Brazilian Baby Born with Cyclops Face

Brazilian Baby Born with Cyclops Face

In Brazil, a beautiful baby with the face of an angel was born. Depends on your perception of angels…

I don’t know what the hell kind of medical condition this is, but obviously something went terribly wrong in the mother’s womb. The baby came out wearing the cyclops face, but the parents, or at least the dad (if that’s who’s talking), seems to love his child.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. I agree if he has a chance to grow up he will be picked on and bullied. If his parents are lucky the red Cross or doctors without borders may help with many surgies to fix him. Best bet put the baby down that no attachment/bond with parent’s will happen.

      1. “THESE THINGS?” … what the fuck is wrong with you? You call the baby a “thing” and then a child. It is and always will be a human, not a thing. If you have to ask a retard question like that , please contribute to the world by not breeding. wtf…

        1. So yeah its a human….why let it suffer? This infant is not going to live. No matter how one feels about it, its survival of the fittest in this world and there is no getting around it. Its unfortunate but let’s not use irreplaceable resource on the one that can’t be saved and spend it on the one that can be.
          Don’t be so closed minded and a slave to your emotions Monica.

          1. Crying? If you think that your ignorance upsets me, it doesn’t. I’m sorry that my opinion upsets you so much. Sometimes I wish I could be a dumbass like you, truly ignorance is bliss.

        2. Yeah Monica have an open mind. I called it a thing cause I can’t tell if it’s he or she, so it’s an it to me. It will never live a life and it will only survive. The poor thing can’t even suffer cause I bet it’s doesn’t have the mind set to do so. It pathetic and selfish when people allow these things to live. Truly, it’s a waste of oxygen.

          1. There are far too many of us already and keeping the weakest alive effects us all monumentally let alone how utterly devastating it must be to have disabilities anyway. Nature should be deciding their fate

          2. There are far too many of us already and keeping the weakest alive effects us all monumentally let alone how utterly devastating it must be to have disabilities anyway. Nature should be deciding their fate

          3. There are far too many of us already and keeping the weakest alive effects us all monumentally let alone how utterly devastating it must be to have disabilities anyway. Nature should be deciding their fate

          4. There are far too many of us already and keeping the weakest alive effects us all monumentally let alone how utterly devastating it must be to have disabilities anyway. Nature should be deciding their fate

          5. There are far too many of us already and keeping the weakest alive effects us all monumentally let alone how utterly devastating it must be to have disabilities anyway. Nature should be deciding their fate

          6. There are far too many of us already and keeping the weakest alive effects us all monumentally let alone how utterly devastating it must be to have disabilities anyway. Nature should be deciding their fate

          7. Also, I asked “why let it suffer?”. It was a question directed at you. That’s what everyone else was discussing when you jumped in with your PC bullshit. Add to the conversation instead of retract.

          8. It’s a she. The narrator (presumably her father ) tells her name at the beginning of the video, “Talita VitΓ³ria”. It amazes me how people keep calling she-babies born with all kinds of deformities and diseases “VitΓ³ria” (portuguese for victory) when it’s indeed, a complete fail. People born perfect should be called victory, not that atrocity.

  1. Nothing says “I love you” to your child like letting them slowly suffer until dying, because that condition (forgot the name) is very rarely survivable… And if you did survive, your life is gonna be pretty horrible.

    1. Some of these conditions may be of a genetic character and steps should be taken to prevent them, nevertheless, sometimes it may be due to inbreeding, malformation in the womb due to a factor other than pure genetics (maybe age) or a problem in the cellular division (meiosis and mitosis which is often related to age), like a problem in the factory, so each case should be analysed in particular.

      1. if someone is shitting out a retard they need to be held accountable, for whatever the reason. that’s what abortion is for. the system is already clogged with retards and the obese. which is an offshoot of retardation. knowingly spawning such filth is a crime against humanity.

  2. That’s not a “cyclops.” Cyclops is a being that has one eye. This baby has two eyes but was apparently lacking a nasal meatus. It looks like that problem was resolved with a scalpel. At least that’s what it looks like to me.

  3. When Faced with such odds, what little hope does the new born have?!.
    All joking aside, this is rather sad, all the more so that it’s Brazil again.
    Strange as it may seem though, the majority of parents would love their new born unconditionally, regardless of such an handicap. Until one has experienced the intense emotional connection that surfaces immediately after the birth of one’s offspring, those emotions could never be described fittingly. I believe this father is exhibiting that very reaction.

