Breast Reduction Surgery Video

Breast Reduction Surgery Video

I’m not a big fan of plastic surgeries, especially when it comes to female breasts, but breast reduction is the one instance when this type of change to the body shape is justifiable. Many men appreciate smaller breasts so plastic surgeries aimed at stuffing them titties with silicones to make them bigger are plain stupid and typically end up turning the chest into a comical mass of unnatural forms. Breast reduction on the other hand not only makes the breasts look better, it also helps prevent back problems (or other potential problems) a girl could be facing so its purpose is not strictly aesthetical.

This breast reduction surgery video (reduction mammoplasty) is from a documentary about a 28 year old woman with 34K bust. It’s not the whole documentary, only the part showcasing the procedure itself and the events immediately leading to it. It does contain both footage of big ole titties and uncensored surgery procedure.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s hat-trick of medical/surgery videos. We haven’t had anything of the sort in a while so this should be a good fix to get you going.

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21 thoughts on “Breast Reduction Surgery Video”

  1. I totally disagree with this, I love big breasts women shouldn’t do this unless their health were at risk (example cancer) a back problem is just an excuse, women should have big breasts afterall they are females! I know a girl who had E cups she got breast reduction right now her breasts are between C and D probably D I haven’t asked her recently, she mutilated her body it is not the same and you can notice the scar right away! women with E, H or K cups got blessed and chose by nature to have big breasts this topic reminds me of female labia mutilation that’s even worst and unnecessary.

    1. “a back problem is just an excuse”

      Really Jesus?!? Wear an upper body suit that has Jupiter and Saturn titties near your chest area for a month and don’t ever take it off. I’ll bet you’d scream your ass off to get it off of you within a week.

  2. Anything living is certainly to the right of its personal opinion, although, if that thing does not possess female breasts- it doesn’t have much of an opinion. You?re in pain- women who have small bodies relative to their breast size are likely to suffer back, neck, and shoulder pain. Everyday activities are a trial and in many cases women find the size of their breasts will interfere with simple activity, such as running to the bus, or exercising. Majority of women complain of “men” staring at their chests or making lewd comments- both being psychologically distressing (how disappointing, yet, not surprising). Women also get a rash. Large breasts can encourage a skin condition caused by sweating. No excuses- real, personal issues and slightly easier to manage without an uneducated opinion.

    Many thanks for posting this video, and the cesarean section video (a while back). I love being informed just as much as I love gore.

  3. You know what some people fail to realize is that this woman elected to have this surgery, for whatever reason. Nobody has the right to tell another person what they can or can not do to their own body. Personally I love the people that are covered with tattoo’s or have a face full of piercings, the ones that modify their bodies to the point of grotesque, and have the balls to berate a woman for reducing the size of her breasts.

  4. I had surgery like this a few years back and all I can say is: What a relief! There was hardly any pain afterwards; they’re not cutting through any muscle. And the scars have faded too. Well worth it I say.

    1. Unless you have a wall as breast, please leave it natural. Think about it men, would you rather feel something that is natural but small or something that is fake but big. Personally, I wouldn’t want my women any bigger than say kathern heigl. Natural breast looks and feels so much niecer.

  5. Oh my!!!! I can’t decide which seems worse…. breast implants or breast reduction, after watching both of them I absolutely have no intention of messing with my poor boobs.
    I’ll just do yoga for the back pain.

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