Brazil – Man Fights Off Assailants Before Being Shot to Death

Brazil - Man Fights Off Assailants Before Being Shot to Death

CCTV camera mounted inside a shopping mall in Brazil captured a cold blooded murder wherein two assailants armed with one handgun tried to take out a man who despite being shot several times, fought the assailants off. The video starts with an uninvolved man minding his own business near the entrance gate to the mall when he notices a group of three men in one another’s face – one of them wielding a gun – hurling into the mall. The uninvolved man takes an immediate dash and a struggle between the victim and the armed assailants ensues.

After taking several shots (from continuously jamming handgun), the victim manages to knock the gun off the assailants hand, but his accomplice picks it up and looks for opportunities to shoot the victim as he battles the other assailant. He manages to fire a few shots into him but the victim continues to fight for his life. Outnumbered (twice as many of them as there was of him) and clearly already shot, the victim is eventually overwhelmed and takes what appears to be a lethal shot. The original assailant then shoots the disabled opponent several times while he laid there motionless on the floor and takes off through the automatic door entrance.

Towards the beginning of the fight it seems as though the victim was desperately trying to pull something out of his pocket. Perhaps he also carried a gun (it’s Brazil, afterall) but with an armed assailant on top of him, he had to take care of the gun that was shooting him at the same time which didn’t give him enough chance to pull his own out and shoot back. But then again, seeing how the assailant’s gun was jammed, they probably wrestled the victim’s gun out of his hands and used that instead of their piece of junk to eventually shoot him to death. Truly a cold blooded murder and seemingly a situation that could befall upon just about anyone in Brazil.

In conclusion, could we say: “assailant fail”? They did get the victim eventually, but what the fuck? Must be a pair of the most overall useless gangsters in Brazil. They’re probably dead by now themselves, given how effective they are in assaulting another. If they went one on one against the victim, he would have probably handed them their asses on a fucking silver plate, that tough SOB.

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This did not happen in Brazil. The video is from Guatemala. The victim just withdrew money from an ATM machine which is why robbers attacked him. This was also the reason why he didn’t want to let go off his backpack where his money was. To this day, the assailants have not been caught. The police don’t care much. Many thanks to Best Gore reader @kncocalderon (from Guatemala) for the update and correction. Comes to show how often the information that’s available at the time is incorrect.

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  1. You know, we’re often told that a town where everybody carries a gun is a polite town. But that’s not enough. Because in such town those who have their gun ready and the finger on the trigger have a clear advantage.

    Taking out your gun needs time. By then, you’ve already been shot several times.

    The solution is to have societies where open carry is legal, and we all walk around with our finger on the trigger already. And every social interaction is effected between people pointing at each other’s head.

    THEN you’ll have a very polite town.

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