Boy with Face Torn in a Blast Undergoes Plastic Operation

Boy with Face Torn in a Blast Undergoes Plastic Operation

This boy’s face was torn like that in a blast. The photos were taken by Dr. Rahul Sahai who is a plastic surgeon in Agra, India. Boy underwent facial reconstructive surgery by Dr. Sahai to minimize the damage the blast caused to his face. Considering how badly he was wounded, the doctor did a phenomenal job. There are so many muscles in the face that if the doc was even able to restore boy’s muscle functions, then he deserves major props.

No further information was provided as to what caused the blast, how old the boy was, how he is now, and so on. Many thanks to drccoco for these pics.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Being a member for only 3 days, I started to get a twisted stomach, especially with users that beg for more. This story eased a bit of nausea coming from this site, so I am going to beg for more stories like this!

      1. @Jewboy – The more blood and gutts, the better πŸ™‚ . Like disecting a living human being πŸ˜› . That would be so cool to watch 8) . Dismember someone BEFORE they cut their heads off πŸ˜€ .

    1. i completely agree. the very first thought that popped into my mind when i saw the first pic was ‘DAMN’ o.o the after pics look so good, considering the damage that was done and i’m glad that he recovered.

  1. I’m REALLY surprised that in the “what people searched for….” results did NOT have…” bomb blast kids face to spooge into” or some shit like that.
    Like MedEx said, it’s usually MORE disturbing what it THERE than the actual content of the post.

    Kids going to possibly have a TON of character as he gets older from all this.

    He should watch Brave Heart.
    There is that one actor with scars much worse than this, and he was STILL considered, “Hollywood Handsome”

    There’s hope for this little brown guy yet……unless he just grows up to become a worthless turd.

        1. Yup, that’s the one.

          Hey H.L.K.W. I have recently talked to somebody who claims that they are familiar with your TV work in the past.

          She recognizes you from the pic, and I do not beleieve her to be full of shit.

          6 degrees, eah?

  2. Once again, the eye’s survive by all odds. Amazing job by the medical team who put him back together. I suffered two partial and a complete tear of my right ACL. Two surgeries later and I now have chronic pain. Its still nothing compared to what that kid went and is still going through.

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        1. @bidity My KIDS watch Tree Friends! personally I don’t watch it much, but I saw a cartoon rabbit lick an envelope, cut its tongue and bleed out all over the place, that the one?

          1. If it’s all about brutal ways to die then yes, yes it is. I love it because they use cute little animals as characters lol

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        1. That’s what is I find most Interesting about the internet, You CAN NOT know who exactly is on the other side of the screen.

          Either backed with reality or not, Ken Whal makes for a good story, either way.

          I had read the He/You crashed through a balcony, any valididty to that?

          1. If that being the case, easily enough, the above kids’ picture could have became the face of champions that the victom of said-such gravitational impact would become the proud owner of.

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