A Child That’s All Skin and Bones

A Child Thats All Skin and Bones

If you speak the language, help us out with translation of the video.

By the sound of it, this is from a Middle Eastern country. I suppose the veiled woman explains what is wrong with the child she’s holding in her hands, but since I don’t understand any of it, I can only guess. It does look like a case of severe malnutrition but to turn someone into all skin and bones like that, it could also be a form of disease.

The child is deformed and there is also what looks like burn marks on his backside and upper thighs. The woman flips him around like he’s a doll, cause his total weight is likely next to nothing. He also appears to have no strength in muscles so as the woman manhandles him, his head often falls backwards as he’s unable to hold it up.


Thanks to Best Gore community we got it figured out. The video was filmed in Syria and is a product of Jews sponsored FSA propaganda team. The propaganda makers seek opportunities to exploit and this was one of them.

The child was likely born with a birth defect, possibly Cerebral Palsy. The woman was hired to present the pre scripted rhetoric in order to mess with the feelings of the sheep so they think president Bashar al Assad is a monster. A noticeable feature is that the woman herself appears well fed, yet she talks about the child looking so malnourished because due to alleged bombardment by the Syrian forces, they have no food. What a pile of bullshit:

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  1. been coming on this website for years. just a made a username today. i watch all the videos, read everything mark has to say, and most of the comments. ive always wanted to make a username and get in on the fun but always put it off. figured i make one now because i can tell you what this lady is saying ( i understand some snackbar).

    lady is from syria. im guessing thats her kid. she is pretty much saying her kid aint got no food, no medicine for help, she doesnt have a hospital/pharmacies to take him to, nobody is there to help them, yada yada yada. she explains “goverment and rebels are doing this to each other and this is who pays the price? the children?”

    oh yeah. first comment.

    1. he has severe retardation,with bone cancer,she is desperate for help.but now no one will her,she saying the rebels came to her home,left her ,and said ,you are in your own hell with your child,Alla be with you,and they took all her food,sad.

      1. Welcome @cudi and thank you for translation.Very sad how the children are completely innocent of everything that’s going on there but they are the ones to suffer the most.And thanks to @poople for helping fill in some of the blanks!

      1. It just breaks my heart to see this. I have kids and I would do anything for them. These radicals who keep the mothers secluded and don’t give a shit about there offspring deserve to get exploded by an IED. Another poster was right, it does not look like the mother has ever missed a meal.

      1. Welcome cudi 🙂 The last time tha child’s head flopped backwards I thought it was going to drop off. Whoever the woman was seemed to take pride in the head flooping backwards as she did nothing to support it.

          1. chews on your toes..hah! sounds like a kinky kitty….i know what you mean about eating better – i spend more money on my pets food than i do on my own :/

  2. The baby boy is actually extremely smart, not wanting to eat or put up with any of prophet Mohammed’s STUPID IDEAS. Little boy was mearly waiting to see if Mohammed’s sheeple would change their ways so he could eat pork without having to pray to it before its slaughtered.

    1. My friend was working in Qatar and couldn’t get bacon anywhere. Motherfuckers! You know if the cloth helmet homos of Middle East come to USA, guess what they get, a red carpet and WMD’s. but when WHITES CITIZENS go their Shiitehole its whatever they say we have to do.

  3. Im no Doctor, but im guessing those wounds are pressure ulcers or bedsores. I also dont speak the language but i’d like to think the woman is complaining about the bad treatment which lead to the state of the kid, possibly he was in a foster home where he was treated unprofessionally. Who knows…

    1. @ratio

      You are right. Those are decubitus or pressure sores. It happens when the person is left lying in the same position. It’s even worse when the person has no padding or flesh on them.

      The kid looks like it has cerebral palsey. Probably happened at birth due to hypoxia or lack of oxygen. This kid is doomed. It will most likely die from infection of one of those pressure sores. That would be a good thing. This kid has no hope.

  4. I could only watch about half of this video it was making me feel so sick the way she was just throwing him around! I can only imagine his pain the poor thing! Hope someone can translate for us…

  5. Have respect for little guy. Truly, if he’s white you will fell more empathy.
    It doesn’t matter how gross they’re culture are for some, we need to keep soul with us, to empathize with victims.
    Don’t joke on him guys, my hart is broken.

  6. People have no mercy, that why we keep some sick, already dead kid alive just to prolong his suffering, and murder healthy people. I say shoot the kid and his family for torturing him, and nuke Islam to dust, I bet Mohammid is fingering his ass as I type.

  7. Hello all:
    My first time commenting…
    This child, its about 12 to 15 !!!
    Was born, or acquired early in life what is know as hydrocephalus (accumulation of CSF, cerebral spinal fluid) inside the cranium). Scary shit, because we can all get it…!!! there is a series of channels inside the brain that drain the fluid, and keeps it in motion between what are know as ventricles, and the whole spine. If a channel the size of a human hair gets blocked…you are fucked !!! This kid has a malformation of the spine just over the crack, you can see it, its a bulge of nerve endings of a defective part of the spine called cola equina (horse tail) in Italian. We all have the cola equina, inside what is called the coccyx, or tail bone. The bandages in the head, show that he has had an operation that is called a VP shunt (ventriculo/peritonial) shunt, a small pump its inserted inside the blocked ventricles, and a long flexible plastic tube is run from head to abdomen to drain the CSF fluid to the peritoneum (abdomen). I hope that this clarifies many of your questions. The kid is severely malnourished, because unfortunately a great % of them, suffer from severe mental delay. Unable to swallow, talk, walk…etc, etc. Thanks for reading.

