Face with Hole in the Cheek

Face with Hole in the Cheek

Video of some very bizarre facial wound that left the man with a hole in the cheek. You can see his tongue wiggling through the hole. Apparently the patient, who is Russian had some nasty stuff growing on his cheek so he kept tearing it off on his own. After some time of refusing to have doctors look at it (presumably years), he was eventually taken to a hospital by his wife. It may have been cancerous grown (tumor) but this video doesn’t provide any details as to the official diagnosis. Some major reconstructive surgery will be needed, provided the wound get cleared of all the nasty stuff for which skin from his backside may be used. Crazy stuff!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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10 thoughts on “Face with Hole in the Cheek”

  1. Can help but wonder if this was a leprosy lesion. Yes, he’d be aware of the growth on his cheek, but he’d feel no pain as he kept ‘removing’ it. hence the size it is now. The dark edges may be necrotic tissue common in leprosy. The remaining skin and flesh appears pink and has a sound superficial blood supply; the guy can still talk and does not appear to be in any pain. As for not seeing a Dr – patients with leprosy still faced a huge amount of stigma.

  2. i think that if he kept tearing at it for years, the raw flesh would get infected, and turn different shades than that healthy pink shade.
    of course the wife is just as crazy as he is, letting him walk around with that huge Fucking hole in his face.

  3. can’t really tell much from the video but it looks surprisingly similar to a pressure ulcer. The chances of that forming on his face are, however, very remote. This isn’t leprosy, leprosy presents with indurationn of the skin and leonine facies but not ulceration. His right eye appears to be involved, If Iw were to hazard a guess this is either a post op retinoblastoma or nasopharyngeal carcinoma. The wound border looks questionable, maybe they opted to let it heal by secondary intention due to a bacterial infection. You can’t do reconstructive surgery on infected tissue since the grafts will just die. In this case I’d say they’ll most likely do one more debridement and then either a pedicled sternocleidomastoid flap or trapezius flap.

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