Do It Yourself Toe Wart Removal with Needle at Home

Do It Yourself Toe Wart Removal with Needle at Home

How to remove a toe wart with tools you find around the house? This guy seems to have an answer to that. All you need is strong nerves, a patient girlfriend and a needle. Maybe even some black Voodoo magic cause the woman who performed the wart removal seems to have known exactly how to go about it. At times it looked pretty painful and the guy did sound like it hurt, but overall he took it like a champ and in the end, the entire wart appeared to have been thoroughly removed.

My understanding is that warts are caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) so even if you remove the wart locally, it could regrow or reoccur elsewhere because the viral infection that causes them is still present.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I?ve had dozens of some similar fuckers on my sole, its like walking with hedgehog socks on, cause they have a hard sticklike something inside, I think kinda root or what that goes deep into the flesh.

      1. I?ve got a bottle with hydrogen peroxide, dunno what was else in there, and a brush. Its viral so it came back a few times. Probable cause walking without flip flops over the infested public pool.

    1. Those sound like plantar warts which I hear are painful and caused by a bacteria. I’m super squimish when it comes to stuff like that and it was because someone once told me about these that I wear my flip-flops anytime I’m in a public place like the bathroom at the gym! Those warts actually have a spiral like root that goes deep inside your feet.

        1. best way to kill those assholes: unpasturized apple cider vinegar. just soak a cotton ball in it, tape it to your foot over night for a few days and viola! if that doesnt work, slap duct tape on there for a few weeks. seems to kill them over time.

          1. super glue i use that shiz for everything black heads pulling out glass and 3 warts ive nailed with loktite brand sorry if i cant say name but i mispelled ;] anyway i picked at it like this vid except once id gotten it sides severed from your wanted flesh i put a dime sized dollop and pushed it to the bottom of my foot and pressed after it gotten really hot chem.. reaction of the oils in our skin [why it works] and then i stretched my toes and it just began to rip out and ther e it was stuk root out the hole was huge like a pencil eraser ive gotten 2 toes and one finger

          1. Antibiotics are not effective against viruses; only secondary infection. HPV (there are close on 200 strains) is strongly implicated in the development of cervical carcinoma (15 strains; main ones being type 16 and 18 implicated in ~ 70% of cervical cancer globally and type 31 and 45 implicated in ~ 10%; HPV 16 is also associated with the development of anal and oropharyngeal carcinomas.

            Dr Nasty

          2. Salicylic acid works a treat as doe liquid nitrogen, although that can be quite painful, especially if you’re dealing with multiple plantar warts as you need to freeze far enough around the wart to ensure depth penetration is satisfactory.

      1. No, myiasis is infestation by insect larvae e.g. from the Oestidae family of flies variously known as bot flies, warble flies, heel flies, gadflies.

        The Bot fly may deposit eggs on a host, or sometimes use an intermediate vector such as the common housefly, mosquitoes and even a species of tick (Dermatobia hominis). The smaller fly is firmly held by the female bot fly and rotated to a position where the bot fly attaches some 30 eggs to the body under the wings. Larvae from these eggs, stimulated by the warmth and proximity of a large mammal host, drop onto its skin and burrow underneath.

        Intermediate vectors are often used since a number of animal hosts recognise the approach of a botfly
        Eggs are deposited on animal skin directly, or the larvae hatch and drop from the eggs attached to the intermediate vector: the body heat of the host animal induces hatching upon contact or immediate proximity.

        Some forms of botfly also occur in the digestive tract after ingestion by licking.

        Myiasis can be caused by larvae burrowing into the skin (or tissue lining) of the host animal. Mature larvae drop from the host and complete the pupal stage in soil.

        They do not kill the host animal, and thus are true parasites.

        The video shows removal of a female sand flea known as the Chigoe flea or jigger flea; the process of infestation is known as Tungiasis rather than Myiasis.

        Dr Nasty

        1. Thank you for correcting me.
          The parasite tactics are truly amazing from that spot e.g. the toxoplasma gondii in mice which are attracted by cat urine because they can breed in them or in humans that tend than to more risky behaviour. Then there are some wormes that circulate trough hosts to avoid extinction etc etc…

        2. Not much danger of anaphalyxix then with this creature and eggs?

          With small animals. we need to keep the Cuterebra larvae intact. If broken it may release proteins into the blood which may be fatal.

          Thanks for all your information!

  2. Fuck me! I was cool until the rock looking thing came out!!! =/ Loved his accent and I could be real wrong here but he sounded a bit like my fine ass guy- Colin Farrell. Maybe he wasn’t Irish but he kinda sounded like it. Sexy!

    I get friction blisters and I actually remove those the same way. Lol. Only it’s just water that comes out. No stone looking “flea egg sacks”! =X

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        1. Lol I had no idea he’d done one. Doesn’t surprise me though. The Irish accent is really nice, especially on a woman. He sounds like a real charmer though with that kind of pillow talk lol.

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  4. Fuck me with a fork, that goddamn needle was so dull you couldn’t pop a ballon with it.

    At the very lead use a pair of eyelash sissors( sharpest thing found in the home) and a pair of tweezers. And don’t swab it with home remedies, hit it with iodine or at the minimum of peroxide. Soak it for ten mins before bed and you won’t end up with gangrene and a new nickname of stumpy.

  5. I’ve done this on my right hand many times. I had one wart on my ring finger for two years before I started trying to cut it out. It regrew in the same spot every time at first, but eventually it spread. I ended up with two warts where the original was, a smaller wart about half an inch higher on the same finger, and another on my thumb. At that point, I got it professionally treated, after which the smallest went away, but for the rest, I started using a combination of multiple methods of treatment (compound w, freezing, and manual removal), which eventually did get rid of them all. It was a major pain in the ass.

    1. By the way, professional treatment for stuff like this is bullshit… $200 to have them spray it with a bottle of liquid nitrogen, which doesn’t even do much more than the the stuff you buy in the store.

  6. When I was young, I had a few warts on my hands that eventually had gone away, for a long time. About 2 or 3 years ago I noticed one on my finger, so I went to my dermatologist to get it removed with liquid nitrogen. It didn’t really hurt at all when she was applying it to my hand, but afterwards my hand was sore as shit. ( wart was at the base of my middle finger, right where the finger meets the hand) It swelled up and look pretty bad actually, and like 2 weeks later it healed but didn’t remove the wart totally. ( she said sometimes it takes 2 trips, but I had told her to load it up because the pain didn’t bother me and I didn’t wanna come back ). And it grew back even larger this time, so instead of paying someone 30$ for all that bullshit, I decided to do it myself. So here I am, in my bathroom with toe nail clippers ( cleaned them lol ) standing over my sink. I made the first cut and only removed the top layer of it, and I could still see its ” root” and I knew it would only come back again if i did not get it. I remember the first cut into my deeper skin ( had to go that deep to get it all ) made a crunching sound it was cool lol. Just felt like a pinch, but it started to bleed pretty badly at first, but I just ended up throwing some peroxide on it, and hit it with some neosporen, wrapped it up with a bandage and after like a week or so it was gone, still is too!!

  7. I had a huge one on my big toe when I was a kid. I could stick a thumb tack all the way into it. The fucker hurt to walk on. After I got it frozen off with liquid nitrogen & it fell off I was left with a huge hole. At least I haven’t had one since.

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