Emo Girl Pierces Her Arm with 25 Syringes as Candle Holders

Emo Girl Pierces Her Arm with 25 Syringes as Candle Holders

On a lighter note – it’s been a while since we’ve had an emo champion on the pages of Best Gore so let’s do something about it. This emo girl may look like she’s 13 but she’s actually 25. It was her birthday so to show everyone that she means business, she ran 25 syringes through her arm and used them as candleholders for 25 birthday cake candles.

I’m kind of wondering if emo girls could turn around their instability and make it a business. She could offer her “trick” as an act and tour the world like a clown entertaining people at various venues by shocking them with live piercing shows. It could work reasonably well at some sports events, in particular football or baseball cause watching horse poop go dry is more entertaining.

Gallery of pictures of some emo girl who pierced her arm with 25 syringes to serve as candleholders for her 25th birthday is below:

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37 thoughts on “Emo Girl Pierces Her Arm with 25 Syringes as Candle Holders”

  1. what a pathetic barbie cunt, i hope she gets cancer, as if she doesnt dream of having such a reason to moan to everyone about anyway. fucking emos should man-up and fucking try eating a railway line for a few hours already

  2. So judging by the comments and description would a masochist = emo…(or is it how she might be doing it for the attention)?

    Either way she’s a pussy, because those surgical needles barely even hurt.

  3. to be honest, this isn’t that big a deal, i mean people hang themselves from the roof with meat hooks, and get on tv as being cool, syringe needles are very small, that bee sting feeling you get with your booster shoots, or with an iv, the idea of poking your arm isn’t that big a thing

  4. >>>P.S. me and a few friends/ co-workers agree that with the way she has done this the outside of her arm not the inside, and the alginment, she was probably either a nurse, or took some pretty advanced phlebotomy courses, and has experiance with needles, and pokeing things

  5. The description asks if she could make money like this. I think, not these days. Way back when, she could’ve joined the circus and done it. But nowadays, most people are are just to pussified for it.

  6. I don’t condone “emoness”…lol, but I think shes fucking BADASS. I mean, jeezus, it’s gotta fucking hurt, not even the needles- that doesnt even bother me. But hot wax? Someone at a party I was at poured hot wax on my arms while I was crashed. It fucking makes you wanna scream…but I suppose it could be different if you do it yourself…and if your emo….

  7. I don’t understand why no one is noticing that these are two CLEARLY different sets of catheter inserts, as well as two different sets of candles, on the same girl, as apparent by the tattoos on the chest being visible. She HAD to have just kept the original plastic catheters in place, after removing the needles, so that she could continue to do this all day! Why is no one else noticing the color change? The plastic inserts on the large green ones are with the pink candles, and the pink inserts, are with the multi-colored candle set. Yet there are no double holes, and it is the same girl, and at first I thought maybe it wasn’t. Maybe fugazi? Then no, I don’t think so, looks pretty real. If this is a BG member exclusive, speak up love, I’ve got questions! Yes, I know, it’s been a while, but hey, bored, and archiving, whilst M takes care of business.

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