Dominican Republic – Acid Attack on Man Who Molested a Teen

Dominican Republic - Acid Attack on Man Who Molested a Teen

Bartolo De los Santos of Dominican Republic allegedly molested teenage daughter of his girlfriend Silvia. She got pissed off and responded to it by splashing acid on his face while he was asleep. Messed him up good. Dominican women don’t fuck around.

He learned his lesson the hard way. First of all, you don’t stick your peen into a crazy bitch cause you never know what she’ll do next but more importantly, you don’t fuck around with her spawn. Anyone speaks Spanish to fill us in on what they’re talking about in the video?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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90 thoughts on “Dominican Republic – Acid Attack on Man Who Molested a Teen”

        1. people who want to do this shit find a way. knowing that or not. hell, they just hack em up, why spend time in jail, 6 bucks on toilet cleaner or a shovel. Good knife in the kitchen & shovel in the garage… hehehe

        1. Electrolyte from car batteries are low grade acid, but you can boil it. Water will evaporate. You get concentrated sulfuric acid.
          Be careful. Doing this only in the open air. Acid vapor is poisonous.

  1. No proof he did what she said he did, just this crazy bitch’s word. Even if he did do it, the punishment does not fit the crime. If he raped her, maybe, but let us work under the assumption he copped a feel or groped the girl, what she did to him is a fate almost worse than death.

    Just as plausible is she was pissed at him for something else (dicking another woman perhaps), lost it and threw acid at him, then accused him of molesting her daughter to justify her actions.

    At any rate, need to lock the crazy bitch up until she is too old to attract another unsuspecting man. She is like a praying mantis that rips the head off its mate after sex.

      1. I second that. Someone hurts your child and you are any normal loving parents, all reasonable acts goes out the door! pour acid first, think later lol. As for this guy, there’s no doubt he’s also a rapist. Who would take side with such a piece of shit unless he agrees with thwe acts.

    1. why not work on the assumption he fisted the teenager (maybe only 13) now she’s got a pro-lapsed cervix and can never have kids, she should have poured another bottle over his head, but who knows? men are always hurting women, but as soon as it’s the other way around, they’re “crazy bitches”?

      1. I so agree. Funny, since the man didn’t get hurt, then it must not have hurt his victim is the reasoning. In a city not far from here, a 9 year old girl was kidnapped, raped, and sodomized. The police said that she wasn’t physically hurt. Really? Hillbilly mentality. Since it didn’t hurt the man then therefore no one got hurt.

        1. @Obitch just the THOUGHT of someone touching my kids in a sexual way, riles me up! I live in a pretty safe town in a pretty safe country but I still insist on knowing where they are at all times etc.Hang on, I just re-read what you just wrote, that is terrible, that dirty bastard must have gotten away with it? Need vigilante action for this type of scum.

          1. Actually, he didn’t get away with it. A sharp eyed man recognized the truck in the Amber alert and chased the freak down. When the pervert was boxed in the little girl jumped out of the truck and ran to a nearby business, where the police were called. The pervert was a parolee for gang shit, so he went straight back to prison with molestation, kidnap, assault, and anything else that could be brought against him. In CA there is a third strike law, he was on his third strike so he got prison for the rest of his life.
            The statement ‘not physically harmed’ came directly out of the police chief’s mouth on the local news. Says a lot about his attitude about the rape of this innocent little girl.

          2. @ mouse, if males didn’t do such things there wouldn’t be females like me who are militant in protecting our children. There are also female perverts, and I would do the same to them if they had tried to do something like that to my son when he was growing up. You bet, we are the crazy bitches that perverts and rapists should be worried about. Have a problem with that? Too bad. If there were more like us then there wouldn’t be the same kind of perverse crime that these freaks get away with every day.

        2. In-fucking- furiating, how can a 9-year old kid not be hurt by a rape, let alone the decades of suffering that can follow, some never recover from such a thing. Even someone capable of saying ‘no one got hurt’ , like that cop, i would like to see hanged.

    2. As I understand it, not after mating, but before. The male, you see, is aware that the female is dangerous. The male, therefore, is somewhat ambiguous about approaching the female. The female has a cure for this apprehension – if she rips off his head, the male will no longer be afraid of her. The male, quite apparently, will still live long enough to mate with the female – even with no head.

      Ya know, there’s something distinctly human about this behavior…

  2. “allegedly molested teenage daughter of his girlfriend”
    Well she did more than allegedly “splash” with acid.
    She gave him the full douche bag and some.

    This is not justice as Freemilk says.
    1) Is there any proof he did it? (Teens never lie right?)
    MANY TIMES there have been false accusations.
    2) Vigilante – an individual who illegally punishes an alleged lawbreaker.
    3) Punishment fit the crime? Now he is blind for life, and dependent upon society to support him. Not very smart in my mind.

    A better punishment that she could have done…
    (super glue his dick to his hand)

    Society would not have to pay to support him.

  3. ‘if’ he did do then he got what he deserved the dirty bastard. People like that would tend to make a habit of doing shit until he did rape or murder his victims, but I don’t think he will be able to moleste anymore. Shit one ‘if’ he didnt… Then he should go and tie the bitch up and let her watch while he rapes the daughter lol

  4. it’s okay to get justice when the girls are abused/molested/raped but when there’s consent and still you get in trouble i call that mother fucking bullshit this guy truly deserved it for being a dick

  5. Translation ::::

    In the beginning, Bartolo says how he still feels pain. He cant see or move his mouth, and cant move his neck much. He thanks god how he is still alive.

