Body Anomalies – It Can Happen To Any of Us

Body Anomalies - It Can Happen To Any of Us

I often find myself questioning my own existance, the purpose (if there’s any) of life, why i’m here, how did all of this came to be, why I am the way I am, why do certain things like behaviors, tendencies, diseases, exist but I have to admit that the more I think the more questions arise.

As an Atheist, I believe in the randomness of things. I believe that through a long period of time we evolved from simple organisms into the complex beings we are today. It is incredible how we developed as a species. How our brains grew enough to allow us to dominate the earth, the skies and the oceans.

But with a more complex brain came the ability to rationalize the world around us. To observe the death of our fellow humans and realize that we will share the same fate. How from that moment of fear of our own mortality religions were created, how we fought each other over ideologies, food, reproduction partners, land, property and for simple pleasure. Would we be less miserable if we didn’t know we will die? Can other animals perceive this reality? Are we the only ones?

Sometimes I really get tired of the constant bullshit I see my species commit, not only against other animals and the earth, but against each other. It really becomes frustrating to the point where I ask “Why do fuck was I born into this shithole?”.

But then I think “It could be worst”, and I take a look at pictures like these and realize how lucky I am for numerous reasons. Even after having experienced horrible things, there are far worst events that could have happened.

Not a lot of people know I participate and contribute to this website and community, but I take an interest in knowing other opinions. And very often I come across people who think that those who follow this website are some sort of psychopathic freaks who enjoy watching others die, being tortured, etc. I find it amusing how most of these critics fail to realize that the very reason a lot of people visit this website is to distance themselves from ignorance and lies and accept a reality most try to ignore.

Death is not the worst thing that can happen to us. Living a life like these people is. Not everything on BestGore has to be related to death, blood and guts. By far, our aim is to show reality for what it is. So I made this post as a reflection of how lucky we are, and how much we should appreciate every second of our lives.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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  1. Agree with you…I’m not even trying to sound better than anyone (I even think Mark believes in God) but I still wonder how someone can see all the bad stuff that can happen to anyone(whether it’s on this site or others) and still believe in God.

    1. Many people say this and I can see why they feel this way but if you read the Bible it tells you why. Job 9:24 says: “The earth is given into the hands of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where, and who is he?”…It is telling us that the devil is the ruler of this world for now. This is why there is so much evil and sin in this world. He is the ruler of this world and there is so much sin in this world because we as humans fell into sin when Adam and Eve were tempted in the Garden of Eden, For as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive (1 Cor. 15:22), that is why Christ had to purchase our souls with his blood. The devil also tried to tempt Christ into not fulfilling the prophecy of him dying for our sins by offering him all the kingdoms of this world if he would just bow down to him (Matthew 4:8-9), and the devil was able to make him this offer because he is the ruler of this world. Satans goal as ruler of this world is to tempt people and to get people to curse God and not believe in him, and lead as many people as he can astray and away from Christ, the one true king who purchased our souls on the cross so we don’t burn in the lake of fire cause of our sins which is referred to as the 2nd death. The Bible actually tells us to not love this world or the things in it. 1 John 2:15-17 says: “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.” In the Bible Christ makes it very clear that his kingdom is not of this world. John 18:36: “Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.” The kingdom of Christ, the true king and ruler, has no sin and evil in it, that is what makes it Heaven, there is no sin or death or evil in it. BTW, I was quoting the King James Bible Version only, that is the only true Bible for the English language, all other Bible versions (NIV, NLT, NAS. NKJV etc..) have changed the true word of God and are false Bibles. You may not agree with, or believe what Im saying but it might give you a better idea as to why there is so much evil in this world.

        1. I obviously don’t think you believe in the Bible if you already don’t believe in God. What makes you think that I’m trying to prove anything to you? I don’t think you or any other atheist on here will change your mind, but remember a wise man changes their mind seldom but a fool never does. You are entitled to believe what you want, I’m just simply giving you a reason as to why there could still be a God despite all that goes on in the world. Besides the devil being the ruler of this world, we also have the gift of free will to do and believe whatever we want.

          1. @realitycheck07, Thanks again man. I wasn’t going to bring up God and his existence again, but if someone else mentions God or if God is brought up in a post I feel like I should say something.

