Blue Balls – Scrotum Severely Enlarged and Filled with Black Fluid

Blue Balls - Scrotum Severely Enlarged and Filled with Black Fluid

Blue Balls would be a male counterpart to the Blue Waffle girl. Although there is hardly any vaginal infection that can beat scrotum filled like an overinflated balloon with a slimy black goo.

This unfortunate man was 54 year old when this happened to him. He is from Samara, the sixth largest city in Russia. He went to a urologists with high fever and complaining of pain in his scrotum, claiming that within a span of one day, his ballsack rapidly expanded in size and turned black in color. He wasn’t kidding.

I think if I ever find my ballsack turn into Blue Balls in a manner of a single day, I wouldn’t go to a urologist. I would go straight to a gun snackbarist and ask him to shoot me. Luckily, this man did the right thing and sought assistance of a team of urologists who were able to save his reproductive organs, although his scrotum had to be amputated. His testicles were implanted each into a respective thigh.

The diagnosis by the operating urologist, when translated using Bing Translate was:

Leukocytosis with a shift of the formula to the left

This is how the urologists described the schedule of works done on the patient:

  • Day 1 – Operation: the autopsy phlegmons and necrotomy. After surgery, the patient was in an intensive care, receiving comprehensive treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics
  • Day 3 – Necrotomy operation. Opening parapraktita. Drainage of pelvis using the Buâlsky method. After surgery, patient developed severe anemia, requiring cell transfusions and fresh frozen plasma
  • Day 8 – Operation: moving the testicles to the inner surface of thighs
  • Day 10 – Drainages are removed from the pelvis
  • Day 14 – Removal of catheter urethra
  • Day 18 – Plastic surgery of the penile skin using local fabrics. The results were unsatisfactory
  • Day 28 – Application of Thiersch Autodermoplasty
  • Day 42 – Patient was sent home in satisfactory condition

After the drainage of the nasties, the Blue Balls man underwent plastic surgery of the scrotum during which his testicles were implanted under the skin of his thighs:

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60 thoughts on “Blue Balls – Scrotum Severely Enlarged and Filled with Black Fluid”

  1. If this had happened to me I would kill myself. I am rather fond of my cock and balls and hold them in great esteem, no matter the task they always rise to the occasion and out of respect I often greet them with an handshake, I don’t know what I would do without them, they are simply vital to my life.

    1. Sticking his dick in an octopussy. The octopus, continuously being agitated by the fleshy probe, expanded; rapped its tentacles around his ass cheeks, hooking into his ass hole (as you can see it’s all torn up and barnacled looking) and shot a half-gallon of black ink down his urethra, injecting and inflating his balls.

  2. Result of injecting stuff from a home kit to make your balls bigger? The tales I hear add up to “medical emergency, makes your balls swell to grapefruit size” but I’m not sure it explains the black gunk. Anybody got a better theory?

  3. I googled this malady. Leukocytosis is a bacterial infection with a high white blood cell count above the normal range in the blood and a sign of an inflammatory response. Diabetics are susceptible to this condition. Blue balls is caused by sexual arousal without being able to ejaculate (“temporary fluid congestion”), causing pain to the testicles and prostate. Urologists call it “epididymal hypertension.” So, guys, you are more susceptible to suffering from blue balls than what this guy has. Have a nice day!

    1. Not just you. 🙂
      As others have noted, he might enjoy anal play. Another likely possibility could be that the severe inflammation exerted enough pressure on the blood vessels around the anus to generate a ring of hemhorroids. If the damage is extensive enough, he could be facing a lifetime of recurring rectal prolapse. I’ve seen that in people who had much milder issues than this man.

  4. They put his balls into his thigh’s, how in the hell is that gonna work? You reach into your pocket for change and scratch your balls at the same time. No matter where they put your nuts its going to be trouble, unless maybe directly across from where they would be naturally. Even then it would be awkward since they no longer hang an move freely. If that were me I’m going for simulated nuts and fuck reproducing at that stage of the game.

  5. Well now, that made my day a lot fucking better knowing this did not happen.
    Poor guy and props to the doctors for fixing him up. I agree with Mark on this if I wake up and see my balls in this condition well lets just say I live on the 10th floor and I will not be using the front door.

    1. I have similar thoughts while browsing.

      “It must me such a minor difference, but I can tell one is just a bit bigger… Hmm… none of my partners seemed to care… That porn dude’s sack looks tiny, shriveled, and over-used… Hmmm…. I’m happy with my junk! *fapfapfap*”

  6. So fucking gross!!! Oh man I couldn’t imagine what the stench of that must of been. I would imagine the stench to be some sort of rotten blood smell. Worst smell ever!!!!! x_x If I were that guy I would just tell the doctors to just chop of the whole sack. Not worth it.

  7. Why would they even bother saving this?
    Asshole ripped up, sack and dick looking like he had them in a vacuum pump for days..
    He’s definitely a bottom and the removal would have made his man/men happier.

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