Complete Facelift Surgery on Video

Complete Facelift Surgery on Video

Like they say: “You ain’t fooling no one, bitch!” Though I’d be interested in seeing how those incisions above and below the eyes blend in with the face. There surely must be some visible scars unless the surgeons have a magic trick up their sleeves which rids the skin of the scars.

This video shows what complete facelift surgery looks like in just 10 minutes. Total Facelift is a complex operation which takes a lot of time but that would make for a boring video so here it is all sped up for a more captivating experience. Except for the audio track which is pure garbage.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Complete Facelift Surgery on Video”

  1. I gotta get a Face lift!! I’m not fat by any means and my Physic is military ready. But I wanna look deadly handsome, and i’m talking about when I walk down the street, I want women to throw themselves at my cock!

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  2. Nice video, Nicole!
    I can’t say that I understood the purpose of the procedure, since she was gorgeous before the operation.
    I’d love to watch the video of the day that these points will be removed, but in normal speed!

  3. Why is it that a large amount of people getting these surgeries are already naturally beautiful? A waste of time and money. It gave me something interesting to watch, but still. Why change who you are? If you were in some crazy accident that caused your face to blow to smithereens, then sure, get something done about it. For Pete’s sake, people.

    Also, hello. I’m new– commenting-wise. I’ve been checking out Best Gore for a few years and I’m loving it. I already have favorite posters here. I can’t wait to get to know (and hopefully be a part of) the Best Gore family!

    1. Wow BabyGirlRed you ARE Beautiful, very cute.
      New gorelings first response to me is usually- “how could you say that! What are you sick in the HEAD?!” =)

      Welcome to bestgore Sweety!

        1. @babygirl Welcome to BG.
          Sick in the head, you say? Why thank you 😀 Im sure most of our mental health care specialists, friends and families would agree with you :3
          Also, Great icon, if that’s you it’s a really classy picture.
          I enjoy this.

          1. Thank you, Las. 🙂 I took that picture in my closest. I didn’t have anything snazzy for a background, so I thought my hanging clothes would be pretty classy.

          1. Great! Thanks, Mama! I’ve fallen in love with everyone here while reading the comments on every post, so I thought it’s about time I join in on the fun! 🙂

    2. Welcome BabyGirl.

      You are going to regret saying your legs are open to us… For when I win my millions and set up a BG colony on some Carribean Island…

      You shall be in my Harem of Horny BG Beauties.

  4. I don’t get why people go through this type of procedure.. If you need a face lift, then you’re probably old as fuck and nobody cares what you look like at that point.

    I wish we could see an after shot.. without all the swelling and bruising of course. Interesting vid though, shitty music.

      1. Yes your right, but even then I don’t see the point. It’s a waist of money, and nothing lasts forever. Everyone gets old and you can only do so much to help that, but in the end happiness is what matters so if plastic surgery does the trick for some people then by all means go for it.

        1. I find it extreme.
          Fuck society and the need to be beautiful. These surgeries have some pretty serious recovery times, cost more than a US education and your face will just sag again in 5 years..
          It’s actually really kind of sad. Not pathetic sad, but depressing sad.
          Humans are ridiculous v___v

  5. Do what you want with your body it’s still not going to get you out of your shitty miserable life -.- wtf DX no before and after pictures ..? Micheal Jackson learned the hard way he was better when he was black he didn’t look like a pedophile now *ahhhh* DX wtf you will be missed mj I wonder how Billie jean is doing O.o

  6. Ok, I’ll play devil’s advocate. Plastic surgery is a good thing nay… a great thing. Sure, many women are naturally stunning in their 20s; some blossom to be truly beautiful in their 30s. But after 40 the wheels come off the wagon. While men are turning into fiscally secure silver foxes, women are turning into Mrs. Butterworth.

    Are facelifts perfect? No. But we need pioneering women in this generation to take the Faye Dunaway Expressway to Ogrish sweat puppet so that doctors ca perfect the practice, and future patients will come out increasingly fuckable. This is man’s conquest on earth. Fuckable 60 year olds.

  7. People need to realize you can’t fix, for lack of a better term, ugly.

    You can get all the face lifts, botox injections, nip and tucks, and everything else in between that you want. As soon as you breed all those imperfections you hate about yourself will be passed on to your offspring.

  8. I thought that chick was pretty as is, before the surgery; nice high cheek bones, slim, slightly pointed nose, full lips.
    To each their own i guess.
    And @ Mark, they seem to do the eye incisions where the natural creases are in the eyes. The outer lines will just look like faint crows feet and the inner portions will disappear in to the eyelid.
    Also, those stitches are beautiful. So tiny and precise.
    Assuming there was no infection those scars should be next to invisible. Surgeon did an amazing job with that.

  9. Does anyone else wonder why she spent the fucking money on a facelift she didnt need, when she should have spent the money on skin treatments! all the acne scars and the 2 huge pimples on her chin should have been taken care of prior to the ultimate act of vanity.

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