Boy Showing Off Flesh Eating Disease

Boy Showing Off Flesh Eating Disease

No info on exactly where this takes place, although I’d hazard a guess and say somewhere in Africa. The short video clip is of a young boy showing off what appears to be some kind of skin eating disease that has eaten through most of the flesh on his torso. Exposed pink skin and fat can be seen and the boy appears to be in little pain as I imagine the nerves have been damaged by this point. The fact that he is completely uncovered seems to indicate that he is showing off his condition for a specific purpose, namely First World aid.

Necrotic props to @african-angel:

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      1. The same thing happened with my grandma when she had open wounds on her legs. There was never any bleeding just her skin being slowly eaten away. Hers was caused by built of fluid in her legs that seeped out of her skin but I imagine it’s a similar process. One thing I will say is she was in absolute agony with the nerve pain her wounds caused. I would have to think this boy is/was in similar pain.

          1. Thank you @WoodWork I really appreciate that!! My grandma had the real strength though. That woman went through 2 types of cancer and all of her various health problems that caused a lot of pain but she kept smiling and fighting right until the end. Taking care of her was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but completely worth it 🙂

    1. @Little foot

      Love, I say darl, I say hon, I say sweety that shit is “an infection,” – that is what caused those big pink wound thingies, and you know they aren’t normal – yeah ?
      so darl, ok hon, please don’t worry too much about him catching an infection coz that’s colloquially known as shutting the gate after the horse has bolted………

      Ps. I’m just having fun with you coz I read some of your thousands of daily comments ( it takes me hours to scroll through them on my phone each and every day) and I know you’re a switched on girl so it was unusual seeing that random comment from you, is alls……..

      1. Lmao well I can’t argue with you that he does already have an infection but perhaps I should’ve been more specific. What I meant was that although his skin has been eaten away the muscle underneath looks pink and healthy. Overall, the wounds look like they are kept clean and I don’t see any necrosis aka black, dying skin. If he had that I would be worried about it spreading to his bloodstream as that happened with my grandma when she was first battling with her wounds. Since his look very clean and healthy (or at least as healthy as they can be since they’re open wounds) I’m hopeful that if he can fight off the original infection he’ll recover from it. And I’m sorry it takes you forever to get through my comments, I’ll slow it down 😉

  1. And under the microscope you can observe the microscopic organisms that are eating this nigglet furiously licking their assholes trying to rid themselves of the taste.

  2. I caught necrotizing fascitis in July and almost lost my life from it. The dressing changes were unbearable. I had to learn how to use my arms and legs all over again and am still in physical therapy. I had three surgeries to debride it and was in the hospital two months. I caught it from an infected cut. Worst thing ever. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone..maybe Mike Vick

    1. Geezus Freeto. I’m so sorry you are going through that! Did the infection start in a small cut? Was it rusty, dirty, anything unique, or just a normal ol’cut?
      The idea of what your going through scares the hell out of me

    2. My mom had that too. I helped her change the bandages. Very nasty infection it is. Nurse walked in on me cleaning one day and cried. She loved the fact that I was doing it so lovingly. Told her she raised me, that it’s my turn to take care of her.

  3. I want to take some time Thanking BG and all you wonderful guys for teaching me to live safely and showing me the cruel and brutal reality of a mystery we call life. Damn I know what happens when you’re not cautious enough while driving, riding and even when crossing roads.

  4. Who knows what despicable bug or parasite caused this ?!, could be any one of umpteen awful parasitically induced diseases that lurk in deepest darkest Africa.
    Quite frankly, I wouldn’t set foot in that part of the world, and it is a very large part of the world, for all the tea in China. We western Europeans are not cut out to endure such life threatening illnesses. And one could bet their house that a trip to the Hospital for the Treatment of Tropical Diseases would follow any trip to such a place. Not worth it.

    This lad, although looking in bad shape, will most likely survive to tell the tale. He’s cut out to endure such an illness.

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  9. I know that vitamins & minerals won’t cure diseases, but this kid had a shitty immune system I mean he looks malnourished. Could it have just been because he’s dirty? On top of that the family is poor so how can they pay for medical bills? It looks more like the infection spread before being displayed but I am not a doctor so I don’t know just speculating.

    1. Actually I am a doctor and vitamins and minerals do help fight disease incredibly ! You are absolutely correct my friend. Some will argue this boy was deficient in vitamin c, which is essential in large amounts to support wound healing.

      Ps. Jokes – I am lying – I am not a doctor at all. But I am a joker and I am a smoker and a midnight croker !! Ha ha

  10. I saw a compelling and emotional advert on the tv earlier, it was about how a small African child goes days without eating and doesn’t have access to clean drinking water.

    I felt an unusual feeling, my eyes closed, my lips started to shake, eyes watery, i felt a fuzzy feeling in my face, it became more and more intense.

    Then i sneezed and carried on my life,,,

  11. Ah I remember seeing this same disease in that show “1000 ways to die”, a hooker knicks her leg while shaving it with an infected razor and this same disease forms on her face. Freaky shit

  12. Interesting how the racists aren’t out in full force on this video. They’re only interested in videos of subhuman criminals who happen to be black because they use them to justify their constant dehumanization of black people. Highly selective and opportunistic.

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        @Empty sugar would you like to take the stage here? 🙂

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    2. @RM this is a reality site. People are free to express their thoughts. I like people who come out straight and they they don’t like niggers than those pretending to love us. Personally, I don’t get hurt by racial comments.

  13. look like he took some hit from an super machete or someshit.

    also, look like he didnt have pain at all.

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  14. Poor boy! Even if it ate away his nerves and he can’t feel the pain can you imagine how terrified he must be? Look at his face he looks so fucking unhappy, that’s no life for a young boy.

  15. This is a type of disease called Buruli Ulcer. Prevalent in West Africa and North Eastern Europe. By the look of the hospital’s Bathroom, it could be from Ghana, where there is a well funded State- of- the -art hospital charged with the treatment. It is a disease easily treatable with antibiotics. However the disease is painless and therefore most people report to the hospital at the advanced stage of the infection. The cause of the disease had never been determined.

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