Colombian Child Put Into Pin/Rod Brace for His Leg

Colombian Child Put Into Pin/Rod Brace for His Leg

Colombian Child Put Into Pin/Rod Brace for His Leg

Not really anything in the way of gore, but medical shit always interests me and this one is, indeed, interesting. I don’t speak Colombian so I have very little to go on, but from what I can ascertain, this medieval-looking torture device is actually a pin/rod brace (albeit a very crude one) used to set fractures/breaks and hold everything in place while it heals. We can see a large scar running the better part of his leg although it appears quite healed in the video.

Seems this might be a follow up visit and the little boy is very upset about being in this contraption (and I don’t blame him). Anyone who can translate, it would be greatly appreciated.

Props to @MrsPink.

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  1. This is javer David. He started treatment 2 years ago. In the rumbo institute with Dr Rosa. We need to get the brace removed due to the infection. we can see that his leg is in bad shape. So if you can find and refer us to a specialist that can get this removed. We beg that if anyone sees this message, to locate him. We ask that caracol, takes this case due to the fact, that he was the one that interviewed David twice before the operation.

  2. I would have taken those out my self if that was my child.
    I think these people are expecting a helicopter ride to the hospital. If shit is that bad you jump on a taxi and take him to the emergency room. They can atleast control the infection.

      1. I didn’t have the same thing on my leg, just some metal pins & plates in my bones. They came out on both sides of my leg didn’t have any problems with it compared to this lil kid.

      2. My wife thankfully helped cleaning mine when I had one. She would have to clean each site, and I think I had about 25 of those spokes attached to my leg.

        Not gonna lie – fucking nightmare to keep clean. You can’t take a real shower with it, so you do what you can.

        It felt weird having it removed. I was put under for the surgery, and after I woke up, it felt weird not having it. Sort of got used to it O.o

        1. Had one of these contraptions 3 separate times between the ages of 8-15. My right leg didn’t grow as fast as my left, which would lead to massive length differences between the two. They’d break my leg, put on one of these contraptions, and the top and bottom rings would be connected with screws that I would turn a small amount each day to lengthen the leg. Twice a day cleaning with saline, hydrogen peroxide swabs, and fresh gauze.

          First few weeks is painful. Then you don’t even notice it. It looks worse than it is.

          This poor kid looks like he has had his on too long and the leg is infected though. Which is odd because if a doctor put this on, I don’t understand why they can’t find a doctor to take it off. Removing it is a much less complex, less delicate process.

          Poor kid. Hope he gets some help.

  3. With my metal braces being internal and bolted to my spine nobody even knows it’s there but me. Sometimes I wish it was showing so people would know that I have limitations as far as bending, lifting and flexibility goes.

          1. ouch.., sorry to hear that man.., i hope they’ve got something for you to ease the pain., if not., i know someone.., lol

      1. @Obli, I know what you mean about the good days and the bad ones. I too have been having a lot of bad ones lately. I try to escape those days by using pain pills but that just creates other problems. It’s a never ending battle to keep the pain in control and it’s something that I keep to myself even though I’d like to tell everyone around me what’s going on.

    1. Sometimes even I forget about the metal rods holding my spine together until I strain myself. Some injuries are permanent no matter how well they are fixed using metal or whatever else. I don’t like talking about it with people that I meet…especially women but it’s pretty obvious to others that I have a problem in the way that I walk and move around.

    2. @Brokeback,

      If you want people to know that you have difficulty bending over and lifting things why don?t you drop an object in front of some random woman and ask her if she would bend over and pick it up, I guarantee she will help but her husband might not be so understanding though.

  4. fck.., pooor little guy.., he’s already bin thru fckn hell.., that shit hurts like a son of a bitch., now I know why the leg is always elevated in movies and cartoons.., i had 14 screws & 2 metal plates.., fck this pooor guy still has a looong road ahead of him.., i truly wish him a Speedy Pain Free recovery.

