Craniopagus Parasiticus – Story of Manar Maged and Her Parasitic Twin Islaam

Craniopagus Parasiticus - Story of Manar Maged and Her Parasitic Twin Islaam

Manar Maged was an Egyptian girl who was born with her twin Islaam attached to her head, a condition known as Craniopagus Parasiticus, or Parasitic Twin. Islaam was basically nothing but a head and upper torso, but was able to smile and blink on her own. Still, doctors determined that she had to be removed in order to give Manar Maged a chance at a normal life.

In February 2005, when she was 10 months old, Manar Maged underwent an operation to remove the parasitic head in a hospital in Banha, 25 miles north of Cairo in Egypt. The operation was successful, at least for the time being and Manar Maged became the first baby to survive the surgical removal of a parasitic head. However due to persistent infection in her brain, she only lived for additional 13 months and died on March 25, 2006 only a few days short of her second birthday.

Craniopagus Parasiticus is a rare and extremely bizarre medical condition whereas a twin fails to develop completely in the womb but through its will to survive, attaches itself to the head of its twin, becoming completely dependent upon it – hence the alternative name of Parasitic Twin.

After her removal from Manar Maged, Islaam died on the operation table, but was buried according to the tradition like a normal person by her family.

Video below is a tribute made in the memory of Manar Maged. It’s a little too whiney for my taste and has atrocious audio track – like, Indonesia atrocious or worse, but you may like it:

And a gallery o a few photos:

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    1. Pumpkinhead, This is my belief, things like this happen because the body is physical and subject to the physical rules of reality. Birth defects or natural disasters are a result of physical things and cycles happening in a physical world. Your soul is not subject to these things, it is perfect and eternal.

      1. But god supposedly controls all that and he’s “all knowing”, so he just lets people he created suffer, thanks a lot. Just because your family tried to put that stuff in your head when you were little doesn’t mean it has to stay there.

          1. In my opinion there is a God, so I’m not trying to start a war argument. If we were all perfect and nothing bad ever happened. Then what’s the point of living. I’ve tried suicide before taking 31 perscribed sleeping pills and 34 perscribed pain pills and still have know clue how but I woke up the next day. The only thing that it has caused as a result is, now I have trouble taking pills without water, when before I could just take it right then and there. That’s just my point of view why I think there is a God. BestGore for Eternity.

          2. I dont know what i call myself, i dont believe in The God, but then i thought “What if?”, what if there is a or many gods and if u die without believing in one you might end up somewhere Shitty, so i thought to myself, Hell, ill go for the one im most attached to, and therefore im a heathen believer of the Norse gods

        1. Pumpkinhead, I merely stated my opinion. Those are my personal beliefs, not anything put in my head. I chose to believe in God. If others chose not to believe, that’s their right and it it doesn’t matter to me. I never try to convince anyone to believe as I do, nor do I disrespect their point of view.

        2. If what I was taught as a child is correct, God does *not* control all. God gave man Free Will. What resulted is entirely man’s own fault, made through man’s own choices. We pollute our own planet, we fight with one another, we murder, rape and rob at will. All these things have ramifications. To my mind, God doesn’t “let” people suffer – he just lets us make our own choices and take the consequences.

  1. What’s the point of even having such a monstrosity? Abort the shit out of it in the womb and try again. The medical resources wasted on the specialized surgery could be better used elsewhere by helping more people. Even if she had survived, she would have been a drain on their medical system her entire life. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind and in this case, it would have been better that she had never been born.

    1. I don’t like abortion but i think this is one of the valid reasons for it. In nature when most omnivore’s give birth to a defected baby it’s usually eaten or abandoned.

    2. Well the churches always jump at the chance at money, so aborting basically means aborting their chance at more money, so they have to much up some bullshit to prevent it. The longer the person lives, the better since they’ll spend more time there and donate more money or buy more services. But as long as it lives a couple days, that’s good enough for them since they at least get a few bucks for a magical headdunking aka baptism (these parents got charged twice, heeeey-ooo!).

  2. Im not sure of the circumstances, this mother was going through. Not sure if quality health care was available to her and if she knew she was having parasitic twins. These questions are not able to be answered objectively, and aren’t all easy to answer. I would think though that almost everyone could agree that it is acceptable to end a life that poses a serious risk to another. Except, if your religious than common sense goes out the window.

  3. I always get disliked for my opinions on this kind of thing but here goes,

    They should just kill these babies at birth or abort them before birth because they know how little chance of survival these babies have and even if they manage to live for a number of years it is often a painful existence with very little enjoyment.

    On a side note, did anybody else find it ironic that there was an unwanted parasite called Islaam.

      1. Haha @emptysoul I thought exactly that!

        I do see your point but I think it’s very hard for a mother to give up on their child without trying. Oddly, it works both ways. In law school I had to discuss the legal and ethical issues surrounding a pair of parasitic twins (Re A – “Mary & Jodie”). In this case the parents actually took the doctors to court because they did not want them to operate on their twins because of their religious beliefs; by not operating both would die. This case got all the way to the Court of Appeal (major waste of money) and inevitably the parents lost their case and the twins were separated in 2000. Jodie survived at the expense of her twin Mary. Crazy stuff!

  4. Sad to say but Manar is better off dead than walking round with her sister attached to her head for life. The surgery was very risky and, in the hope of saving a life, had to be done, but i’m not surprised Manar died. R.I.P.

  5. Mustard gaz, dirty roadside bombs , sulfur,acidic bombs, dirty water, Tainted local fruits and veggies all sure contributers to these birth defects. These toxic chemicals can travel for hundreds of miles in air, water & soil. Afuckin TRAGEDY on a global scale 🙁

  6. I’m still a little lost on the other twin… in the video looks like she has full brain function. Was she able to think and everything separately from the other twin? She had her own heart and lungs? It’s a shame they both passed away? I saw someone feeding the second twin without a body, where did the milk go? She had a stomach possibly but how would the body digest it and get rid of waste? I don’t get it…… sad though….really…

  7. I’d hit that milf she looks like she would suck great cock and tongue great ass. Kids a freak and I would have stomped that monster to death if in the delivery room. Any one that truly believes in gods is either crazy or has the maturity of a 6 yr old.

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