Death by Drug Overdose

Death by Drug Overdose

Of all the ways to die, death by drug overdose is one of the lamest. Giving in to your addiction entirely until it claims your life shows you as a weak minded living tissue of zero worth.

Furthermore – there are so many ways to do drugs, if you so incline, but shoving a needle in your vain sure seems like the shittiest. Superficial pleasures can be administered in so many different ways, so why pierce ones vein?

It comes as no surprise that death by drug overdose pictures are indirectly connected to the narco wars pictures. Hundreds of tortured, mutilated and beheaded people who died a horrific death in the hands of the drug lord’s henchmen are the result of the demand for drugs by the likes of those in the pictures below. The circle of death is complete.

Gallery of pictures of drug junkies who died of drug overdose is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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18 thoughts on “Death by Drug Overdose”

  1. Yeah, I was an addict at one point. Opium is a helluva drug. That being said, I (obviously) wasn’t as stupid as these guys here and got some help. MHO is that if you are on drugs and you die before you reach rock bottom, oh well. You prove dear old Charles Darwin right and show that survival of the fittest is a rule in this world. Personally, I say if they don’t want help, give em all the drugs they want and a spot outside of the morgue to do em in. That way there’s no need to look for a cause of death, and less work for the cops, M.E. and morticians to do. And yes, I realize I’m probably now going to get crucified on here for saying this.
    Oh, one other thing. You wanna stop people from doing drugs? Stop telling them the same old line of “You’ll end up in one of 3 places: Jail, rehab or the graveyard” and show em these pictures. Especially kids. Had I seen these types of photos before chasing the dragon, I sure as HELL wouldn’t have done it.
    Okay, I’ve said my bit. Let the verbal flagellation begin.

    1. you have NO FUCKING CLUE what a loser you are for saying that. I spent 20 yrs on the wrong side of the needle and have seen people of all social levels fall down to a place you will never know. MOST of them started out with a legit medical condition and got a script for lortabs,3 yrs later they are on the streets. I know it all to well because I blew over a million in less than 10 yrs. 330k+ in 2009 alone! Your brain gets reprogrammed and you CAN’T just undo it. Educate yourself a little more because only loser here is you.

      1. Yeah these ignorant fucks who have no clue what addiction is (A brain disease) should keep their cock holsters shut.

        Drug addiction is NOT a fucking “character flaw” or “weakness”.

        The ignorant need to research what addiction.

        1. It is certainly weakness of you let it go this far. I am an addict who lives WITH an addict. We own a house, have jobs, cars, and land that belongs to US. We accept our addiction as a character flaw, and indulge in it as frequently as our budget allows. What we don’t do is sell our shit for dope, give our bodies for dope, or steal for dope. Because we’re not weak. There are two types of addicts.. The ones who accept their addiction as part of themself and take responsibility for not letting it get out of control, and there are the addicts who cry and bitch about how no one understands what you’re going through and that you “can’t help it” as they sell their bodies and belongings. And let their addiction consume them.

  2. Hey, no problem! Thank you, and yup, they really do look like a buncha pathetic losers…And that’s why I’m glad Darwin was right XD Viva la teor?a de la evoluci?n (theory of evolution) y supervivencia del m?s apto (survival of the fittest)!

  3. Exactly! I think that would be a good way to go. Who said death had to be serious? Why not have a Party instead??? The only problem I see there is that a slow decline to rock bottom habit wouldn’t be much fun. But at least it thins out the feeble-minded population a bit.

  4. Those who’ve never suffered the effects of opiate withdrawal (A hell you never known existed) should honestly just keep their mouths shut on the subject of drug addiction.

    For one, using the label “junkie” to discribe somebody who’s dependent on a narcotic just makes you look ignorant as all hell and I will get to this in a bit.

    Two, many people who are dependent on opiates became dependent due to a legitimate medical issue. This isn’t a “character flaw” it can and does happen to millions every year.

    Often people are admitted for surgery and are then on extremely powerful painkillers to help cope with the pain for several weeks / months afterward depending on the severity of the condition, etc.

    Often its not just just (1) surgery but multiple back to back surgeries due to Crohn’s disease spanning about 9 months like in my case back in 08-09′.

    When you require opiate painkillers for legit pain issues for even just 3-4 weeks (sometimes a bit longer like say 6 weeks if you’re lucky) you WILL become dependent on opiates just to feel normal and not experience withdrawal.

    So this is something than can and does happen to anybody. So to talk about addiction as if the people suffering from it are all low life “junkies” is the height of ignorance.

    Chemical dependency / addiction is in FACT a disease a brain disease that needs to be treated like any other disease. Simply throwing an addict in prison is not only stupid because it doesn’t work but it is in FACT cruel an unusual punishment. Again, if you never went through the hell called opiate withdrawal you have no clue.


    Addiction is a “brain disease” not a “character flaw”. Anybody can become dependent or addicted to substances. Unless you’ve personally experienced opiate withdrawal (I’m talking about you’ve been on powerful Opiates for 6 + months straight and then suddenly stop) its impossible for you to even begin to comprehend the pain & suffering a drug addicted person experiences.

    About the most annoying thing in the World to do is for a person with no experience relating to drug dependency attempting to give “advice” to someone who is dependent on a substance.

  5. Wow can’t believe how close to this I came!
    I’m on crazy amounts of pain killers because of my medical conditions. I went to a rock fest and when its hot my pain patch (works out to 400mg morphine a day) gives me too much. I had only had a couple of beards but the people I was with thought that I was just pissed. That was until I stopped breathing. The had to get an ambulance through 90,000 people to get to me. They had to intubate and bag me.

    They gave me the antidote but it didn’t work. no matter what they did I didn’t come around. (must have looked crazy as I was full on zombie up).

    I woke up three days later. I was covered in bruises from where they had tried too use pain to get me around ad had to have my cannulas in my feet.( have really shitty veins that collapse as soon as you look at them.) I’m thankful I had someone watching over me.

    To those who have suffered from addiction I would never judge you. In my eyes addiction is no different from any other medical condition and it takes a helluva person to beat it!

  6. People dying while doing stupid shit while on drugs fair enough but people dying from od’s. Try to think about it for a sec, most heroin users have no idea except word for mouth about how strong what they’re about to use is. Even just a 20% bump could kill an every day addict, then theres people ignorant (out of fear of being judged by assholes and not learning/talking about it ever) that stop for two weeks then try the same amount they had last time, which in most cases equals death.
    Od’ing and being an addict isnt black and white and isnt just street workers and idiots. I’ve seen all sorts of professional people as addicts, lawyers accountants media people singers project managers just to name a few, most industries.

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