Circular Saw Injuries

Circular Saw Rides Up Lower Leg Severing and Exposing Muscle

There is great satisfaction in taking formless pieces of timber and creating something useful and beautiful.

Or so I’m told.

Companies like Ryobi, Bosch and Metabo have made life a lot easier by designing and manufacturing a range of power tools to get the job done faster and with far less personal exertion. Most power tools work on the principle of spinning or reticulating a very hard, sharp and toothed piece of steel at great speed.

Therein lies the catch with these wonderful marvels of modern convenience. They can turn a day of manly artistry into a trip to the emergency room faster than you can say “Did anyone see where my finger went?”.

Even the most experienced tradesman can have a brain dead moment and suffer the wrath of these most unforgiving of mechanical monsters. Highest on the list of unforgiving beasts would surely stand the circular saw. With a power to weight ratio that makes the F22 Raptor look like a gutless pussy, they can kick back and take a bite of you before your reflexes can react.

They are unrelenting, unforgiving and indiscriminate. But they are also the ultimate in natural justice. Put a gun in the wrong hands and someone innocent is potentially going to get shot. Put a circular saw in the wrong hands and the those hands are destined to be dealt with.

Following is an assortment of injuries attributed to circular saws. I suspect the dude in the video wasn’t so chipper before he was given anaesthetic…or after being told how long his recovery would be.

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      1. Yep, my great great granddad used to knock down might oaks by nibbling away at them with his bare teeth. My great great grandmother used to tie the fallen oaks to her tits and drag them out of the forest.
        “And you try and tell the young people of today that they won’t believe you”.

  1. Happened to me a few weeks back, although not nearly as nasty as this. No, the culprit that left my finger bleeding like a fountain was the good old Stanley Knife. Those clean cuts bleed like fuck, I should have worn gloves, and the floor looked like a frigging abattoir.

        1. She left him and that’s why the knife is nicknamed ‘Stanley’s wife’ because he described the pain like having her cut out his heart and eating it like a blood sucking blood sucker thing.

          I may or mayb not have made that story up.

        2. A favourite tool of the old school underworld too. The Krays et al , used the double Stanley, The ear to ear grin, which left very nasty wounds indeed, So, I suppose you could say the good old Stanley Knife, made a fair few gangsters very wealthy, or at least played a part.

          1. It also made the joker look like a bad motherfucker.

            Also chibs from Sons of Anarchy is a victim of the glasgow smile, you can see his cool scars quite clearly.

            Was it the Krays that nailed their enemies to the floor where they would torture them for days? Or was that another LAHNDAN gang?

    1. ***>> Highest on the list of unforgiving beasts would surely stand the circular saw.

      Nah. The chainsaw takes the prize. Every time.

      …yep RIG

      EVERY TIME!!

      You can put a knife or a small power tool down, and your neighbor is unlikely to notice…

      …you put a chainsaw down, and you’re likely to have the whole country of Mexico taking notice

  2. Yay McT!! Its been forever since I’ve seen your work, and my how pretty the injuries are!!.. my my, the guy in the video reminded me of some skater douche, maybe they were making another jackass movie?!?.. Great post though!.. I’ve missed you my friend!! 🙂

  3. Been on best gore for a about a month & finally decided to make an account.Glad to see individuals fighting for the truth.This site is definately not for the weak minded……some people just “can’t handle the truth” and then there are people striving to deny the availability of the truth.To those opressors a big FUCK YOU!

  4. long as I’m the one viewing and not being viewed, its all good lol.I try sharing this site with friends and family all the time.I like to spread the truth as much as possible.all of a sudden first world problems seize to exist,while being able to see what really happens in the world.this is my source for world news.

      1. ***Can?t walk around with your blinkers on, this place opens your eyes and your mind.
        Welcome aboard.

        …well said BC1967

        However, this place has a tendency to open up the whole world’s eyes as well…

        …and spinal chords
        …livers and kidneys
        …the skull
        …the chest
        …etc. etc…

        You can also open up your heart to this site…

        …but fair warning

        Someone may have a camera nearby… 🙂

  5. Years back I had an incident with a Circular Saw the saw got away when I was using it to cut a 2X4 it slipped down to my leg cut my paints and shaved the hair off the side of my leg, fortunately all I came out with was a little razor burn! Damm lucky I didn’t end up like this guy.

  6. *** it slipped down to my leg cut my paints and shaved the hair off the side of my leg,

    …Kudos, in your escape from the “circular saw of death” BUP

    I too, had one get away from me at work years ago. Fortunately, it just snapped forward a little bit with no recoil…

    Those fuckers sure do have a life all their own, once you take your hand of it, don’t they?

    …one of my ex’s, said the same thing to me as well

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