    1. It’s a specialist job to take care of this, he would be to give a better examination. Like a podiatrist.
      I have ankle and knee problems from playing futbol and hockey on concrete surfaces. And that’s who I always get refereed too. In case surgery is needed

      1. Yeah these guys work as part time mechanics. So they take all their tools with them. Mechanics don’t let just anyone touch their tools. Therefore other doctors don’t always have access to a wrench ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. This kind of contraption always reminds me of my mum when she was in hospital. I was only 5 years old and she had gone in for major surgery for a brain hemorrhage (it was the 3rd she’d had in her life). I remember turning up to the hospital with my brother, sister and nan a week or so after her surgery to see her in a similar brace wrapped around her head to hold her skull together. Will never forget that.

  6. Medical advancements are truly amazing! The trial and error to get to this stage though makes me think about all the test subjects. If we had footage of those experiments then we really would be in for a treat.

    1. @The Judge, how are you? Yes I think I was a trial and error. The surgeon actually had to make it up as we went along as he had never seen an injury like mine before. I will work out how to upload all the pics, eventually ha!

  7. It looks like that was done to correct some deformity. Infection can happen even under the best of circumstances, but if you look carefully you can see that the skin around the screws in dirty meaning that the skin and contraption have not been cleaned properly, hence the infection.

    Poor guy he really does need help.

  8. I have a really good friend who went through leukemia and as a result was bedridden for almost a year. He had to learn how to walk again and as a result of being bedridden the cartilage between his ankles deteriorated. I remember when he had this Frankenstein contraption around his left ankle for 6 months. Basically they stretched his ankle a few centimeters to try and have the cartilage repair itself. He had this done on BOTH ankles. He’s alight now but he still cant run and stairs are always a challenge for him. Sucks for him though to be 26 at the prime of his life and going through this shit.

  9. They are asking for some kind of doctor to help remove the damn thing. I think she said that the child was interviewed by “Caracol” a Colombia channel so they are asking them to help. Can’t understand much of what she’s saying because the child cries over her.

  10. Hope this little fella gets straightened out. Nothing worse than seeing a child suffer. If only i were rich, i would love to help him, along with all suffering children. Kids are the worlds only true miracle.

  11. When I broke my ankle, I was put into a similar device. For what it’s worth, the docs called in an “External Fixator”. That things held my bones together as my ankle healed up.

    It was a fucking nightmare to try and keep clean, and the fucker weighed about 25 pounds. Did the job, but I have scars up and down my left leg. Those pins you see are pretty much anchored on the bone.

  12. Hey BG Family, it’s been a while. My friend The Judge, hope you doing good! I had some catching up to do. I just love reading your comments ha!
    I just wanted to say I really know how much pain this poor kid must be in. I had thick external pins in my let and foot. I had them in for 3 months and had to clean the areas around each (x8) rods 4 x a day with peroxide. I have the X-rays of what the pins looked like inside my leg and foot. I do not know how to submit my pictures and story of what happened. If people like this kind of thing I am happy to share

  13. @Savanni sounds like we may have had a similar injury. What happened to you?
    I could never forget the weight of it. I have loads of pictures of it and X-rays and pictures of the car I was cut out of. Wish I knew how to upload

  14. Some people do this on purpose, they have their legs broken and wear those braces to lengthen their legs. Everyday they turn a key which separates the break, new bone grows in between. Totally cosmetic, OK, no one wants really short legs, but some things in life you should accept.

    woman: “I am a Brazilian whore. This boy is my next door neighbor’s child. My swarthy pit bull unexpectedly went ape-shit on my next door neighbor’ boy’s leg for no universally logical good reason. So sorry for being Brazilian and additionally for being a garden variety whore.”

  16. The boy had osteomielits. A bone infection. And i think he might have a tibia or fibufla fracture as a result of this( I Speak spanish) That external fixator called ilizarov is to used when the fracture is really serious or there is a big gap between the both sides of the bone. Sometimes when a piece of bone is missing, bone tissue i taked from the illiac crest at the hip, inserte in this case at the leg between the gap of the bone and fixed it with this ilizarov.

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