Divided Nevus of the Penis

Divided Nevus of the Penis

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @Satyros, who suffers super rare condition that exhibits itself as a single mole split into two parts – one on the glans of the penis, the other on the shaft:

Usually I do not send pics of my dick to webpages, however I have an extremely rare condition called “Divided nevus of the penis”, counting only 17 recorded cases in the medical literature worldwide! That’s the reason I decided to send you some pics.

This condition is characterized by a mole separated into two parts, the first one placed on the glans and the other on the penis. The two small white spots are there because a couple of samples taken for biopsy. Cutting pieces and having stitches on your penis is not a very pleasant experience btw.

The good news is that biopsy results are clean, nothing to worry about. Good to mention also that I have partial phimosis (a.k.a paraphimosis*). For any other info, do not
hesitate to ask.

Doctors are not quiet sure what caused this, since there are only few cases. The most possible is this was caused due to genes anomaly or something like that. It appeared when I was 12, that is 20 years ago.

Thanks a lot for making Best Gore the only website with which you shared your pictures and story. I’d be also curious about your sex life. Does it affect your ability to enjoy sex? Does it maybe make you self conscious about a woman going down on you? How did the women in your life react to it? I think I’d be rather excited by the uniqueness of the member…

* Paraphimosis is a medical condition which results in foreskin being stuck behind corona of the penis, and cannot return to its normal position covering the glans. In other words, even though @Satyros is intact, his glans are exposed as if he was mutilated (aka circumcised).

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169 thoughts on “Divided Nevus of the Penis”

  1. Looks to me like a bit of shit on your shaft ..little semi on before you took the picture there matey always a good idea that’s the root I would have went down..good luck pal all looks well

    1. They’ve recently developed a new medical procedure to eliminate that: It’s called a PENIS TRANSPLANT.

      Just cut this one off and feed it to the dog. Then get the new one attached. May as well ask for a decent sized one while you’re at it.

        1. Donors, the same people who donate any of their body parts when they die, would donate their penis. You have the options, just donate your heart, your eyes or your whole body. In the US you can even donate your body to a ‘body farm’ so forensics can study the decomposition of the human body and it can help with future identification methods and possible crimes.

          1. If I donate my cock locally there’s a good chance some women might recognize it. The various scars and teeth marks make it quite unique.

      1. His dick is now in the hall of fame and been given a red carpet rug and his balls been given kisses and hugs
        Mind ya he followed the suit right after these big celebs:
        Dick Cheney
        Dick Powell
        Dick Van Dyke
        Dick Gregory
        Dick Clark
        Dick Shawn
        Dick Sargent
        Dick Butkus

        Way to go ! But what’s all that dense bush around that shaft
        Poor babe giving a fellatio to ya will have not the tip but all that hair going down her gullet . Ya needa be waxed .silky and smooth let your dick shine through!
        You are now the king-kong and ya can bang your chest …….leave the nuts but !

        1. He is kinds hairy isn’t he? I find that sexy. Unfortunately I’d probably shy away from him after I seen that nasty mole on his pecker no matter how much he tried to convince me it wasn’t contagious. Sorry dude.

          I’m from Canada so there is yet another Country looking at your John Thomas.

          1. i agree! that mole is barf-making. my stomach feels queezy! super gross. even the dick is ugly. πŸ™ thats sad cuz i usually think dinks are cute, sometimes even beautiful. not this one……”my eyes, my eyes!” UGH

    1. Yeah, great. I know a guy who was the original owner of Elmo The Penis – the big American penis and balls donated to the penis museum. So on the way to being a huge attraction in the museum, he was the model that molds were cast from for lifelike rubber dildos by the hundreds of thousands, was in films and a documentary movie, etc.

      So you’re the Daddy of a celebrity penis and balls? So with that and a couple bucks, you might get a cup of coffee.

  2. Seventeen of the other guys with you included have their PENIS ECLIPSES so you gotta be not worried with a sign like this . A little later it would be a full eclipse and the CORONA will show up . So be proud to be with a Coronal Cock .
    On a different note though your glans show up to be your being quite a wanker cause that foreskin looks so shy of the frenulum and is hating to sheath back.
    BTW Its time to for me to jerk to see how shy is my foreskin ..

