Eye Socket Full of Maggots

Eye Socket Full of Maggots

Continuing with the spirit of “one gore classic a day“, here’s a video of an old woman with eye socket full of maggots. Her face looks so necrotized and bloodied, you’d think she was dead, but she moves her mouth on a few occasions throughout the video, as if to say something, making it clear that she’s very much alive.

Her eye has rotted away and maggots were presumably applied to have them eat away dead flesh. Though that puts in question the removal of maggots with tweezers – there certainly seems to be a great deal of necrotizing flesh to be removed still, so why remove maggots?

Many thanks to theword and countless others for the video. It’s one of the many I never got a chance to post while they were new but I suppose it’s never too late to share good old gore classics for those who are new to the scene and may not have seen it. One gore classic a day cannot hurt, can it?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. holy fuck how the hell did they not her her/his brain to shit for one and for two who the hell was in charge of this old person, who ever it was i vote they take the maggots and shove them deep in their eye socket and see how it feals

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