Chinese Man Stabbed in the Head by His 76 Year Old Father

Chinese Man Stabbed in the Head by His 76 Year Old Father

This picture is not so gory, but comes with an interesting story that’s messed up on many levels. A 38 year old Chinese man named Wen Wen casually walked in the Jiaotong University Clinic Hospital in Central Chinese province of Xi’an with knife handle sticking out of his skull. One of the nurses on duty fainted as soon as she realized that a man with a knife embedded in his head is speaking with her (WTF kind of emergency room nurse is that?).

Wen Wen allegedly acted like there was nothing wrong with him. He had full control over his movements and answered all questions without problems. He told the receptionist that he was cleaning the house when his 76 year old father walked up to him and buried a 5 inch knife in his skull with a single blow. The 76 year old man then fled the house leaving Wen Wen to his own devices.

Chinese surgeons were able to remove the knife from his head, but no news on what happened to his father. It’s kind of odd that they would shave his head everywhere but around the punctured site and that the medical person in the picture is not wearing those latex gloves they usually do when dealing with patients undergoing surgery. Let’s hope this was a lesson for Wen Wen that 38 year old men should get out of their parents’ house and start living on their own.

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23 thoughts on “Chinese Man Stabbed in the Head by His 76 Year Old Father”

  1. Notice how the nurse is lifting the sheet to check on the status of his “Whang”.

    Is it just me or are most women hotter in Nurse’s outfits? (Even ones that makes them look like they work in a Butcher shop)
    Oh, sorry, this was about a guy who got stabbed in the head, not about the Nurse…….sucks dude…

  2. They shaved his head for surgery, but it is not possible to shave the hair close to the knife, because of risk moving it and damaging the brain or a blood vessel.
    No gloves means the hands are washed and sterilized with alcohol. Gloves come afterwards.

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