Exhumed Bodies Photos from Third World Countries

Exhumed Bodies Photos from Third World Countries

These photos are the answer to the puzzle you had in mind for so long – what do human bodies look like after they’ve been buried for a while. For reasons unknown, few corpses were dug out of their graves in the third world countries and this is what it looked like when caskets were cracked open. Can’t tell you how much it reeked of dead flesh, but it looks like as you keep rotting, your mouth get deformed and eaten by the maggots to a point it gives you a facial impression of LOLs.

Exhuming dead bodies from their graves must be hell of a job. You never know what you’re going to find when you open the casket but you know that whatever it is, it won’t be pretty. Surprise with every strike of the spade. Gallery is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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33 thoughts on “Exhumed Bodies Photos from Third World Countries”

  1. Nah Louie, close but no cigar. The first one is actually Steve Tyler from Aerosmith (with a nod to Angus Young of AC/DC.)

    And which ‘Smith classic is Steve belting out…”Rats in the Cellar”…what else? And the rest of those guys are Joe Perry and the others in the band ‘cos they’ve basically been dead since’ 76 anyway.

  2. Actually in Romania, the country where I’m from(un-fucking-fortunately), and I think in other Orthodox countries, they unearth the body 7 years after burial, when the burial feast is made. I don’t know more details, as I do not believe in manipulative bullshit, but from the looks of this, I’d say this is from Ethiopia.

  3. If all these bodies were from the same place, betcha they are NOT Africans. Look at Photo #2 closely. Note the hair. Definitely NOT African. My bet would be that these are from some Hispanic nation where Latinos and Blacks are both part of the population.

  4. Doesn’t really matter where they are, (were) from… looks like most of them have a MOUTH FULL OF MAGGOTS, some have nostrils full too. GREAT GORE.

    One thing is for sure, none of them were embalmed or at least weren’t embalmed well. I’ve seen exhumations here, (where the embalming was done well), and the bodies still looked somewhat presentable, even after a couple of years.

  5. shanegalang-
    yeah, these bodies probably haven’t been in the ground too awfully long. It all depends on temperature, moisture, etc. I doubt these bodies have been in the ground more than a few weeks to a month, but that depends upon their condition and how long they were dead before they were buried. Lots of variables.

    Complete skeletonization usually takes quite a while, and occurs faster above ground than under ground.

  6. Is very often in latin america to exhume bodies from their eternal rest since the graveyards are very “crowded” and, because the catholic tradition, the corpse have to be buried , not cremated. So, when another relative dies, they are buried together, doesn’t matter the time of the last burial.

    Maybe is central America or the south of Mexico because in the last picture the corpse is wrapped in a “petate” which is a kind of “bed” in some of south Indian groups from Mexico, and is traditional in their burials due to poverty in this region.

  7. Huh, so this is what greeted the Ressurrectionists when they went for their “graveyard shift” (pun intended) in the olden days. At least they did it in the dark of night (I hope) under a crappy lantern light so they could not see what the poor, deformed and highly putrid and not so lovely smelling remains looked like.
    As for me, no amount of Gothic Lit will be able glorify that death’s grin in the first photo.
    Louie, excuse my little to nonexistent “txt talk”, but I assume XD is supposed to stand for an evil laugh?

  8. Licky-

    That’s a face “XD” I don’t know how to describe it… Like squinty eyed laughing. Not evil though, that kind of face is “>:D” Or something like that… I don’t know, I can’t describe that face XD

  9. Every body take note! look how happy this guys are to get some FK fresh air after fart for a year inside a lock box. the last one is even trowing a little dance to show gratitude! yea baby we are out of this FKg box, do the smash potato!

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