Daughter Fingered in Mouth, Mother Bitten in Drunken Fight

Drunk Mother Finger Stitches

Drunk Mother Finger Stitches

Before sunrise edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @joesmoe216, who has a family member biting off more than they can chew:

Drunk mom and drunk sister got into a fight. Drunk mom thought it would be a good idea to put her fingers in drunk sisters mouth… This is the end result

Thanks for not lifting a finger to stop a drunken fight between family members and sharing the aftermath photos:


54 thoughts on “Daughter Fingered in Mouth, Mother Bitten in Drunken Fight”

    1. This raises an interesting point Ive often wondered about. Jewelry – includes all the different types of rings like a toe ring, ear ring, bellybutton ring, nose ring and nipple ring just to name a few.
      But what about rings for the fingers? Why doesnt the name for rings on the digits follow the same pattern??
      I heard it has something to do with a really ancient jewler, who hundreds of years ago was lynched by the outraged villagers who heard him say in the pub one night, ” I, I gave me youngest daughter a beautiful fingering for her sweet 16th, just like I did with her older sisters – oh I, she absolutely loved it !”.

    2. @Ejaculossaurus Rexxx
      Da-Fuck ??? She Managed To Not Loose her Cocaine Nail,,, And After All That Cunt-Pilfering
      Enough To Impress & Satisfy The Pillsbury Dough-Boy. Fuck-Man,,, She Might Of Built that Fat Little Cheery Dude For All We Know!

        1. Reotardo Dicrappio Bwa, ha, ha!
          Da-Fuck-Come, I never saw that name before, lol ???
          I Was going to say that her moms old fingers probably tasted & smelled like Moms Past-Due
          Old-Rotten-Cunt. Horny-Old Cunty-Cunt Was Drinking,,, and we all know how Women Can Get once Drunk.

          And If there is no Man around,,, then they must play Fisty-Cuffs with their Huge Smelly-Snatching Yeast Factory Cunt-Hole. Then once done with the Pink & Stink,,, they get into round 2 and they have Da-Cat Fight,,, and she gives her big-Mouthed Cunting-Doughter a mouthful of Cunty-Cunt-Yeast-Dough to Make Enough Buns to feed Somalia.

          Fuck if i was her daughter i would have ripped the fingers right off, Wiping Da-Stink Right-Off-O-Dem-Digits!


    1. Hmm… Like a lynched nigger, ima go out on a limb and say none of the above.
      I think the daughter thought hiding her meth money under the pee stain in her mattress would keep mom from stealing it again. She was wrong.

    2. Umm… ima go (4)All of the above.
      Mom bought Ice, but Sister was already on GL & mushrooms at the time.
      When Mom was dishing Sister a good old puddle holding the pipe,.. Sister chased that white dragon too far up the glass chipping teeth & cutting Moms finger.
      Boyfriend bailed out a long, long time ago.

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