      1. I’m with ya too buddy…used to be a harcore atheist back in my teen days too

        Then something changed in me…sounds crazy but I’ve heard the same from many other people as well, there’s gotta be more than this temporary meaningless existence

        1. Thanks Cold World, and yes it is a cold world. I’m glad to hear your view about the existence of our creator changed. I hope the same happens to others and their eyes get opened. After all we are made in his image and we are a special creation. The theory of macro evolution, that we evolved from a lesser or different species, is a false teaching straight from the mouth of Satan himself. There is nothing random about us or our existence and there is so much more than just life here, a whole eternity more. Our 3D bodies are not eternal, from dust we are and to dust we shall return, but our soul, our energy, is eternal.

          1. I couldn’t agree more….this is actually incredible because I thought I was probably the only person on this site with those views lol….God bless you man

          2. @Cold World, I was beginning to feel the same way besides myself and a few others. It seems like we are the minority on this site which I am not suprised about due to the content and nature of this site, but like PD said not everyone on this site is here for blood lust. God bless.

          3. If evolution is a false teaching,straight from the mouth of satan himself, what would the Christian explanation for the terrible afflictions detailed above?

            Underdeveloped chromosomes and genetic mutations (as shown above) are the process of evolution, surely?

            It’s just a shame that these poor people are evolutionary “dead ends”- very unlikely to reproduce and pass on their genetic mutations.

            I’d be very interested to hear a Christian/Muslim explanation for why such people are born like this.

            Perhaps, while you are there, you could also explain to me the Christian explanation for catholic priests sexually assaulting young boys. To me, THAT would more likely be something Satan would teach.

            I eagerly await your response.

          4. @CoonJuicer, I don’t know why for sure and I kind of touched on this a little bit above, but I think there is disease, birth defects, and other terrible conditions in this world because we fell into sin and allowed certain conditions to infect our gene pool. An infection was implanted in us and Satan manipulated our gene pool. In Gods Kingdom, none of this stuff exists because there is no sin, there is no suffering or death. I know that someone born with a birth condition has not sinned yet but in Adam all have died and our gene pool was infected from the beginning. And I didn’t mean evolution as a whole, i was talking about macro evolution, there is some truth to micro evolution. I don’t really know why for sure, I am not not a scientist or a religious scholar, but when man first fell into sin it caused a lot and effected us in may ways. As for the Catholic priest thing, I was born a Roman Catholic but I do not consider myself one anymore, I don’t really follow a certain organization, I’m just a follower of Christ and the Bible. I didn’t leave the Catholic church just because of the whole pedophile thing but mainly because they practice false doctrines. Do not confuse the Catholic church with the teachings of Christ, they have Paganism incorporated into their doctrines. There are a lot of things Satanic about the Vatican, they fell from truth awhile ago and some people in the Catholic church are actually satanists and practice child molestation, sacrifice, and other satanic practices. One of the main goals of satanists is to infiltrate Christianity to manipulate followers of Christ. That’s why you see many satanists posing as priests or pastors etc, especially on tv, and giving false teachings.

    2. @pumpkin i think the answer is simple. the bad things that occur are typically a result of man’s evil tendencies. its that simple. people may ask ‘gee why doesnt god step in and prevent bad things happening to good people?’ who knows. Probably for the same reason he doesn’t step in and utterly destroy every ungrateful wicked piece of shit human on this planet. We are all evil at heart. In turn, we do fucked up things to others.

      1. It’s going to sound like I’m making fun of you, but I’m not. Your argument was, “why does bad stuff happen to people?”, “who knows?”, “Oh, I guess there’s a god then.” The wild stuff that goes on in the world actually isn’t the main reason I don’t believe in religion. If you simply research, you’ll find overwhelming evidence for evolution, atheism, etc., but people want to believe in what makes them feel good, not scientific facts.

        1. i wrote that being pretty tired last night which wasnt a smooth idea. my point was simply that one cant disprove god on the basis of the bad things that occur. i believe god typically grants free will. unfortunately we see what many do with it.
          i feel like evolution is the same as alot of other issues. global warming for instance. total bullshit. but there is ‘evidence’.

        2. There is a lot wrong with religions, and that is because of mans foolish ways. There is more evidence for a creator than that there is no creator. There is no real evidence for macro evolution, it has not been proven thats why it is just a theory. What they presented to us as evidence is false, made up evidence to try to support what they want to get people to believe, for example the “missing link” Lucy. A lot of scientific facts give support to the existence of a creator.

          1. quick observation. what if the skull of elephant boy up there was dug up 100’s of years later? would that be evidence enough that he was part of an entire mankind comprised of oddly shaped people? just a thought i had.

