Carotid Artery Damaged from Gunshot

Carotid Artery Damaged from Gunshot

This is an external carotid artery laceration caused by a gunshot. Part of the external artery must be excised and is ligated, with internal and common carotid artery being clamped off during procedure. The missing tissue is replaced with what is known as reversed saphenous vein graft which looks like little earth worm coming out of the artery. This reestablishes flow from the common carotid to the internal carotid. Fascinating, delicate procedure. Looks like alien landscape I want to explore. Who will come with me?

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  2. Hmm, that’s just like when you roll a blunt but you don’t break the weed up well enough and one of the little twigs rips through the paper. You need to use the excess paper and cover up the hole. I can do that. I can be a vascular surgeon. Thanks @Obli!

      1. Vascular surgery? I only have 4 fingers on each hand though @LF, and they’re all short and stubby. I also throw temper tantrums when things don’t go my way. I’m a mess. : (

        1. Who says you need five fingers to be a surgeon? And short and stubby fingers would only be a problem if you wanted to be a pianist. Temper tantrums when things don’t go your way? Sounds like every doctor I know so you’d fit right in. Believe in yourself!

          1. Unfortunately I have no heart 😀

            But don’t worry, I know a guy who knows a guy and he’ll have plenty of victims…I mean patients for you to practice on.

        2. @amnyc

          Bud, mate, big fella- I think you’ll find most surgeons only have four fingers on each hand, just like you. Those, plus a thumb on each hand is known colloquially as ‘human’.

  3. That is a beautiful carotid, nice and thick. You could tell this person is in fairly good shape and not over weight by the artery. Love the little “crunch” when you cut into those.

    1. Your right in this person looks to be in good health as the artery goes. But I tell you they can be a total pain in the ass when your the first responder to an injury like this arteries and veins have a habit of ” shrinking ” and ” running ” further into the wound when trying to get a good grip on to manually block the hole and still allow blood flow to vital areas. I admit I’ve mentally cussed more than one artery in my time as a medic. Oh and yes they do have a good crunch sound lol

      1. Lol @Am0ur
        I bet you get to see a lot of interesting things as a medic. I know you have to put up with a lot of bullshit from drunks/ high individuals that won’t cooperate and refused help all together. But at the end your work is greatly appreciated. Plus I’d jump off a two story building for you to come bandage me up. ^.~

          1. Pink gauze, super glue and duct tape! Let’s get the party started. I think you guys just put together a little life saving kit!

          1. You got that right @illegalsmile55…

            Raquel Welch IMHO is one of the most… If not… THE most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on…

            Just don’t tell my wife I said that… 😉

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