Extensive Craniofacial Trauma

Extensive Craniofacial Trauma

I get it about the nigh indestructible eye, but this? How did the eye get out of this unharmed? I mean – aside from being popped out of the eye socket…

I think this man took a mighty machete blow to the face. You can tell a single slash by a sharp object with long blade cut its way through his face and parts of skull. There wasn’t any backstory as to what lead to this extensive craniofacial (affecting face and skull) trauma, but it messed him up good.

The blow sliced victim’s jaw in half, exposing separated sets of teeth with the tongue between them. It also sliced off part of his left cheek bone but even though it scratched the surface of the upper skull, it did not cut into the brain. That clearly saved the man’s life, but left him with insanely extensive craniofacial trauma.

No problem for a team of neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists from Yamakanmardi Village in Belgaum District, India who patched this man up into the Frankenstein creature you can see in one of the photos. Impressive job, considering how extensive the damage was. The patient will have a bad ass scar for the rest of his life to remind him of the event.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

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    1. YES THEY DID!!
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  1. They did a great job on his Craniofacial reconstruction, that is for sure.

    The first priority in any Craniofacial trauma patients is treating problems with airway & breathing ( which is why you see him with a tracheotomy in his neck) a close second is controlling bleeding, these are always done before even considering treating the facial injuries.

    Now, without the injuries being diagnosed by computerized tomographic (CT) scans, it’s hard to say what the full extent of this guys injuries were, but just guessing:

    He’s certainly suffered whats known as an orbital blow-out fracture, which consists of a fracture of the bones of the eye “socket”. An orbital blow-out fracture is almost always secondary to a blunt blow from a relatively large object, such as a fist, elbow, baseball bat, or motor vehicle accident.

    He also has possible Maxillary fractures, zygomatic fractures and fractures of the mandible … I’d like to know more about exactly what happened, as this guys certainly suffered some major facial trauma, lacerations, and bone fractures, from something sharp, and hard. I will say this, one good thing, or at least it appears that there were no other injuries, which allowed the Doctors the opportunity to focus completely on his Craniofacial reconstruction, as normally Over 60% of patients with severe facial trauma have other serious injuries in the head, chest, or abdomen.

    In his case, the were able to devote full attention to the facial trauma and reconstruction work, allowing for a better recovery, and more satisfactory results, and like they say, ” All is well, that ends well .”

        1. It’s you guys (and gals) that are the greatest!! The medical practice, like any other profession, can be learned, but what many of you guys have, the charisma, the desire to learn, creative wittiness,and burning passion to understand our anatomy and the science of medicine, those things can’t be learned, they come from within.

          If our medical professionals today, had just half of what some of you possess, we’d have the greatest, surgeons, doctors, and nurses ever!

          I don’t know any of you personally, or at what stage of your life that you’re presently at, but if any of you are at that place of trying to determine a certain career or job field, I’d strongly suggest checking into the medical field, many of you would do an awesome job, and we would be lucky to have you.

          1. COOL.
            I didn’t even google it, because my mind is already swimming with so many other things that I will never use, at least not likely.

            Again, good picture by the way

    1. Possible Maxillary? This cant be a better definition. A hair past orbital, but i’ll give it to ya. When I found this, it was supposed to be from a bike accident, but this is the internet….so who knows.

      1. And “No Homo” taken mouse, I completely understand where you’re coming from, it’s just the nature of the mouse!

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    2. If it were here in U.S. this fellow would be up to his deformed face in medical bills, a good $540,000, but thats just a guestimate.
      I would euthenize myself.
      once again, Medical Expert, you are the tits, keep up the teachings

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  2. so this guy lived? fuck that. he missed out on his opportunity to leave the world of the fleshy virus only to have to experience the pain of death a second time. many times instant death is better if only just to get something over with thats only going to happen to us all anyway.

  3. It really trips me the F out how peoples faces get split wide open like this, yet we all saw the “la guera loca” beheading video where they peel the face of with box cutters and remove it from the skull completely, it shows the internals of the face and how it holds its self together granted the video isn’t of the best quality and its shot at night by some coked up idiot, but when I see pics like these it makes it seem as tho removing somebodys face from their skull is way easier than how the face peeling Narcos went about it, these pics make it seem like our faces are just loose masks of meat snugly fitted over our skulls that would only need a good split from the chin to the fore head and presto “split face effect”. Clearly this is not the case and their is more to it than that, maybe it has to do with the face being swollen up that give it that effect…MED EX I know you gave some info on his injuries but maybe you can shine some light on this mystery or if you already did put it simple terms for us who are not so medically inclined, to bad their isn’t a video showing how exactly this kinda face splitting happens…even though their is a video of face peeling ๐Ÿ˜ก

    1. Suicide King – Removing the skin from over the skull area, also known as the scalp ( which covers the frontal, temporal, parietal, and occipital areas) It is attached to the underlying pericranium by loose connective tissue called the subaponeurotic layer. The pericranium, or periosteum of the skull, is loosely attached to the bones by a small quantity of connective-tissue fibers called by some anatomists the subpericranial connective tissue.

      At the sutures, it is very firmly attached, but can be easily removed in a peel, or large sections. Hence why the scalp is readily torn loose from the skull in scalping ( machinery accidents, auto accidents, etc.) This tissue is so loose that effusions accumulate here and spread extensively. It contains only a few blood-vessels.

      This is just a little fun fact here, but I just remembered this little acronym we were taught, that can be used to remember the 5 layers of the scalp.

      S – skin
      C – dense Connective tissue
      A – aponeurosis
      L – loose connective tissue
      P – periosteum

      Now, once you move down to the superficial face, the skin is very thin and with very little fatty tissue beneath it. The motor nerves to the muscles of facial expression and the muscles themselves are just beneath the skin. The muscles of the face have a bony attachment but the insertion is into the skin. This is how we can make facial expressions of happiness, sadness, anger or disapproving, etc …

      Also the superficial fascia consists of a net-work of connective-tissue fibers which run from the skin above to the aponeurosis of the occipitofrontalis below. In its meshes are fat, blood-vessels, nerves, and lymphatics. The hair-bulbs often pierce the skin and extend into this layer.

      With nerves, muscles, and bones, fused in different layers in the face, this isn’t just peeled away with ease as the scalp, and why the man in the video was having to cut away the skin on the face with a box cutter. I better quite with these long post, before the gnomes attack or Mark bans me!

    2. Suicide King, Just to give you a heads up, I have answered your question here, but it’s either in moderation or the gnomes attacked and devoured it, as it was a little lengthy, so we shall see shortly.

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