          2. @killajamal exactly!!!! That’s what I thought about neardetal and bullshit..
            What if those old bones and weird cranes were just people with genetic issues ???? What if they were taken away their people so they had to live in caves… so they had to reproduce themselves so they died there alone…
            That doesnt mean they were some kind of “race” or ancestors dammit!!!

      2. Sorry @ Killajamal, hijacking your comment, but no reply button to converse with @finer minds above.

        @finer minds, I find it very harsh for a loving God, who perceiving a generalisation of mans “sins” would “punish” the born innocent with such an affliction.

        Which “sins” of man would you suggest that would elicit such a focus of such wrath upon an individual to bear such deformities?

        To imply that our gene pool is infected, I would point out that multiculturism may be a contributing factor. Is this such a manifestation of gods wrath?

        Buddhists might say that the sins of the individual are repaid to them upon their rebirth.
        (Some would say it was the ” agent orange” in some cases.)

        Where is Gods anger upon the manipulative and parasitic jews? Murdering muslims? Sodomizing catholics? Why is it that the born innocent must suffer such afflictions when the real sinners rule and manipulate?

        To experience everlasting life and nirvana in heaven must we suffer hell on earth first in our concious lives?

        Thank you for taking the time to reply and offer your own insight spiritually.

        Sometimes I think, there’s got to be something better than this existence.

        1. I can see what your saying, and I don’t have all the answers because I do not know everything. There are many questions I have also. It’s not so much God is punishing the unborn, it is more of an effect of the sin man has first committed. Our gene pool was infected with sin. We haven’t really experienced Gods full wrath yet, it came during the flood for purification, and will come again at the end of days. That is when the wicked will fall and will face their consequences. While it is important to not overestimate the power of Satan it is also important to not underestimate his power either. He is nothing compared to the most high, but Satan has a lot of influence on us and the things in this world because we allowed him to when we sinned. A lot of the bad isn’t so much Gods wrath, but Satans doing. Gods wrath will come to destroy Satan and his minions and those who chose to embrace their sin instead of repent from it. Many people are relying on logic only, and I’m not saying not to use logic, but whats out there you can’t break down logically. Again I don’t really know, I don’t have all the answers and I could be wrong about a lot, but God will get us through this. Christ says “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” Matthew 11:28-30.

    1. I hope you’re not talking about me. I don’t give a damn about any of these people. lol Yeah, it sucks. Blah blah blah. Anyone with a spec of common sense should know that already. I’m just here to gawk while I wait for a basketball game to come on. 馃槈

    2. Until I read your comment I was gonna hold my tongue…
      In person I would not say or do anything disrespectful to people such as we see here, on the other hand seeing a photo gives me opportunity to say nasty shit regarding their misfortune.
      So may I now sum it up…..
      Those are some of the ugliest mother fucking misfits I have ever seen…!
      Throw my ass in front of a dump truck if I started to turn into something remotely hideous.
      My favorite is the black kid, keep him around to watch for cops on the drug corner….

      1. The black kid could be the nigger version of the ramones pinhead, the dude next to him is the michelin tire man,the girl above him has some set of balls to come site and the kid next to pinhead is the next mma champion, YEAH, I’m goin’ to hell, now it’s just official.
        Actually they should be the next cast for a remake of the movie “freaks” at least let them make some money and do something positive with their abnormalities, they’d be on talk shows and be all kindsa famous and shit!

    1. Your not being mean’re standing up for what you believe in..just as you should….just as maybe we should all be doing…but I CAN’T…too much pain..suffering and loss in my life has caused me to become one of the brokenwinged angels cursed to live in THIS fucked up place called life….I admire you juice!!

  2. Cue the circus music!

    Better them than me! I appreciate my magnificent bearded mug every day that I see it in the mirror. That way, if it ever gets destroyed or deformed or blasted off with a shotgun or ANYTHING, I won’t feel so bad. Never take yourself for granted, because you could have been born to cause circus music in other people’s heads like these poor individuals. 馃榾

  3. The pic of the Holoprosencephaly child reminds me of the Harlequin babies, fucking tragic. They don’t live very long at all. Which makes me think there must be another chance, a circle of life to speak of. I’ve seen a lot of brutality regarding life, is it that bad? Are we the lucky ones, really. Nature is cruel and also forgiving, they suffer, but others such as family have to live with that suffering. From what I can see in the pictures they are loved, no matter for how long. Nearly started rambling about male to female dermographics in the asian world, which is becoming more prevalent in the west, but if thy wanna kill all their lady babies i suppose that gives us aryans more of a chance.