    1. @ Watdoiknow, the first thing that popped into my mind was hydrocephalus. Have a good friend who lost his boy recently due to this. Well, actualyhis organs wouldn’t stop growing, minus the bone. But anyways, looking at the video again this kid got a normal looking head. Now I’m no expert, but normally water brain kids have big wierd alien heads.

    2. Hello whatdoyewknow:
      My second time commenting…
      Somewhere between seeing your captivating avatar and reading your alluring words about channels and drain and fluid, I suddenly realized my coca equina was signalling my grasso grosso pene di capra (in Italian) to do naughty things to your pectore versant. All joking aside, thank you for your technical and apparently educated insight about yet another human tragedy. The helpless little fucker reminds me of an old cat that’s too stubborn to die peacefully in its sleep. Now, will you please show us your boobs?

  8. I think about all these starving children in the world every time I eat a big meal. We take for grantid being able to afford steak dinners and four course meals. You’d think with all the food available to us that nobody should starve but that is not the case. It just isn’t fair how some people are so overweight and others are starving. There’s no logical reason that this should happen.
    And we complain if we don’t get our four meals a day?

    1. Aw @BB your showing your softy side,that’s nice to see. I’ve got an idea! Why don’t we ship all the morbidly obese people over there and feed them to the people that are starving! Good idea???

  9. Before translating to you, Here is some information about the video, the woman is speaking syrian, it’s in Hama a syrian town, and the video was made in 6/10/2012

    The guy started with “Aunt, can you tell us what happened to your child”
    she said ” All of this is because of hunger,thirst and bombardment over us for 2 weeks,no electricity, no water, no milk , no diapers, where are the arabs, where is your islam, when is the state who is supposed to protect us ? this is how you want your children to be ? because of bombarding he became like this, there are no hospitals nor doctors, even drugstores are not available.. my child has the fever, and because of the absence of treatment he can no longer see now (I coudln’t understant what she said when she started weeping)”

    she mentionned after that they are homeless and they are moving from town to town.
    @1:39 the guy asked her ” what do you say to arabs and muslims?”
    she said “where are you muslims ? these children, what is their fault ? should they pay the price and go through this? this child is paying the price, he’s 10 years old, where is the opposition ?”

    the guy ended the video whith “the occupied Hama, 6/10/2012”

    My opinion on this, it seems to be a video made from the FSA side,
    they have always chose this kind of strategy trying to convince people that the syrian army is bombarding civilian areas and using words like “occupied” for certain places.. they want to convince outsiders that they are ‘protecting’ syrian citizens from the real syrian army of Bashar..

    1. As always, appreciate the detailed translation! I find it hard to believe that is in fact her child, simply by the way she handles him. I would think his mother would be more gentle with him, considering the condition he’s in.

  10. Thi’s from Hama in Sirya ,she said no food ,no water,no hospital,nobody helps,…arabs watching us without help,
    The president Assad kills them slowly !
    (excuse my english.)

  11. This is most definitely severe malnutrition. All relatively well fed persons store and trade fat out during the day (you store more than you use… you get obese). If the fat runs out, then your body gets desperate for it’s daily energy needs and takes it out of your protein stores… which is mainly your muscles.

    That is why the child’s limbs, etc are all the way down to the skin covering the bones. Those stores are all used up too. Pound for pound, a child’s caloric needs are much higher than an adult’s, as the child is growing.

    All the same, this will happen to an adult too. ‘Just takes a bit longer.

  12. Didnt some russian cunts sliver off thigh fat to feed their kids during some war?? Kill it or kill someone to feed it if you have no food, I def would become cannabalistic if there were no food but dead bodies fried all over the streets in that shitty wartorn country…snackbar bbq ribs anyone.

  13. Okay guys, im new to the web so i dont know where to post translation, anyway i tried my best to figure out what they said. Yes i am arabic, heres the translation: man: salam alaykom (islamic greeting)
    Woman: wa alaykom alsalam,
    Man: can you tell us what happened to your child?
    Woman: ofcourse, by hunger and thirst, artillary fire, there is no electricity or water, (stuff i cant understand, i will write Undst between brackets to stuff i cant figure out) no milk, no medicine, (undst) no hospitals, no doctors, not even a pharmacy, (small undst) we try to lower his body temperature, but nothing works, ( some undst) now he cant see anymore, and now he weighs nearly nothing. (A good amount of undst) weve been hit by 15 days of no water, electricity, medicine, food, and everything.
    Man: so where do you live?
    Woman: on the streets, on the streets, we lost everything and now we live on the streets.
    Man: so what so you want to tell the arabs and muslims?
    Woman: where are he arabs? Where are the muslims? Where is the king?
    Man: what so you want to tell (undst)
    Woman: i have nothing to tell them, (undst), where is everyone? Are you on pluto? (Undst)
    Man: (undst) but he uses an islamic exclamation: hasbi allah, i tried my best but the weeping, baby crying, echo and bad camera voice quality didnt help a notch.

  14. Its a shame to see a child go through that..

    As far as the marks on his butt and thigh.. i dont belive they are burns. They apear to be deciduous ulcusers (bed sores) from laying in the same position for extended periods of time.

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