Extraction of Large Worm from Nose of Patient

Extraction of Large Worm from Nose of Patient

Extraction of Large Worm from Nose of Patient

Looks like this was filmed somewhere in Asia. In the video, a doctor of sorts appears to extract a large, slimy worm from the nose of a patient.

What the hell was that thing anyway? It’s almost like a supercharged leech. But how do you let something like that get into your fucking nostril?

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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88 thoughts on “Extraction of Large Worm from Nose of Patient”

  1. The doc pulled it out and said “That’s it, the curse is lifted. That’ll be 10000 yen” Gook replies “Yes, i feel so much better now. I can breathe doc, you saved me”

  2. I like how theyโ€™re all just casually talking about like itโ€™s totally normal. No big deal this happens everyday here.

    Also I like how the patient was staring at the worm. He was likely thinking about eating it.

  3. Its a rural way of treating sinus infection, like when people put certain worms on diabetes wounds to eat rotten tissue. Leeches produce a natural sedative so they guy didnt even feel it.

  4. i love the look on the guys face after the person pulled it out. lol
    also, how in the hell did that fit up a nostril???? i’m assuming we’re supposed to believe he didn’t purposely shove it up there, so how did it get in there and get in without being noticed??
    i feel like a back story would be nice in this kind of situation… no one that can translate for us?

    1. He should have used fake chow on your nasty ass vag… But didn’t listen to the wise village men and ended up with that Akward Leach Oriental 42″ Deep; (aka “alo42d “) rice patty punji trap.

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