suffered compartment syndrome which led to me having a fasciotomy and two metal plates inside, oh and these scars.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @mslmc. Maybe one of these days you can update us with a pic of the scars. I expect those look epic:

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64 thoughts on “Blow from Baseball Bat to Forearm Requires Fasciotomy”

    1. Hell, yes, that arm injury was bad enough. We had an eighth grade teacher that had to get a metal plate in the head over the summer following a car accident. Two years later he retired to pursue a full time hobby of cutting out paper dolls.

  1. Jesus fucking Christ that looks as though a snake is burrowing in below that skin of your arm! Hell , that looks awful @mslmc but be candid enough in telling us as to what lead the guy to hit ya that bad ? Did he go settling some score out of vengeance or was he just a guy with a flaring temperament who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

    I guess your stitches may have healed by now ……….see if ya can upload the pictures for us to see.

    1. He was hitting the car i was in at the time, putting the windows through of his ex gfs at the time.Lovely guy lol. All I did was get out stepped towards him then away but he somehow saw me a threat ha. I will upload my scars soon as this pic was a year ago now

      1. Thanks @xsookiex! Like yours too.. heyyy I remember that outfit πŸ˜‰ , sheeit, nice new locks too … nah, not locked in yet, though the only time I go out now after getting laid off is to my parents for home cooked dinner n’ the store for beers, fuckin’ right. Shoot me one sometime.

        1. Dont even think it’s possible to get crazier πŸ˜€ haha but I can always strive to do better!!! XD
          ehh I’m too lazy for pixie cuts… just straight up shave it off or have it long enough for pony tails πŸ˜€ i actually think you probably spend more time on your locks than i do πŸ˜‰

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