CCTV of Security Guard Having Fatal Heart Attack

CCTV of Security Guard Having Fatal Heart Attack

CCTV of Security Guard Having Fatal Heart Attack

I don’t know where the video is from. Could be Pakistan or an Arabic country.

The video is a CCTV footage from inside a building. It shows a security guard wearing a baseball hat sitting on a plastic chair. A few seconds into the video, he begins to twitch as if he was having a seizure.

A man passes by him, but pays no attention. The guard slumps back and his hands tense up with a twisting motion. He tenses up a few more times and eventually becomes lifeless, though in some moments he looks as though he’s performing agonal breathing.

Some guy then notices that the guard is unresponsive and makes a phone call. With the assistance from a few other men, they take the guard outside and into a rickshaw presumably to deliver him to a hospital.

According to the backinfo I got, the guard suffered a heart attack and died.

Props to Best Gore member @auggy-v1 for the video:

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        1. Thanks, Laura, it happened a long time ago when I was just 32 years of age and it was the result of inherited problems, something I could do nothing about. I was lucky in that I was actually lying on a trolley when I had cardiac arrest. I’d been feeling rough, paramedics were called but I was feeling better when they took me to the hospital. I felt guilty because I thought I was wasting their time but they said that as they had me they may as well take me and get it checked. I was feeling fine but as they started wiring me up for the ECG I felt the pain. I was about to say to the nurse that I had the pain back – I even remember drawing breath to say it – and then the lights went out as I had the “widowmaker” heart-attack. I woke up 4 hours later in Coronary Care.

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          1. Yeah and psychologists/therapists aren’t any better either. Just fooling people by making them feel like they understand them. All they do is give you some pills to alter your mood or state of mind, which are actually quite harmful and have long term side affects. It’s a big business in the west. I remember there were some experiments back in the mid 20th century where they used drugs to install new memories among victims of traumatic events, which would make them forget the bad times and have a new identity. Now, that I think is a more effective solution than the pills.

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    1. Like most of them ‘he too was day dreaming dressed as a police officer arresting anyone and everyone on the street but sadly it was his cardiac side that arrested his very life dozing off on duty .

  2. Arabic country you reckon…….hhhmmm, it’s possible but not enough evidence in the video to convince me…….

    I have to say it was one of my earliest fantasies, to walk out of my classroom as a 6yo and see a real live dead grown up…….it’s a bit disappointing they didn’t do a ‘show N tell’ for the kiddies to promote gore to the next up and coming site contributors…….

  3. That’s the way to do it baby, here one split second and gone the next! Chest pain then goink…gone! Body does a few shakes and contortions starving for oxygen but that’s it! Beats the hell out of rotting away in a nursing home or on a ventilator!

  4. The video is from Pakistan. Probably from a religious school ( you can hear the kids in the background ) and looks like the poor chap died of a heart attack. These guards do have a habit to nap and sleep during duty hours nothing uncommon that`s why the guy at the beginning just passed him by must have thought hes sleeping. At-least he had a peaceful death on his chair things could have been a lot worse if it were Brazil they probably would have lynched him for sleeping on job.

  5. Posters on the wall outside are in urdu so its Pakistan a country which had never experienced terrorism prior to 9/11

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    Altaf Hussain the founder of MQM – Muttahida Qaumi Movement was the biggest challenge Pakistan faced before the arrival of foreign terrorism. The mass murderer responsible for kidnapping torturing & killing thousands of civilians in the 80s & early 90s. He fled the country in 1992 briefly residing in Mumbai, India

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  6. Even If he’d been revived, he’d have been a permanently comatose ‘vegetable’ due to oxygen starvation caused by ethnic Inbred Idiocy. The fact that nobody had the slightest clue regarding basic CPR, the recovery position or ‘how not to drag a sitting corpse along the floor’ speaks volumes…..these people come to the UK (and elsewhere of course) as Doctors and Surgeons. Fuck me static.

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