Brazilian Farmer Scrapes Scaly, Blistering Rash Off His Foot with Knife

Brazilian Farmer Scrapes Scaly, Blistering Rash Off His Foot with Knife

This is how in rural Brazil they treat severe cases of athlete’s foot. Screw anti fungal creams, just use a knife. Your foot is half rotten, but there ain’t nothing a knife can’t fix.

As Best Gore member @pedro-hawk explains, based on the talk, the guy seems to be a farmer and the others wonder why he is not retired yet.

Thanks a lot for the video @pedro-hawk and @quetzalcoatle:

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184 thoughts on “Brazilian Farmer Scrapes Scaly, Blistering Rash Off His Foot with Knife”

  1. I once had a video of a person spliting open his guts and remove a dead liver, Fortunetly he grew a new liver to replace the old one, The new liver was growing when the old liver passed away, He contenues to gut himself to remove dead organs leaving frest new ones to take on the work of the old ones, When he was finished gutting himself and all dead organs removed along with every scrap of dead flesh ( doubled checked if he gotten it all ) his body healed up quickly to avoid an infection like he never gutted himself.

  2. Egads! Food infections in Brazil?
    I thought that given that they wear frigging flip flops 24/7/365, they wouldn’t get any foot infections, they don’t wear socks, lol.

    Dude looks like was cutting off actual pieces of his foot. Disgusting lol.

  3. It’s easy to get rid of athlete’s foot. Soak them in straight bleach for at least 10 minutes. Get rid of the cheap shoes or use gold bond powder to avoid more athletes foot. Repeat if you don’t kill it the first time.
    It looks like he has massive callouses instead of athletes foot.

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