Faceless Man on Hospital Bed

Faceless Man on Hospital Bed

Faceless Man on Hospital Bed

I got no backinfo. The sign on the side of the hospital bed suggests the video could be from China or Taiwan.

There’s no audio to the video, but what the video shows is a man on a hospital bed with whole face vertically ripped off. He shakes his head but that only flaps his detached facial tissue about. No idea what this is all about. Does any of you guys know what the hell happened here?

Props to Best Gore member @redwister for the video:

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        2. That could’ve been a Mexican or Brazilian Pussyfart blew his grill right off his skull, you see the spic chics walking around with these rice and beans keisters, if they let one of those things go out of their fuck hole, God only knows what could happen, you would definitely have to go to DEF con three. But At least I hope he got his money back because there’s no way he completed the deal in that shape!

          1. Hahahihilarious! The cling wrap is a great well documented FACT and a great idea.
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    1. I was thinking the same thing until he tried to lean forward and saw what looked like scratches on his upper arm. Makes me think it was some type of vehicle related accident that resulted in his facial destruction.
      Just my guess.
      I’ll be checking back in comments to see if anyone posts more information about back story.

  1. He probably got ground up in some dilapidated, and outdated chink machinery while working 18 hours a day for 85 cents an hour.
    The chink worker is expendable and easily replaced. All this hapless bugger has to look foreword to is a beggars cup and a street corner, while the chopstick factory keeps rolling on.

    1. Haha good one!
      My guesses would be:
      -he was eaten by a cannibal,
      -it’s an effect of a vigorous scratching mosquito bite,
      -he was stomped by an elephant,
      -it’s a result of Chinese water torture,
      -he told his wife to blow him and she misunderstood,
      -it’s fake, a scene from the new ”Saw” movie.

  2. I Think that he just returned from a trip to Mexico, and while there, he took a wrong turn in his rental car, and woke-up back in a Chinese Hospital. And if he dies there they will surely blame-it on a new strain of Flesh-Eating Covid-19 Virus. And you can take that to A Jewish Bank. He should also look down to make sure that his foreskin is still attached, and not for sale on E-Bay! 🙁

  3. I read up more about this :
    Seems he is okay, he was just going to a fancy-dress party dressed as:
    A bowl of tomato puree

    “Quick! Someone get that man a straw! ..
    We are all sitting down to watch ‘Face Off’ ..”

  4. I don’t think he is the patient, I think he just looks like that anyway and while waiting for a friend to have their broken arm set in plaster he thought “what the hell, I’ll just grab 40 winks here on this bed while I’m waiting for Won Hung Low”..

  5. Movies have a horrible habit of reflecting reality.

    True Lies: James Cameron took the piss out of Muslim Terrorists. FF 7 years later, no Twin Towers.

    Twelve Monkeys: An idea that a stolen virus kills 5 billion people. FF 20 years later, Covid19 exists.

    Face Off: Nicholas Cage and John Travolta battle it out. FF 20 years later, someone has had has face removed and could be awaiting a transplant.

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  7. Would be cool if not every comment was some stupidly predictable and unfunny attempt at a joke and we actually looked into what happened to him. I’m crazily intrigued. Lack of sound is a little disappointing; would’ve loved to hear what sound he makes (if any) while he’s distraught.

    I honestly think someone should just ask him “do you want to die? We can just put you down?”, and a simple (and presumably rapid) nod would end his suffering. Fuck that, if I was in his shoes I’d want to die straight away.

      1. Much appreciated. I honestly wasn’t expecting people to agree with me – I genuinely expected a backlash of “lighten up you bellend” comments haha.

        Indeed, I’ve been a fan of BG for many, many years and do remember the good old days when comments were a lot more valuable as you say. It’s a shame!

  8. There are times when surviving is a curse and dying would be the better option. This is one of those times.

    It reminded me of the woman who had her face ripped off by a next door neighbour’s pet chimp a few years back. I think she had a face transplant eventually but I’m not 100% on that.

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