    1. He is an Angel he is a lovely child and he will be loved and cared for,probably more …it’s when the child gets older the problem begins.
      People who have problems with this should step back and look at their own childhood because they obviously have mental health problems.

  4. He says that she doesn’t have a nose, a bad formation of the palate, that she is blind on her left eye and that she has a bad formation of the brain (she’s retarded). She receives oxygen by the tube and is fed by that thing in her belly.
    I don’t get the reason to keep she alive, she’s clearly not gonna have any sort of productive life, neither for herself nor for society at large. Moreover, the father is gonna have to spend time and resources in a failed enterprise. She’s clearly defective, so do as they did in Rome and Sparta.

        1. To complement what I said above he also said that she doesn’t hear on her left ear and they think, but he was not to sure about it, that she can see on her right eye. Then when talking about her head he says that the bulge she has on top of her head is filled with a liquid.

  5. This gives me the same spontaneous reaction as when I see a person with an amputated arm walking around in a short-sleeved shirt. I can’t help it. I feel like the stump is going to touch me. I think that I wish they’d wear like a stump hat or bandana on it. I can’t stand seeing stumps arms. I feel like I’ll puke and same with this baby. I’m not being cruel. It’s my honest uncontrollable reaction. And if anybody thinks “Well I hope you lose your arm.” Fine. But I won’t have it just hanging out, stumping around.

      1. Yea, i also agree that (jokes aside), it is not a pleasant experience to have to go through for all involved. I don’t know if they do follow-ups in Brazil, like we do in our Countries, with ultrasounds & shit throughout the pregnancy, but if they do, ” and at no substantial cost” then i would question why the parents agreed to have this live birth, knowing what this kid would have to go through in their short stay with us.

  6. I don’t think it’s cyclocephaly (synophthalmia). I think this because cyclocephaly is the failure of the eye orbit separating into two. I think this is a severe case of abnormality with no chance of a decent existence. Having stated this, I could be wrong but I’m not finding cases similar to this. I didn’t do too much comparative research, just some knowledge I’ve had. Thanks everyone.

  7. Without benefit of the clinical history, or a full examination, this looks to be a form of fronto-nasal dysplasia (see the link below).; it’s pretty rare.

    Key features on the video are the cleft palate, wide set and abnormally small eyes, nasal slits, the frontal bone deformity, the abnormality of the parietal foramen (the bulge on the top of the head), and the need for direct gastric feeding with associated breathing difficulties.

    If the commentary includes mention of retardation, that fits, as well.


    1. @nastypersuasions

      Damn, beat me to it! Heck, you even ended up on the same site I did, just a different page. Since it took me a bit over 30 minutes to hunt this down, I’m going to add what I found anyway.

      “Frontonasal dysplasia is a condition that results from abnormal development of the head and face before birth. People with frontonasal dysplasia have at least two of the following features: widely spaced eyes (ocular hypertelorism); a broad nose; a slit (cleft) in one or both sides of the nose; no nasal tip; a central cleft involving the nose, upper lip, or roof of the mouth (palate); incomplete formation of the front of the skull with skin covering the head where bone should be (anterior cranium bifidum occultum); or a widow’s peak hairline.”

      1. Interesting, the case above may be inherited by the recessive gene condition. I don’t know if a genetic screening could help in this situation, but it seems that all of us carry recessive allele for conditions, so if we end up finding the wrong mate and having bad luck to transmit the recessive allele, the child may have a condition.

          1. I agree with the family and genetic rundown, and that we have a obesity epidemic, and even that bad habits may perhaps give rise to bad conditions and influence in mutations, but I disagree that the latter is a determining factor on recessive alleles, once you carry one you’re stuck with it. Now, both me and you carry bad alleles, but a genetic screening and preventive action would help us not breed retard children, abortion may end up being a solution too in case everything fails.

      1. I think that the Mother had an Affair with a Gypsy/Jew, and this was the result.
        #1 This is why the Mother is not present,
        #2 Look at the size, & sound of those Snortin Nostrils, they for sniffin Shekels.

        1. Now that I can see the video (on computer), it does look like FND. Was really hard to see when I first saw it because I was on my phone and couldn’t watch the video (wouldn’t load) and had to look at the tiny picture and what looked like a single eye in the middle (along with title). Either way I stand corrected.

          p.s. I didn’t need to read the link, I know what FND features are. I took A-Level anatomy.

