Doctor Drains Cyst from Patients Lip Into His Mouth

Doctor Drains Cyst from Patients Lip Into His Mouth

Dr. Tbalu has his own ways to drain cysts. He doesn’t need no suction devices, he’ll just let the pus flow down patient’s mouth. Ingenious. I’m sure it was a great relief for the patient to have that abscess off his gums, but damn, he may consider different clinic next time around.

It is quite possible, though that the video was filmed in a country/area with limited medical facilities. If that’s the case, perhaps it’s time to look into mouth care? Chew on damn mint leaves if you can’t afford a tooth paste. Or as a last resort, start being a bit more selective about which pussy you eat.

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    1. Blacks and Mestizos in America use the Hospital at 4 times the Rates as Whites.
      You ever wonder why Healthcare is so Expensive, because for every American that pays for Health Care he has to Carry on his Back/pay for another 4 freeloading Parasites. 3 out of 4 of the freeloaders are non white.
      I have a Friend who works at a Hospital, He tells me of how Somalis and Mexicans will bring their entire Family to the Hospital and think nothing of raiding the coffee and food for the nurse and taking clean sheets to make bed for themselves in the Waiting room. They take the precious resource away from white who do need emergency care and flood the waiting rooms.

      He asked me one Question.
      How the Hell did they get in this Country?

      1. If a nurse or other medic politely asks family members to wait in the WAITING room, they can be screamed down as being ‘racist’! “you just don’t want us in here, cos we black, brown, red” or whatever!

          1. Its enough to make ya spew! we are not racists, we just need people to behave in a respectable manner while in our over-worked, under-staffed hospitals etc.

      2. @ hawk , that stinks , have the same thing here , full of fckn darkies now they cutting back on healthcare , a somali went apeshit with a knife here & stabs a woman then a guy who comes to help her , darkie gets his ass shot by a cop hes now in hospital taking up a valuble bed & getting ” help for his physilogical problem ” WTF!!!! And the authorities are holding a inquiry & the cop gets stood down from work , fuckin stinks.

    1. first pus video that made my stomach turn, but it wasn’t cos of the pus (which i loved when it came gushing out). what disgusted me was the pus flowing into the mouth. eww x.x

      sometimes, i wish i had a cyst (anywhere but my mouth though…), so i can squeeze all the gunk out. it feels so satisfying.

          1. Oh yuck! “squeezing the cum out of an old man’s semi” wonderful vision that, first thing in the morning! hang on, how old? 70-80?

  1. For those they may be interested in knowing , this is usually caused due to root infection involving the tooth closely related to the maxillary sinus antrum. The resulting pulpal necrosis causes release of toxins at the apex of the tooth leading to periapical inflammation. This inflammation stimulates the Malassez epithelial rests, which are found in the periodontal ligament, resulting in the formation of a periapical granuloma that may be infected or sterile. The epithelium undergoes necrosis and the granuloma becomes a cyst.

    The cyst could well be sterile if the patient had received antibiotic treatment for dental infection. These lesions can grow into large lesions because they apply pressure over the bone causing erosion. The toxins released by the granulation tissue is one of the common causes of bone erosion. As the cyst expands it causes erosion of the floor of the maxillary sinus. As soon as it enters the maxillary antrum the expansion starts to occur a little faster because there is space available for expansion. When it reaches a size wherein it fills up the whole antrum, it can erode the anterior wall of the maxilla (in the canine fossa area). This is the weakest portion of the maxillay bone. When it erodes the anterior wall of the maxilla it could cause expansion of the maxilla which could be seen as a swelling in the cheek area.

    What we are seeing In the video is a dental cyst which has eroded the anterior wall of maxilla. On incising the muco perichondrium, yellowish fluid started pouring out of the defect in the anterior wall of the maxilla. The contents of the maxillay sinus along with its mucosal lining was then curretted out, and Inferior meatal antrostomy was performed. Ointment impregnated gauze is usually used to pack the antrum, and then the wound was probably closed with catgut sutures.

    1. And after all that, I forgot to even mention what type of cyst it was (sorry guys & gals) which was a Nasolabial cyst ,a nd while these are mainly found in females, they are very rare.

      1. How long have You been practicing medicine?

        The terminology that is used to depict each area of the body, would seem to take so much memory to keep from forgetting what the hell it’s called.

        As with anything else, when time has a chance to happen, what can seem impossible, is learned and almost taken for granted, by the one who has taken the time to learn it, and apply it.

        Informed medical knowledge is just such a unique perspective to what really goes on, as to the wild guesses that the rest of us (hand held high) default to doing.

        As always, your post(s) are something I look forward to reading.

  2. First decent meal she has had in weeks.

    And the TEETH! They look like those stupid retard huckleberry rubber teeth they sell at the dollar store.

    Just sew the entire mouth shut and go on to the next diseased lost cause.

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