    1. “Sheath that dagger you rouge”! Hey @blucon Those pics remind me of a chart in our health class at school. There were a bunch of rotten old dicks in various stages and types of VD. Some were cracked and leaking puss, others looked like moldy old ‘shrooms. Absolutely horrid, but it made the girls giggle.

      1. @BornToRun
        Just that little of odd something and there ya find the chicks go ga-ga with their titties jouncing announcing , Hey ya come hither , care to fill my twat with your boner ,will ya ? just this time ,I ‘m begging ya please.

        Health classes are fun at most schools especially when its the girls looking at a chart of man’s genitals and its even bigger fun when its the boys looking at theirs .
        Boy -o-boy you get terrible sore eyes when its something to do with the dicks infected with STD .
        puss filled , Gonorrhoeal , ulcerated cracked open muhroomed and what have we SIR !………….Jeeesh ,yuck for us …. but the babes GIGGLE and laugh because its the dick at the centrestage holding them in awe.!
        Oh its the tale of the mighty Dick afterall ,my man!

    1. I never had any problem with that, I explained all about and most of my sexual partners didn’t haven’t any problem with that. Besides since I have phimosis, many of the didn’t noticed at all.

      1. @satyros, I know a kid with a hairy nevus, a patch on his arm approx. 3 inches by 2 inches wide. I don’t think it’s actually that bad, it feels nice to stroke, like a small animal! The danger comes from going in the sun, you don’t want to get a nevus (hairy or not!) burnt in the sun, so no skinny dipping or nudie beaches for you! πŸ˜†

  3. @tas-tiger..arrr..SA…home of the Family/pedophile/serial killer/nanny state..they are good at showing you the 2 nice slices of bread…so you cant see the shit in the middle.lol..Adelaide city of churches & sick fucks…mwah

    1. @devileena, yeah, I’ve read heaps of serial killer/murderer books and online articles about South Australia. City of churches? Of course you know that is what S.A. is called. Crimes like the missing Beaumont children, the football oval disapearances (Kirste Gordon and Joanne Ratcliffe), Bevan Spencer von Eimen – the Family murders, those young men bled out from anal injuries, sick! The Wanda Beach murders, the list could go on. What grabs peoples attention is the amount of missing kids or murdered kids that the perp got away with. I think it was that man Derek Percy because pamphlets were found in a storage unit he had secreted away with maps, names, dates etc. of many of the murders, PLUS all the missing kids/murdered kids, it stopped when he was jailed in the late 60’s.

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    1. And it’s up against the wall redneck mothers
      Mother who has raised her son so well
      He’s thirty four and drinking in a honky tonk
      Just kicking hippies asses and raising hell

      Pink Floyd vs Jerry Jeff Walker

  5. Lol you guys are horible. Took allot of courage to send those pics for us to view. Hats off to you for doing it. Never seen anything like that before. Makes me glad I have a nice, larger than average 9 incher with no blemishes or anything out of the ordinary. πŸ™‚

  6. For the size of massive thighs that ya have and all that bush around , I’ve to say ; you are manhooded punily .! Hey no offence ! but that’s all there is .
    Either ya go slender on your thigh size or think of ways to attain a minimum of 1/10th of your thigh size and be called a HULK with a BULKY bulge in your underpants.
    Get a penis pump TODAY to go HULK ! and give Ladies pussies a nightmare .

      1. Nightmare is only an expression here when you draw that member out , not while engaged in a coitus ! I hope I have your burgeoning doubts gotten rested !
        Large dicks are a stuff ,” nightmares” are made of for the honeymooners only ! But once the inches and girth is known every woman yearns and drools over for a repeat of endless nightmares happening .

          1. his use of the english language is confusing as fuck. he deliberately makes a mish mash of every sentence, he has to be doing. unless he is foreign and doesnt know any english but uses google translate. just a bizarre way of communicating never seen anything like it before, its almost like you do decipher what he says, but you have to process it to double check you get the gist. truly bizarre.

          2. @Gnat If only you could absorb what’s in between the lines that speck of puzzled pieces of sense of yours would fall in place and then you’d be able to answer me in kind….
            But I guess you still might give it an “unkind ” try though
            All ports are ready for a listen!

          3. Yes, he does it on purpose, which only proves to me that he’s an idiot who doesn’t even know the difference between his asshole from his elbow.