    That’s his biological daughter who accused him of rape.
    on 0:57 is the daughter explaining, they were drinking, they got drunk and next thing she knows she wakes up in a hotel, naked. Her breasts looked like they been sucked on, and there was a trail of semen on her thighs.

    Shes 16, and immediately told her mom about the situation, so the mom threw acid on him.

    1. EEEEEWWWW!!!! Just the thought of a father actually doing that to his own daughter makes me want to puke. I have to wonder if he put something in her drink to make her pass out, thinking that if she doesn’t remember then he wouldn’t face retaliation. Good for her mother.

  6. the girl said: he purchased beer and got me drunk to the point that I passed out, when I woke up, I was in a motel, naked, my breast with marks as if they were sucked, and sperm all over my legs. and then I told my mother. The mother waited for him to go to sleep to commit the act.

  7. So they disfigure an innocent man for life and justify it by making up a fabricated story about him raping some slut? If I understand it right, the slut was drunk, which she admitted to. Who knows what she was doing that lead her to getting drunk and what she did when she was drunk already. Maybe she bruised herself trying to get to bed in the motel, maybe the goo she found on herself was her own drunken drool. I can’t believe all idiots on here justifying the action of the attacker who poured acid on him. How easy for a woman to destroy a man’s life – just make up a story of him raping me and that’s that. Is that how easy it is really when you’re a woman?

    1. Uh, its his own daughter, Slicer. WTF would a father want to fuck his own daughter? You don’t find that completely disgusting?

      There are plenty of men out there that make up stories about women that ruins their lives. The door swings both ways.

  8. Ok Guys. Im Dominican Iv Seen Alot Of Cases Like This Every Week There’s Like 10 Cases In the Whole Country . The Acid Is Call [ PLOMERITO ] Is A Liquid Drawn Opener . Here In Dominican Republic We Called [ACIDO DEL DIABLO ] Or In English [ SANTAN’S ACID ] . The Girl That Twrow Im That It Was Hes EX Wife . He’s Saying He Can’t See Nothing , Or Eat . The Girl Its Saying There Where Drinking She Pass Out And She Was In A Hotel And She Was Naked She Had Hickys . She Is 17 And She Told Her Mom And Her Mom When To Hes House While He Was Slepping And Twrow Im That . ACID

  9. Bartolo’s ex wife used “devils acid” on Bartolo. His daughter claimed that he tried to rape her. “…He bought some beer and we were drinking till he got me drunk and i lost consciousness. When i woke up we were at a hotel. My [cooter]a was sucked and he came on my leg.”

  10. Ewww… Scary… The dark side of the Feminine. Absolutely fucking nasty, that bitch can’t even face the camera after committing such a depraved and heinous act. A little sex with the step father got her jealous real fast! Of course the 17 girl wasn’t able to rationalize for herself because she is still stuck in the infantile space that most females inhabit. Still a minor? Hardly.. Legal relationship? I’d jizz on that myself..

  11. Dominican women are the hardcore version of black women… who put ghetto black women into shame… they are like men… act like men and need to be treated like men therefore… men or women, if someone commits a horrible atrocity they need to be locked up. In case of this woman, she needs to be locked up for good.

  12. we all know women think emotionally not logically and are impulsive and out of control when shit doesn’t get her way. Women are only good for sex… that’s all. They have contributed nothing to the world except spreading their fucking legs for some cock.

    1. Most men are good for nothing, not even sex. Its why so many women get a vibrator, so they don’t have to put up with guys with your attitude. HE raped his own daughter, she’s 16 years old. More than a bit of baggage and misogyny there, mostwanted?

  13. I watched a show last night on this. It was about women who had acid thrown on them by their men and this doctor went there to try and fix them up. Then, all the women got together and got a law passed that if found guilty the perp was sent to jail for life. If your gonna be sentenced for life then at least do the job right 😛

  14. that guy looked like a bad fucker in the first place, imo. also i wonder how he can be ‘glad to still be alive’ with half his face gone. If i were blind or mutilated otherwise, i’d quit.

  15. New Reporter: His face totally disfigured and parts of his body with 3rd degree burns were results of fatal aggression to Bartolo De Los Santos by his ex wife.

    Bartolo: I?m holding on to god, begging god for strength, so I can at least be alive, I don?t see, I suffer from a lot of pain. I can?t move my neck much, or open my mouth.

    New Reporter: Bartolo was aggravated by Antonia de la Cruz Santana mother of two of his four children. As an act of vengeance, due to being accused by his own daughter for attempt rape.

    Silvia: I stayed on the moped , and he entered to buy beer. And then we stayed drinking, until he got me drunk. I lost consciousness, and when I awoke, I was in a hotel. I was naked, my nipples felt like they were sore and I found seamen on my leg.

    News Reporter: The Minor of sixteen yrs of age immediately told her mom what had occurred the night of 4th of December. Antonia decided to take justice by her own hands and this is the result. 1:48- 1:57.

  16. I am Dominican myself, and things like this is quite common, and I’ve heard far worst stories. At least he’s alive, but he got what was coming to him “if” he did what he was accused of. Countries like these normally take justice into their own hands, since the government and police are so corrupt and plain fucking lazy.

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