Body of Man Chopped Up, Dismembered and Decapitated with Machete

Body of Man Chopped Up, Dismembered and Decapitated with Machete

Savagery in the early hours of Sunday April 21, 2013 in Eunápolis, state of Bahia, Brazil. A man was found killed with exceptional cruelty in the neighborhood of Alecrim I, north of the city. The body was discovered by local residents who were passing by a soccer field to get home.

The victim – still unidentified – had his body covered with dozens of perforations consistent with machete wounds, mostly to the neck, head, back and arms. He was almost complete decapitate – head clang on to the body by only a piece of skin – and his both arms were severed. His face was also disfigured with several machete blows, although no photo shows it. Residents also heard shots fired at approximately 1:30 am.

Local police don’t have any leads, not to the identity of the victim nor to the motive of his murder. Despite the severity of wounds, there was no blood in the vicinity of site where body was found so the man had probably been killed elsewhere and then dragged to the abandoned field.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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38 thoughts on “Body of Man Chopped Up, Dismembered and Decapitated with Machete”

    1. @It was me, I’m almost certain this guy is a da Silva. Da Silva’s always get it in the worse way, so this guy would qualify. In Brazil I wonder if an unknown person would be called a John Doe like in the States, most likely they call them John da Silva…

          1. Expensive though to fix. Machetes, however, seem to be handed out as a gift to new arrivals when they get off the plane. More efficient.. Probably. Cost effective? Probably not. It is a quagmire of sorts.

  1. I wonder which cut he died after, there really doesn’t seem to be any blood, as it says anywhere near it but anywhere on it either. With as messy as it is, you’d think there’d be at least a little.

    1. He was obviously cut up somewhere else and bled out and then they moved the body to that location where he was found!

      So somewhere there’s a large blob of dried blood with his name (whatever that is) on it!

      John Blob Doe DaSilva

  2. Do never, ever try to block a machette blow with your hands or arms, if you dont have chance to run out of swinging range, you have to get as close as you can to your hunter, hug him if possible, shortly run towards the guy before he takes out or swing the machette, this way you would have some slice cuts much more better than strong swings, I have encountered a couple of attacks this way, still alive, still using the same limbs, certainly I received some cuts but nothing compared to the ones we see here on Da Silvas.

  3. I find it rather interesting at some of the comments a lot of you post on here..The way you can make wise cracks about the horrible things seen in these videos and pictures on this website…Didn’t say it was bad, just find it very very interesting lol

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