Chest Open to Drain Blood and Puss Due to Osteomyelitis

Having Smoke While Hoses Still Go In and Out of Chest

Having Smoke While Hoses Still Go In and Out of Chest

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @mr-cunt, who underwent chest surgery after a blood infection that progressed into osteomyelitis. Osteomyelitis is an infection in a bone:

This is from about 3 years ago. I got a blood infection and then osteomyelitis in my chest. The doctors had to drain a litre of pus from my chest, remove a bunch of tissue and a little bit of muscle and then roughly 1/2-3/4 of an inch of my sternum bone.

They gave me a skin graft and took the skin from my leg so that’s why my leg is all fucked looking. The red juice stuff is blood and goop that was sucked out of my chest by the tube going into my chest. The machine was a pump vac type thing. I wonder how the goop taste.

The cut below my throat was cut to help drain the goop out through another incision that had a tube going to a ball. They had to double up on my drainage because of how fucked my chest was.

Thanks a lot for the pics @mr-cunt. That’s some effed up shit you went through:

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120 thoughts on “Chest Open to Drain Blood and Puss Due to Osteomyelitis”

      1. I didn’t think it happened from smoking. My point was why would you risk your health further after going through something as serious and bad as that!
        From what I can see you are lucky to be alive, you should look after your body more.

      1. It started from being a stupid lil junkie that shot up while my arms were covered in dirt n the doctors think dirt or something ended up in my chest n the infection grew till my blood was infected n my chest was rotting. I’ve been clean ever since and can’t even look at needles anymore.
        Turned my life right around n it was the best thing to ever happen to me honestly.

        1. I recognized that contraption on your chest as a wound vac. It’s a dressing using a sterile piece of foam-like material, the black stuff on chest in (cut to size and shape of wound) with a clear regards/sticky clear tape with hole cut in center for the hose to go over and vacuum/suction applied continuously. The blood/puss collects in a canister connected to other end of tubing. The ball drain you mentioned was probably a JP drain(Jackson Prat) drain where a plastic bulb is compressed and connected to tubing in wound, stitched in place. The compressed bulb creates a suction also with blood collecting it it. Hope this helps for anyone interested.

    1. I was in the hospital for a month n a half n then it took me about 6 months to get back to work n then another 4 months to get back to full time hours\work duties. And I’m doing good dude. Chest healed up nicely. Massive scar but the chicks love it lmfao.

  1. Many people who develop blood poisoning (septaceamia) and subsequent osteomylitis are intravenous drug users. Was this the case for you @Mr Cunt? I knew a girl who developed osteomylitis in her rib and had it removed, due to un-sterile injecting practices. Initially, she was told the pain and lump on her rib was Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (cancer), but had a biopsy 3 weeks after her cancer diagnosis and then realised it wasn’t cancer, but acute on chronic osteomylitis. She didn’t need all the tubes and vacs you were lucky enough to get. She also had a PICC line (long term cannula) put into a vein in her arm so that intravenous antibiotics could be infused 24/7 for 6 weeks. The hospital would not let her leave the ward for 6 weeks as they were worried she would use the PICC line to inject drugs. Other patients that aren’t junkies and need long term ABs can go home with their PICC lines but must learn how to hook up their AB infusions. Her ‘friends’ and dealers just delivered her drugs to the hospital and she did indeed use the PICC line to inject her heroin……….that was in 2010 and she is still alive as far as I know……..

        1. Well actually all medical treatment in community is free too ( seeing a Dr, pathology, radiology etc and dentistry is free for those on low incomes, but dentistry is only thing you pay for) .Some people get private insurance so they can go to private hospitals that are more like hotels, than public hospitals which are still state of the art – well in the city – Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. If you’re outback, they’ll fly you in a lil jet to the city (for free) if you need it……

    1. You sir are bang on. I was stupid lil junkie that was shooting up pills and cuz I’m welder my arms are covered in dirt\steel that’s basically dust from being ground down. And somehow my dumbass thought I’d be fine. Karma gave me a highly needed dose of reality cuz I’ve been clean ever since and I can’t even look at needles. I know I’mma catch shit for being a drug addict but hey I deserve it.

      1. Mate, don’t be too hard on yourself. I like my drugs and I like to inject, but I inject as safely as humanly possible. Wheel filter pills, swabbing injecting site, never sharing any injecting equipment, single use needles bla bla bla. Most importantly getting medical attention the moment anything doesn’t seem right. I been using for 20 yrs and find it very difficult to stop as its a coping mechanism. I also know some people won’t understand how childhood trauma sabotages your life, but i do what I need to get through the day, after my twin bro and I were a peadophile’s toys for many years……..I’ve been on this site for 6 yrs and never mentioned that…..fuck I want to delete it, but the truth is painful sometimes……

        1. So sorry to hear about the horrendous abuse you and your brother suffered. I grew up with a very abusive father until he died (of natural causes, lol) when I was 20years old. I tell people I served a life sentence and it still affects me to this day! Thank you for sharing. Don’t beat yourself up.

          1. thanks @nic. Childhood trauma is like OCD i believe. It’s like the thoughts I have about it and myself are irrational, and i know it, but they still get the better of me……

          2. Boarding school sucked man…….we’re from the bush and all us boys got sent to boarding school in Brisbane, where a monster lived and worked….fuck him

        2. I gotta be lil hard on myself cuz i was a complete piece of shit. N being realistic about it helps me stay clean. And man sorry to hear that n I hope that pedo goof ends up on this site one day getting smashed out. And it takes balls to admit something like than man so don’t view it as a sign of weakness.

    2. I am in the medical field and have seen my fair share of patients who have had severe infections and complications such as Mr. Cunt. I had a patient once who had septic emboli in her heart! Basically clots of infectionsettled/bacteria settled in her heart she needed a PICC line for long term antibiotics and had to stay in hospital so she couldn’t shoot drugs into the central iv. Sad

      1. I guess this post answers my question on the other post about you being in the medical field lol but yeah the good ol picc line. They had me on that for like 6-8months. I had to carry around that damn phanny pack 24/7 everywhere I went like I was some kind of SoundCloud rapper

    1. Yeah it was brutally painful. It got to the point I couldn’t even drive cuz the movement of the car n the bumps the road would make me double over in pain. Once I got admitted to the hospital they loaded me up on pain pills which was pretty ironic. And thanks bro, luckily the whole ordeal was shitty enough to keep me clean so I should be in the clear

  2. I fucking love y’all cuz these comments are amazing n I’m laughing my ass off over here. I’ll finish replying to everyone in a lil bit. Thank you for the love n the hate you crazy sons of bitches

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