    1. Harlequin babies remind me of toasted brie cheese and almonds. It looks just like their skin. I worked at a hotel that had a fucking huge chaffing bowl filled with toasted brie and almonds every Friday and Saturday night for guests to nibble on. I never could stomach the stuff.

  4. Nice article PD. But I have to disagree with you on “Death is not the worst thing that can happen to us. Living a life like these people is.”

    Yes its horrible, and yes what they’re living with is worse than what most of us live with. But I’m sure if we asked some of them, they would tell us the ways they believe they are still blessed. Be it with family, friends, etc. And would also tell us how it could be even worse.

      1. I don’t think I would want to either. But I’ve seen interviews with a couple people who suffer from some deformity or another, and specifically Tree Man, who still are humble and say there are people even worse off in their eyes.
        I can only say that they are stronger than I am in that respect.

        But again, I enjoyed your article buddy.

        1. I agree Mikey. I’ve seen a couple interviews with him, and he seems relatively happy. As happy as he can be with something like that. He doesn’t act like he dwells on it every second of his life. It’s easy to say “I’d rather die than live like that.” when you don’t actually have to deal with it, but I bet the majority of people who live with deformities and diseases like these would still beg for their lives if someone put a gun to their head.

  5. Oh man this post is written excellently but the pictures suck..I feel for these people…I hate life because I’m in constant pain..I couldn’t imagine if I was permanently disfigured or deformed instead though….this shit shows us to appreciate the hand we were dealt….we coulda been dealt a far worse one..fuck THAT!!!

    1. Yeah I’m getting tired of reading comments (on several websites) saying we are sick, that we incite violent behavior, that we glorify death, carnage, murder, etc. Wtf…

      I wouldn’t doubt there are members here or people who follow the website that are some sick fucks who jerk off to a Cartel beheading, but I do believe the majority of people here actually do give a shit, and only seek to get informed.

          1. Obliterator is one of the best on the site.
            I visit Best Gore for the posting banter more than the gore. I like the people here and the thoughts exchanged are funny and occasionally ed-juh-kay-shun-al.

      1. I’m getting sick of people talking just in fucking general man!!…the FUCK is wrong with everyone today?…….is therea full moon?..or is it national pms/rag day and I missed the memo?!?!..fuck EVERYTHING!!…I’m going for a jog….

          1. Awww of course I’d hug ya. Not to toot my own horn here, but I’ve been told I’m an amazing hugger! Granted it was by my grandma, but that still means something dammit!! Hope your day gets better 馃榾

          2. Any man who gets grandma’s seal of approval is a good man in my eyes….I wish I could get a hug..but then again fuck me…who cares..other then my razor and my daughter…I’ll be good after my bath my friend….. 馃槈

  6. We all live our lives with a distaste for one or more perceived shortcomings.
    Your nose is too big, your cock is too small, your tits are too far apart, feet are too big, on and on and on.
    Then you see people like these and you say to yourself “I’ve got it made”.
    Then you may have to be directly involved with someone who is living with a deformity or injury and you will do whatever you can to make a difference in their life.
    Its a road I hope to never travel..

    1. I’d like to have that opportunity to go thru some of the stuff I see on here. Just to see what I’m made of. Either strong fearless or weak scared. I think I know where you would be, i know because you think it’s ok to talk shit and make fun about the misfortunes of others. Because it’s online doesn’t mean you don’t believe in those thoughts in the “real world” your just to afraid of being neglected to say them anywhere else but here. I can’t help attacking attacker’s that all

      1. @ Amado Pereyra my friend. Everybody has a different way of dealing with death and deformaties. Some laugh when in big trouble, not because they are happy, but because it is a nervous reaction. Many here do the same thing by saying a crude joke or smart ass remark (myself included) because it helps us deal with this terrible fate we will all share (death). If every member, everytime would cry, get depressed & express sorrow, witch i am sure ALL of us feel for the dead& disabled, we would end up locked-up in an asylum for sure. Joking just makes it easier to deal with for some. No disrespect intended ! Hope this clears up some of your thoughts 馃檪

  7. Some conditions are more rare than others. Our gene pool is very easily mutated because it is so complex. We’ve marveled at the afflicted for ages and continue to do so today. I believe there is a point of diminishing returns with respect to a general quality of living relative to specific conditions, however when one doesn’t know better, one can cope with just about anything life can hand out. It’s built into our very fabric, no matter how much of it is or isn’t there.