          4. Because the brain of yours is attuned to the stereotypical way of fucked up sentencing that you always seem to get lost in a labyrinth . That’s the reason when its me you gotta be double checking cause its hard for you to decipher
            ; cause ya always come nauseated and cringed up and BTW stay away getting sandwiched often .
            Stay tuned for more of this new phenomenal skills to writing English coming your way .Bizarre is me and leave it at that
            Let your brains do the tease when you go reading my comments .

          5. The only person that’s got their head stuck in that “labyrinth” or, shall I say, that dark place you keep your head in, is YOU.
            Once you start to even try to talk like an adult, I’ll be here to answer you like an ADULT!
            Until then, I find you in contempt.

          6. @Gnat
            As far as I’m concerned .I’m gonna admit that I’ve been a nightmare to a woman’s pussy for the very first time I ‘d had sex with and thereafter every other woman I’d bedded with for the first time because of my penile length .
            Hope I’m through with the answer
            Hey @Gnat you can flash a smile now !
            (>β€Ώβ— )✌

          7. I’m sure you’ve been a “nightmare” (or a joke) to every “pussy” you’ve known.
            Especially with that verbal diarrhea that you spew, day in and day out.

            Flashing smile… :mrgreen:

          8. Verbal diarrhea . lol @Gnat …..Seriously that’s some funk and a good one at that .
            hey but ya missed out rhyming correctly, “its day in and night out”
            your flashed up iconic smile is green with anguish what’s wrong ? where are the other colored ones ??
            Don’t tell me my , spewed up verbal diarrhea rubbed on ya hard.

          9. Ummm…
            Verbal diarrhea isn’t funny.
            Yes, I’m serious.
            No, funk isn’t good.
            The term “day in and day out” isn’t a rhyme.
            I don’t smile with anguish nor does it come in different colors.

            Lastly, I’ll never let you rub your verbal diarrhea on me hard.
            That’s way too fucking gay for me, dude.

      2. I have when they see my moth penis, they tell me right there n then, you’ve made my pussies worst nightmare come true… they tell me it’s like getting fucked by a pube. As you can imagine it does wonders for my masculinity.. I just tell em fingering is back in fashion dontcha know.

    1. I am not surprised that you concluded in such a misleading estimation, since these pictures are taken on order to show the mole and not my manhood, that’s why there is not any full length photo, my point is to focus on the spot, not the whole penis. In case you are still curious I may pm you any full size pics. πŸ˜›

      1. @Satyros
        Sorry about that chum . A little of pun ,that was all intended up there.
        I am gonna deviate from my funky self and need to ask you a question . if the moles come in the way and cause any pain while performing your usual sex or any other complications you experience otherwise.

          1. @Satyros
            I’d call you to be man of courage to have shared these pictures beside as you said its not the moles that come in the way but rather phimosis which is to blame .
            Hey cheer up mate ! there is nothing wrong with your English you are as good a commentator as anyone around here .
            Some divine intervention may heal ya of your ordeal if you pray fervently to the Gods whom you offer your obeisance to.

    1. 8″ and above with a girth of about 2″+ is the criteria .So if you think you have got it then flaunt it .
      For now this dick pageant contestant has qualified based on the moles he has got .But size does matter the bigger the better !
      Mind ya for the final round there are gonna be only the female audience left .
      Its now or never ………I think you need to push in your “COCKELFIES” asap!

      1. And it was you hayd0lf_h1ttler I had referenced up there ; but you cleverly ducked away and gnat replied .

        Never mind here is what I’d said …………………
        Because the brain of yours is attuned to the stereotypical way of fucked up sentencing that you always seem to get lost in a labyrinth . That’s the reason when its me you gotta be double checking cause its hard for you to decipher
        ; cause ya always come nauseated and cringed up and BTW stay away getting sandwiched often and feeling ulcerated.
        Stay tuned for more of this new phenomenal skills to writing English coming your way .Bizarre is me, so is you so it’d be better if you’d leave it at that.
        Let your brains do the tease when you go reading my comments .
        or better still just ignore them outright ; the way I do when It’s you cause they don’t make any sense to me .

