Elevator Attempts to Eat Man’s Hand (Images Pre and Post Surgery)

Elevator Attempts to Eat Man's Hand (Images Pre and Post Surgery)

Mizoram, India. It has been well established on Best Gore that elevators are not your friends. In fact, they continually confirm my suspicions that they are, in fact, an intelligent mechanical race of aliens who have hidden themselves in buildings as a means to study us. However, every now and then their curiosity gets the better of them and, like sharks, they want a little nibble…or more.

The man in this post managed to escape with only losing his index finger and thumb. Next time he may not be so lucky. I’d take the stairs if I were you.

Props to Best Gore member do_flage.

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          1. well now he can pick the fruit easier. you know you ever seen some indian people dancing, it always looks like with 1 hand they picking fruit from the tree and with the other hand cleaning the floor. he might be the next michael jackson over there, i bet his dance moves will even get better.

    1. @Little Foot… not Little Feet ?
      Indian guy
      Little Fist… not Little Hands ?
      @Little Foot do you have an elevator story you would like to share ??? 🙂

      1. Lmao!! Luckily, I don’t have a horror story about elevators, I just don’t trust them.

        My username actually has nothing to so with my feet (although they are BOTH little). It’s a nickname I had when I was little because I was obsessed with dinosaurs and The Land Before Time was one of my favorite movies and the main character’s name is Little Foot haha.

      2. A guy I worked with had half of his foot amputated on elevator where we worked, he had some pipes in his hand vertically and when the elevator went up, the pipes were caught on something and the bottom of the pipes were sitting on top of his shoes. Ghastly mess. I was the only one who wanted to look at it, and this was 25 y ago or I would have been taking pics!

    2. I’ve had an elevator door on me instantly, lucky only on to arm,, no serious injuries, reported the incident, and they said they knew there was a problem!!!
      A few minutes later while waiting for the manager, if closed instantly onto a girls head,, them doors are bloody heavy,, I think think people realise how dangerous they are,, and how much power goes behind closing the door, and how quickly they do it too, luckily the little girls mum yanked the girl out, or God knows what would have happened,, I’ve never had a phobia of lifts,, even after my incedent,, but after watching the vids here,, it’s making my stomach lurch a bit

  1. Well I’ve seen a man using a metal detector one time that had no arms. He used his foot to dig with a specially made trowel. It was the damnedest thing. Any way the point is , he’ll be just fine but, jerking his Johnson will be a rough

  2. I am surprised how soviet era elevators have not caused much trouble. But on the other hand, i guess…electrical stuff seemed to be one of the few things that worked at the time, lived there, survived it. Oh yeah, censored stuff also worked. My mother waas an ambulance doctor…we had doctors on ambulances in estonia….took loads of photos and me joining the ambulance calls since i was a kid, sad my phone is the only means i have right now to upload pics and it is not working as i would like it to. About the hand, the guy is lucky he had some fingers left. Isis and mezican cartelss seem to be doing their job better than elevators. So far.

  3. The last guy ( Chinese university student in China) died when the elevator decided to drop suDdenly a few floors and he survived initially but had been caught trying to get in when the doors were shutting, so due to very uncomfortable position he just could breathe and slowly died. All caught oo CCTV inside the elevator.

    Apparently elevator breakdowns are so common in China they are going to install all elevators with a dunny in a cubicle from now on. True story i kid you not.

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