  8. Thanks PD for the post, I found it fascinating. Do you know that many of the people featured in your post have also been featured in TV programs? I would post links but I can,t remember the exact names or exact dates of the shows. Thanks again, keep up the good work 馃檪

  9. Being born into something like this would be more easily acceptable than having say, your face burned off as a renowned model.

    Never having the expectations of a normal life would make it that much easier to adapt to the adversities forcefully presented.

    We see plenty of more or less fortunates, but what matters in the end is our own sense of what we want accomplished in life, and when that is shattered, we turn to suicide.

    1. That reminds me of a documentary where conjoined twins who were fused together in their torso, were finally separated when they were about 3 or 4 years old. After the surgery they were actually reaching for their now seperated twin and crying that they weren’t there. That’s what was “normal” for them.

  10. Great post. This site is considered taboo to the sheep. But you nailed it when you said we come here to see reality for what it is. Besides our lives is just…a ride. Enjoy it while it lasts and make the best of it.

    I’ve stared death in the face a few times and I accepted the outcome but I lived to see another day. The reaper was mad but hey when it isn’t your time, you aren’t going anywhere lol

  11. Thank you for the wonderful article Portuguese Dude!

    HEY HEY! To you assfux talking smack about these hellshitfuck ridden souls. I hope you grow a nasty, fat, putrid, yellow nail growing out the tip of your cocks. Fucken peanut gallery. Grow half a soul, it’ll serve you well in Hell.

    Dumb fucks.

  12. First post here, I’ve been staring through the blinds for a few years now. Got turned on by a friend when she showed me the 3 guys 1 hammer vid and stuck around since. Well anyways, I just signed up and thought I’d come out and play.
    Cool post, all I know is I was just born into this world. I had no choice, shit nobody chooses to be born but here I am. I’m fully aware not all of us are the same (see above picture ) but that should not stop us from experiencing our own life and what ever path we are in because sometimes the Man Up Stairs puts it that way to limit our abilities so we learn what we are good at and use what ever gift we got for the best and help others with our talents. I was born with ten toes and ten finger and all my body working as it should. Well fuck, I gotta gift man. I’m proud To be alive even with so much shit going on in the world. I learned lifes a 50/50 it either works or doesn’t. either you let your disabilities get the best of you or you see past it and live life with your talents and gifts. And if you have no talents or gifts? cant find anything your good for? just take a look at these side show bob ‘s they are a perfect reminder of how good I have it that I can express my self without having a big ‘ole tumor across my face.

    Goodnite best gore! Much love from Cali. I’m going to go smoke some grass and then crash out for the night.

    1. That’s because the “personality and what’s inside” brigade talk out of their arses.

      In addition, the images above are reason alone why testing on animals should be stopped today – it’s those people who should be in laboratory cages, not poor little animals.

  13. did some research on that holoprencephaly. that is some crazy shit, this guy doesnt have it but some of the photos that came up w the proboscis are quite horrible and would’ve definitely prompted a few “dickhead” comments considering some of the noobs that troll here lately

  14. Im a romantic, there are inumerous things about the world that make me absolutely sick,but there is also so many that i love,and i love the simple things,im not a rich man,i like my country, it has is problems but compared to other places its really not that bad,i like women,i like to watch the sunset,i like to lay in the sand and watch the ocean,i dont have a big fancy house,a expensive car ” i have a 97 renault clio”

    I like my dog,i like to go for walks and sometimes watch the world and people go by,little kids riding bicycles with their parents,this kind of things bring a smile to my face,and like everyone else i dont know what my fate will be but if i die in my deathbed,im going to look back and remember those sunsets,that blue ocean,my childhood dog,my first kiss,all of those things and i am going to cry and wish i could have stayed here forever

  15. I think some of us are missing the point of this article. It’s not to make fun of these people like cowards, but to appreciate the fact that we don’t have to suffer like they do.
    I really expected more from people on this site to not act like those on youtube, but I have to remind myself that this IS the internet and you trolls manage to infect every part of it.

  16. “I often find myself questioning my own existence”… i think your words speak much wisdom…in your depiction of this photo…keep on keepin on…love the site….it intrigues me, the morbid, death…the NON CENSORSHIP of this site…we all have a fascination with death …it’s only Human…:)

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