Cauliflower Penis Surgery

Cauliflower Penis Surgery

Cauliflower Penis Surgery

According to the info I got, this was filmed in Indonesia, however in Indonesia, boys have their penises routinely mutilated as a matter of national past time to the disgusting amusement of local females, so I’m not sure.

The video shows a surgical correction of a condition commonly referred to as “cauliflower penis” due to the vegetable like growth on the appendage.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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          1. Oh No not another one. Sheez i need to learn not to be so sensitive when it comes to genitals. I think it has something to do with that lesson on periods we had at school, i’ve been squeamish ever since

        1. I remember reading an American study that was done a few years back that showed that around 70 percent of all African American women, AKA shegroids, were single and could not get a man.

          OK. They are hideous, granted. However, the biggest problem was that black men were just refusing to date them. Preferring instead to chase after even the most fattest, hideous white women rather than date their own race.

          You can add self-loathing to their low self-esteem then.

          1. @42ridick

            It’s been a while so I don’t recall the actual title of the study but I do remember that they got their figures from the annual “America’s Families and Living Arrangements” data collection that the US Census publishes every year.

            I would start with that. There is a lot of data though so scroll down to the relevant ones that show the differences between race.

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          3. @sloth12

            Fuck. I didn’t consider that.

            Wasn’t it President Regan who used to refer to them as “Welfare Queens” during his political campaigns?. I guess not much has changed since then.

            Still. Would I be right in assuming that all their welfare cheques(kids) are all by different jizz donors?.

    1. I dont know if he kept it clean or not but i agree he was prob not circumcised. So it tells me he is a minority in ninety nine percent Moslem Indonesia! Poor guy . Shit dick and constantly trying to keep his head on his shoulders. It must be the stress hormones that made him have that tumour!! Yuck!!

    2. Considering the fact that it’s from herpes, doesnt mean he didnt keep it clean. Being circumcised vs not circumcised wouldnt have changed his chance of getting his dick infected at all.

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        1. Funny, seems I’m a lot more educated then someone who has a dick. But I’m sure you just have more experience ducking them than actually knowing anything about them. 😉 Sticking up for a nigger? Nah, more of sticking up for the the fack that circumcision is bullshit and you’re a piece of shit if you support it. But ohwhale, shows how much you assume.

          1. Surprise. A Male is upset a female knows something and resorts to calling her a skank. Boohoo, that hurts so bad. Grow up, child. People like you are a waste of precious air.

      1. Nice conclusion but we are not sure of herpes. The fellow may have had squamous cell carcinoma and you can get that from other things not just herpes. It can even be auto immune and it just happens and you catch it really from no one or nothing.

        I feel happy for the fucker. Can you imagine his low self esteem having a shit dick like that. At least he will be able to get a woman now.


      1. LOL! I know where I’m at when I’m here. I come here on purpose.

        Being a man with his very own penis, I find this more disturbing than if some goof gets chopped up.

        I guess that’s why I find this to be extra disgusting.

    i shouldn’t have watched that. i think i may have turned myself off of giving head. fucking. fuck. fuck. fuck.

    doc looks like he did an okay job though. not afraid to really get in there with the tools. snip, snip.

    i’m done with the internet for tonight.


  2. Tell ya what this video will force you to look at “ring around the collar” a whole lot different!!! Besides I’d be the dude that once he wakes up from anesthesia I’ll pop a porn in the television and set back and watch it grow!!!

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