Exclusive Content! Elderly Woman Falls in Nursing Home

Exclusive Content! Elderly Woman Fell in Nursing Home

I work with elderly people and this woman fell last night.

Mid 80’s

Props to Best Gore member @dontvisitsouthamerica for the exclusive pics:

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      1. Look at her skin, it’s like fucking parchment paper. It looks like she fell, banged her forearm into the corner of a wall or something hard, and her skin just fucking ripped open. That shit happens to your skin when you get older. Fucking sucks. Maybe if she “put the lotion on it’s skin” she wouldn’t rip again. 😀

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  2. First. what the fuck is wrong with you? this is an old woman that is at the end of her life show some fucking respect. i hope you asked to post her pic on the internet because you know someone that knows her might be on this site.

    secondly, BG i love this site and have even had some of my own content(from my own body) hosted here but i feel like elderly people in the care of others should be treated with kid gloves. I’m not saying dont post this stuff but why did you include the whole body shot?

    This woman clearly is having some medical issues and didnt do anything wrong or put her self in a position to get hurt like 99% of the videos here, she’s just old.

    OP i hope your attitude towards the people they let you care for is a little warmer in person and you are just trying to show off here because elder abuse is about as low as it gets and as the7y say what goes around comes around.

    shameful post, my cold heart melts for sick old people.

      1. I work in the medical feild and i see older people that are neglected all the time.

        the stitch job was more than likely the best they could do without a plastics and vascular consult.

        i have no doubt she tripped or had a 100% innocent fall but to take a picture of her without her consent seems pretty shitty.

      2. How am i a Fag? because i care about old people ????

        PLEASE enlighten me why caring about how the people who are DEPENDANT on others are treated?

        Did you ask her if she was okay with you displaying her fragility and injuries to the world regardless if her face was in it or not? i’m guessing not.

        im not sure what shit hole you work in but if you live in N. America than you need to call an elder abuse line to get her situation looked at, if her family isnt there or doesn’t care because as a caregiver you are a mandated reporter of abuse or negletfulcare.

        I promise you i know allot more about medicine than you do and if we worked in the same place you would work under me so PLEASE test me.

        I will keep medical jargon out of my reply as its not needed, clearly she has almost no collagen in her skin and that makes it hard to stitch up, but the fact whoever did the stiching(i assume a DR as they are good knots) is lazy at best and neglectful at worse.

        the fact the skin is soooooooo thin means you might you another method of covering the wound, there is this stuff you can sprinkle on a wound like that and have it heal perfectly. in the powder there is a special kind of bioavailable collagen and man made nano scaffolding for skin to anchor to and grow into and with. the fact they used so few stitches that are clearly under A LOT of tension means they will fail and the patient will be right back in the same place but now more than likely has an infection.

        they did NOT do their best and 100% used ZERO modern techniques for wound care.

        i would have consulted with vacular, dermatology, plastics and maybe remove the skin that clearly is going to be necrotic in a few days and used collogen based biomaterials to cover it and maybe even a wound vac after the first few layers of skin were strong enough.

        it would protect the person from having open wounds that will arguably never heal to a person who would have covered wounds and letting their own skin regrow across the microscffholding we used.

        alot less pain and alot less time and risk.

        if you worked where i did and saw this patient and thought everything was A-OK you would be fired on the spot. and if you DID this to a person i would push for you losing your licence and being arrested.

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