Dawood Military Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan Scandal Photos

Dawood Military Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan Scandal Photos

Big hospital scandal story from Afghanistan – a congressional investigation into the happenings at a U.S. funded Dawood Military Hospital in Kabul concluded that patients treated (if you can call that a treatment) there are left in “Auschwitz-like” conditions. I can appreciate that chief faggot Colonel Gerald Nicholas Carozza is some kind of Zionist ass muncher for resorting to an Auschwitz Concentration Camp reference, which makes his statements about as relevant and trustworthy as whoever said that a fag at the Aurora movie theater dove to shield his girlfriend from incoming fire.

Despite the blatant Jew faggotry of Colonel Gerald Nicholas Carozza, the scandalous mismanagement and mistreatment of patient at the Dawood Military Hospital SNAFU remains one of the most shocking revelations to have come out of Afghanistan in recent years.

The congressional investigation into the situation at the Dawood hospital uncovered patients lying in filth, malnutritioned and in some cases on the brink of starving to death and frequently covered with ugly, infected, maggots infested sores the severity of which didn’t seem to have been addressed.

The photos are a very sad sight. They are of people who are helpless. They can’t help themselves, they oftentimes can’t even move. They are left at the mercy of others who, despite seemingly having had the means to address their life sustaining needs, ignored them and left them to suffer, or straight up for dead.

As a result of the investigation, Lt. General William B. Caldwell who was a commander of the $11.2 billion dollar a year Afghan training program is being investigated for trying to block Congress from pursuing their investigation and covering up the conditions in Dawood. The fact that he’s being investigated pretty much means that nobody will do jack shit to him. Even if by some magic he ends up having to be punished, he’s gonna get a slap on the wrist so sheep media have something to write about and then a new name and a house in a rural area of a state he’d never previously visited.

These photos appears to have been first published on BuzzFeed which is quite easily the largest conglomeration of uncurable sheep one could ever stumble across. If you take being a sheep to such level that not even Huffington Post measures up to you, you’re officially a champion bleep master of the universe. You’re a master sheep race from which all dumbness of the universe derives. You’re officially so dumb that if I told you that some fag at an Aurora movie theater dove to shield his girlfriend from incoming fire, you’d swallow the bullshit in one gulp like you swallowed your boyfriend’s dunk the day prior. What a bunch of backward dimwits! They probably still call Kenyan “President Obama” and tell each child rapist “Thank you for your service”…

Many thanks to Best Gore member Gallipolli for the pics:

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32 thoughts on “Dawood Military Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan Scandal Photos”

    1. Certainly Hitler’s hospitals were much better!

      Germans enjoyed a standard of living under the Third Reich unheard of in the 30s…

      In all honesty. I don’t care about the Afghanis… And if you Americans want to continue throwing good money after bad at them…

    2. BEN BERNANKE is happy to print more green papers to give to these poor sods….USA is the only country in the world that can manufacture a commodity heavily demanded worlwide (100 dollar bills, treasury bonds) with only a piece of paper and some ink…And with the economical situation in Europe hitting the fan thanks to the enormous deficits of Euro-PseudoBananaRepublics (greece, spain, etc), they are going to be more in demand than ever in the near future so america fuck yea

  1. Ah. Looks like the public health clinic in my town. It’s free, but you get what you (don’t) pay for. Or, maybe, that’s just my imagination running wild with memories of what it’s like not having health insurance. I used to feel like one of these Afghans. Sniff sniff… Gimme Shelter by the Stones now, please.

  2. “Nude baby penis” A seriously ‘what the fuck’ moment.

    Yes, it is disgusting how these humans left these other humans to basically just DIE in their own filth. However, I choose to refrain from giving sympathy to them, especially because I don’t know any ONE of them.

        1. @Nicole,

          thats why I try to avoid looking at the ‘what people searched for to get here’ list. gives me the heebeejeebies thinking those people are creeping around this site possibly reading our comments.

          1. Actually that part of it, can be quite amusing at times. I haven’t really read many of them, more saw what people have posted about in reference to what people searched for, it is quite funny at times…

  3. I was just wondering, are these military personnel, or are they citizens? Or both? No pain medication in the Mecca of Opium, ffs, that makes no sense, all they gotta do is call one of their uncle opiate farmers and smoke an opium blunt…no?

  4. Hey Mark, what makes you think that these are also not propaganda photos? Don’t get me wrong, I would never second guess the USA’s lack of passion. Sometimes in war there are gross injuries which can not be treated properly in the field. i question either of these photograhps are evidence of neglect, or simply the lack of sufficient materials. Maybe these pictures are not of the hospital at all. Maybe the infectious flesh was pre-op photos, do you know? I do not stand for support of any nation, nor am I defending one. When we speak of war, and its atrocities, why should we be expected to be civil by any means? Pick one,are we building or destroying? BTW, if you coat yourself in local fish oil you wont get eaten by the mosquitos. Also, if you go south of the ‘Canadian Shield’ the soil is less acidic, and you have the breeze from the lake to knock off the squits and black flies. In my experience, your area has two heat waves a year, in which bugs thrive. Wait till late august-sept frost an they will be gone. Stay away from any farms too (they do everything they can to keep their soil warm)

  5. Got to ask the question: are these photographs of civilians rather than military personnel? The vast majority of Australian wounded (and I’m assuming the same US) are treated on-site, medi-vaced to some where major like Karin Towt or Bagram, and then flown out to Germany .

    If these photos are of Afghan civilians – what the fuck????

  6. Makes me feel so lucky to live in where i do! Fuck living in a place like that and then top it off to be forced into care by people who dont give a fuck about you in the first place. How can a trained doctor or nurse let that happen to patients in their care? like Jayant Patel from bundaberg.

  7. Mark, why do you not believe that a guy can dive on his girlfriend to save her life? Do you have any proof that this didn’t happen? He could dive on her to shield her from receiving bullets. He could take the bullets in his back when the shooter walked by his row spamming his rifle.

    You complain about how the Holocaust isn’t backed up with “documents” yet you have no proof that this guy didn’t shield his girlfriend from being shot, yet you continue to post it in every new post..

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