Brutal Effects of Krokodil (Desomorphine) Drug on Addicts in Russia

Brutal Effects of Krokodil (Desomorphine) Drug on Addicts in Russia

This video is a compilation of effects the use of Desomorphine drug has on abusers. Desomorphine is known under several street names, with Krokodil being one of the most popular as that’s what many Desomorphine addicts refer to it as in Russia. Another popular name of the same drug is Koaxil (sometimes spelled Coaxil) which is what Russian doctors treating patients addicted to the drug referred to as in the video. We’ve had one video of Koaxil abuser posted on Best Gore before – it was the Russian guy whose necrotic leg had to be amputated.

Intravenous application of Desomorphine is said to have more powerful effects than Heroin. Because unlike Heroin, which is an expensive drug to buy, Krokodil can be home made for a fraction of the cost from codeine-based headache pills, many drug addicts in Russia prefer this alternative. The Krokodile (which means Crocodile, because of flaky skin similar to that of a crocodile its users get) recipes can be easily looked up on the internet.

It is estimated that there are about 1 Million Krokodil abusers in Russia alone. Once the drug takes a hold of a person, death finds them within 2 to 3 years. The skin around the site where Krokodil is injected quickly turns scaly and surrounding tissue starts dying off. Gangrene, blood poisoning and amputation are often unavoidable.

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80 thoughts on “Brutal Effects of Krokodil (Desomorphine) Drug on Addicts in Russia”

      1. She looks like the living fucking dead.. I have to wonder why so many of these people hang on life with half their face missing, maggots chillin’ on their flesh, just miserable lives…I would just eat the pills and say ‘I’m out!’

  1. I’ve heard some things about Krokodile over the last few months, I think it was on CNN or maybe 4chan, i’m not entirely sure. I think the drug is so unsafe because it uses so many chemicals to make, and isn’t filtered afterwards.

  2. Interesting that they don’t show the males’ faces, but when the female is being treated, not only do they show her face, she is completely nude and show her breasts and genetalia. She cries in pain when the doctor cleans her wound, but yet her arm bone is exposed. Doesn’t that hurt? Anyway, that Krokodil has to be the worst drug on earth to be addicted to. It’s no wonder they die within two to three years. Very tragic.

  3. Hello from Russia) The guy made a shot to his armpit. He had to dissolve 30 pills of “coaxil”. It costs 300 rubbles or 10 dollars. Heroin costs 1500 rub for 1 gr.
    The guy on 3:51 asks if there any way to clean the streets from coaxil. Sorry for bad english, folks )

  4. One thing you all have to remember is that they did that to themselves. It does not deserve pity, or sorrow.
    So many good people are struggling to survive and getting no pity or help, why should the addicts?

  5. Good for me that I’m disgusted even with strong coffe and ciggarets, not to mention this croca. Do not suffer to live any motherfucker stupid enough to waste himself rather than fight to make something out of his shitty life.

  6. At one point the doctor asks him where he’s been getting the drugs to make krokadil & the guy says, at the pharmacy, you can get it without a prescription “for your health”. Ummm really codeine is OTC in Russia…wish I knew that when I visited.

  7. I bet you most of these people started with Heroin or Opium, and as they lost everything, their jobs, money, homes, end up using this cheap garbage. Very much how an Amphetamines addict would no longer be able to afford Cocaine and is introduced to Cristal Meth. Don’t forget these people already reached rock bottom, and in their minds they are already dead with no purpose to live other than to feed their addiction.

    1. Since I’ve read your post above, I agree with what you say. Since I don’t do drugs, I wasn’t aware that meth is cheapter than cocaine. Seeing the woman with the exposed bone confirms the fact that they know they are at death’s door.

    1. Hes asking her if she can move her arm down, no medical reason, basically so they can get it on camera. She’s crying saying that she can’t & basically responding as someone who’s being picked on. I can’t imagine that the doctors there really did much to treat her, they rarely help people who need medical care & can actually recover. So I’m pretty sure the doc went thru the notions & was more intrigued rather than helpful.

  8. I have a great passion for meth love it dream about it but havent smoked it for a good year and a half but seeing the undeniable love of a drug these victims show temps me to huff n puff on my poision.But yeah put a bullet in that poor bitch yuk.

  9. Hey I’m new here!I’ve been checking out this site for almost a month, now.I thought it was time to join in on all the gore fun :p ! Anyway, there is no drug worth going through all that shit ! That’s really fucked up man !

  10. Coaxil is a friggin antidepressant (Tianeptine ). It has noting to do with Krokodil/crocodile of which active part is Desomorphine but its not what’s responsible for the tissue death but the various crap they have it mixed while making it.

  11. I dont see why they dont just buy some good old heroin. Oh and that is the biggest fucking syringe i have seen in my life. We call those turkey basters out here. It looks like a 300 unit rig with a phucking 1 inch needle… probably like 26 gauge lol… Try shooting up in your neck with one of those things… you would bleed to death

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