          1. Ok,,, what the fuck is going on with the fucking Parrots today??? I know that you are in the Tropics of Dominica, “Land of many Parrots” Mark, lol, but i’m starting to get worried with the Edit Button not showing up, and now the “Duplicate Comment” Safeguard not working either. Is everything all good brother? πŸ™ It’s not like you to not be on top of things, that’s all.

          2. @thedre I don’t know what’s happening on BG but lately I can’t watch videos as they crash, disappear while volume plays, or just don’t play at all, or even play/lag really slowly. BG website doesn’t load or loads really slowly, and whenever people reply to me, I don’t get notifications.

    1. I’d guess the baby above had the condition which affected the ALX-1 gene, which is due to a recessive gene, and it’s the worst form of frontonasal dysplasia as it affects eyes, mouth and nose, while the other forms of the condition affect only the nose.

          1. @illegalsmile55 thanks Peter likes it too. Have you by chance talked to Agrescit lately? I lost his email πŸ™ Shes doing good Shes so big now and she has ALOT of attitude. I don’t where she could have gotten it from πŸ˜‰ how have you been?

  8. Poor thing has huge, and wide, what looks like to be nostrils, coming out of it’s forehead, without any nose structure whatsoever. If that is that Baby’s Dad speaking, then Talk about a devoted Father.

  9. If you’re talking about real, angels, well you’ve got it right. Higher Rank Angels except Archangels and normal angels. They’re angels that have a similar resemblance of a human face. High ranking angels have four faces, 6 wings, with eyes all over their bodies. Y’know. Hahaha.

    1. begins with him wondering whether you or your closest friend selected your username , followed by a rant about some not bothering to read comment section prior to firing ones own.then about halfway through I’m almost heard asking if this posting was from one child china would we even be here celebrating this father’s β€œlove”
      he again remarks how you and your username are kindred spirits

      then it gets a bit murky but if you scroll up to undergroundwellers thoughtful translation post made EIGHT HOURS prior to yours you may find your answer, hope this helps

  10. This is a rare form of microcephaly because of which unfortunately, darwinism dictates that this poor soul should die. He was born into the wrong era. As of now there is no amount of medical or technological help that could restore this child to a half way normal way of life. Someday doctors will be able to look at newborn cases like this and smile because they will have the advancements needed to mitigate the worse symptoms of such a horrible condition. Of course this goes against darwins teachings of survival of the fittest humans have been deviating from that concept since before it was construed lol Darwin vs Down syndrome

  11. The baby might not be a cyclops. There are two slits for eyes and although you can’t see the one eyeball it doesn’t mean its not in there. I saw a newborn baby who had a severe case of water on the brain and I opened the eyelids to assess the eyeballs only to see the back of the eye sockets! After some imaging was done we discovered the eyeballs were pushed down behind the cheekbones!

    1. @Nic “we discovered the eyeballs were pushed down behind the cheekbones!”

      Damn, that’s both amazing and creepy. Was any of that repairable or was the child non-viable?

      Random thought… If the kid survived but the eyes weren’t moved, could the eyeballs end up in the sinus cavity? If so, would he/she be able to see out of the nostrils and what would happen if he/she sneezed really hard?

      There’s a photo from years ago of a frog whose eyes were forced down through the roof of its mouth during development and, supposedly, it could still see.

  12. Either an incomplete splitting of twins in very early gestation or some form of cleft palate but the twin thing seems to fit the best. The result is two faces not correctly forming. It isn’t necessarily physically painful but reality is people are brutal and don’t care if you’re an innocent child. In India unique children are sometimes deified, they’re revered as representatives of a given diety. In western society the kid would be screwed.

    1. Reminds me of an old movie called It’s Alive, lol. It is about a baby being born all deformed, & shit, that runs away from the hospital, and fucks people up that try to harm it. You should check it out!

  13. This is not a cyclope type of deformity, the nose failed to close correctly in the womb so each nostrils stay separate instead of being stuck together in the early stage of development. That appear to cause palate ,mouth, and jaw problems as well. But today, I think it is possible to care of it on operation table. Also he has a feeding tube to inject liquid food like milk or ensure directly in his stomac because of his mouth diformitie and inability to move properly.

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