  7. Let’s say that I’m a woman and I dated you. The first time that you showed me that disgusting piece of meat that you have hanging between your hairy legs, I would have told you to “literally” go fuck yourself.

    That is the most disgusting thing to ever appear on BestGore.

    I’m so glad I’m not a woman and don’t have to be near that. How can anyone want a piece of that?

  8. Well this dick certainly isn’t any “weirder” or more grotesque (in MY humble opinion) than the pictures of the girls with the giant labias that people claim are “so beautiful”.
    Dicks are beautiful too! Even if they’re different than most. Sounds to me like it still gets the job done, so really, who cares if it has a mark on it or whatever? If it’s inside of me where it’s supposed to be I definitely can’t see it anyways lol πŸ™‚
    Props to @Satyros for having the courage to share these photos with us all! Brave soul.

    1. Right on. A dick’s a dick. Any woman who knows her own body can still have a fun time with a smaller guy. Size is great, but it’s all about how you use it. I saw one that looked like it had been through a meat grinder, covered in scar tisssue and all twisted and gnarled up. No sex was had that night, as it was soooo off-putting. I wanted to ask wtf happened, but I felt so bad I couldn’t. At least it made me appreciate the beauty of other cocks lol.

  9. Looks painful and fuck phimosis/paraphimosis. That sucks so bad. πŸ™ My foreskin is a bit tight as well sometimes. Only when erect, there is some difficulty (a lot) pulling it back up; it tightens up the glans and chokes it up a bit. But flaccid, I could pull it back and back and have no problems.

    1. @redrum69, of course you don’t want to have your foreskin removed (what sane man would?) but you might be able to have a small operation to relieve pressure during an erection? Just like the other member who replied to you said, a small snip/cut. But I think he said to do it yourself with ice as a numbing agent!

        1. @ruzzky, some men are so upset that they were circumcised as a baby/child that Dr.s are trying to find a way to grow it back! I’m not sure how successful this will be? I’ve also heard about a case where a man sued his parents and/or Dr.s for removing his body part without his permission. I agree, you shouldn’t be able to cut off important parts of someone else’s body. Cleaning under the foreskin? It’s not rocket science, it’s easy. The foreskin protects the glans (head) it’s there for a reason.

    2. You’re literally letting your own foreskin strangle your tip… your penis is at war with itself..who side will you be on? The skin or the bell, you gotta choose bro. You can’t sit on the fence n watch that happen.

    3. You should talk to your doctor about this. If you can pull it back flaccid flawless it can easily be cured with a stretching therapy + applying a cortisone-containing creme on the glans twice a day. No surgery needed in your case I assume. The method works very well, but it takes a few months of daily stretching to get the result.

      And if it doesn’t work though google “triple incision”, this way you can keep your foreskin completely if surgery is necessary…..but don’t let them circumcise you!! The foreskin is not just a useless peace of skin.

      1. @manchesterboy @ruzzky Thanks for the tips, my doctor has already informed about both stretching therapy (which I have serious thoughts to do) and circumcision. However he also said that is a matter of how I am used to operate, If I am not having any issues at sex, there is no reason the intervene

  10. @satyros

    The internet is a funny place where every man has a 12 inch cock and can fuck 6 hours a day. Where every man is perfect and gets laid 365 days a year and where every man is irresistible to women in general.

    Don’t let their fantasies grind you down, just laugh at their defensive positioning on anything related to cock and manhood.

    1. Well said @empty-soul!

      Some people base their worth on flawless skin, or perky breasts, or being thin or perfect looking sex organs…instead of what shows our real worth. We hold ourselves up to unrealistic, photoshopped fakeness instead of embracing our true beauty.

      @satyros– Thanks for sharing. I learned something new today. I have a picture where my first husband stabbed me in the breasts and stomach (and arms and hands) and there is no way that I would post it here because I am far from perfect and the first negative comment would make me roll into a ball and cry-lol.

  11. Sorry but if I saw that on a chick’s clitoris I wouldn’t go sticking my tongue on it without a dermatologist giving me the two thumbs up…and a blowjob. Oh and if I had that shit on my cock it would have been worn off long ago.

    1. Oh and btw, do you shave your balls? I only ask because they seem to be your only body part not covered in hair. See my balls are hairy but the rest of me isn’t so I tend to shave them every so often. Too much info…I know.

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